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    reception table set-up pic's

    The white milk glass vase was from ebay. I brought 6 of them and brought it to Mexico. put a lot bubble wrap around them. There's a lot great deal from ebay. The clear vase was from the Florist in Mexico. I brought Swiss Roll Mini cake from asian supermarket and brought it to Mexico. That's the mini cake on top of the cake stand. I hope that help
  2. Sarah Wu

    reception table set-up pic's

    Thank you. My suitcase was over weight too. haha
  3. Sarah Wu

    reception table set-up pic's

    This is Our reception table set up & desert table set up at Grand Velas Riviera Maya (Photos By Laura Ivanova)
  4. Yea we had such a small wedding group but we end up still having so much fun. I hope the review help. Did you find a DJ yet?
  5. Thanks to Laura Ivanova's photo, here is my final wedding invite suite. Everyone love it!
  6. Mine's has the similiar ruffles but only 1 tier.
  7. Congrats on your marriage! Looks like you had a beautiful and wonderful wedding. Great job planning it out. Sarah
  8. Such a cue frame and props for your photo booth idea. I wish I had done that lol. Great DIY project.
  9. Sarah Wu

    I got engaged 1 month ago

    Hi Beth, Congrats and welcome to BDW. I just got married in Riviera Maya on May 19th. I love the beach, the town, the food and all my guests love it too. If you have any questions feel free to ask, everyone on BDW is so friendly and best wishes with your planning. You picked a beautiful destination for your wedding! Best, Sarah