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  1. Hello MelJohny, Yes, the ceremony is included in the wedding package. But anyone over and above the 20 people for the reception dinner is always each and that includes dinner, cake and cocktails. Every resort charges a different rate. I hope this is helpful. Happy Planning Courtney Crystal Water Weddings
  2. Hello Stephanie, Cuba is a very beautiful place, the beaches are absolutely amazing. I have been to 2 weddings at the Iberostar Ensenachos, I have never heard a complaint each time I was there it was very unique and very different from time to time. I do have some information that I can send you if you are interested? Just let me know. Happy Planning Courtney Crystal Water Weddings
  3. Dreams sorts are absolutely amazing, as well as Cancun. Beaches and Breezes are also a favorite, you are obviously looking at having children attend. Where are you looking to have your special day? When are you having it? Are you looking to have a beach wedding? Happy Planning Courtney Crystal Water Weddings.
  4. It is never to early to start planning a destination wedding, have you narrowed down some resorts? Are you looking for adults only? Or a family resort?
  5. The Paris Casino and hotel is a amazing place for a destination wedding and the chapel is gorgeous, you will be happy with it.
  6. The Iberostar in Jamaica is absolutely amazing, you will not be disappointed. The weddings are absolutely stunning, and there is so much to do at the resort. Happy Planning!!!!!! Courtney Destination wedding Specialist
  7. The dreams in punts Cana is another fabulous option as well dreams cancun they are both very beautiful resorts.When are you getting married?
  8. There beach is amazing, my girlfriend just got married there 2 months ago and seaweed was never a issue. Happy Planning
  9. Hello Dmyt, Congratulations on your wedding. Where are you looking at getting married in Hawaii? Have you narrowed it down? Have you thought about going through a TA? I know of some amazing weddings locations, and they are also reasonably priced. Happy Planning, don't stress everything always works out!!! Courtney Crystal Water Weddings
  10. Really??? That doesn't sound right. Are you dealing with a TA???
  11. Have you looked into Sandals? They are absolutely stunning, I have never heard any complaints. Courtney Crystal Water Weddings
  12. Hello KBoss13, I have attended numerous weddings in the Bahamas, they were all very amazing and different in there own ways. Breezes Bahamas was very beautiful, it alll depends what you are looking for. Are you getting married on the beach or inside??? Happy Planning Courtney Crystal water Weddings
  13. Hey Wsr0224, Have you decided where you would like to have your big day??? Vegas is very beautiful but there are alot of options out there. I found it easiest to make a wishlist of what I wanted and then narrow it down...then at least you know it's what you want. Courtney
  14. crystalwaterwed

    Dreams Resorts

    www.crystalwaterweddings.com Experienced travel agents who strongly value providing first class service and have a deep passion for destination weddings. Dreams Resorts & Spas offer couples and couples with children, an extra measure of romance and sensuality in exquisite luxury settings. Guests will be immersed in Unlimited-Luxury® where everything is included: Elegantly appointed rooms and suites with 24-hour concierge and room services. Multiple gourmet restaurants and lounges serving premium beverages. Endless day and evening activities, all in spectacular settings.
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