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  1. I just filled out the form and sent the money and received my license in 2 weeks. 3 months later I got my license from the resort.
  2. Janielle gets much better as you get closer to the wedding. Her and her partner work non stop, her job is crazy. But she will have everything under control for you when you get there! No worries mon!!
  3. If you have a private reception with over 30 people at the Grand, you do not need to pay guest passes. It is included. My guest were able to come over the night before for a bonfire and we did not need guest passes for that or the reception. We were very worried that we would have to pay for them.
  4. Each resort has a set day where they have a lunch time beach bar-b-q. It is nothing fancy, they put out a nice spread and some tables to eat at. I don't remember the days, I think the Grand was on Saturday but ours was rained out. I did go to the one at Suites, the food was good.
  5. If you are paying for a private reception, you don't need to buy guest passes for any of your events. We did our welcome dinner at the hibachi at Beaches 2 nights before, i booked that myself one week before and had it there so everyone could attend without a problem. we did not have to pay for guest passes at the bonfire the night before or the day of the wedding. that was my biggest concern because half of my guests were at the suites. but with the 2012 rules, guest passes are included in private reception price. the DJ on bonfire night was $250 an hour, we did 2 hours and he was well worth it.
  6. if you are having a private reception, you do not need passes. they can just walk across the beach
  7. we used the salon for our make up and hair and they did a beautiful job. i have a bit of acne scaring on my face and they make my face look perfect without looking caked on at all. i attached a link to my pics if you want to see. http://curtinwedding714.shutterfly.com
  8. we paid around $3000 all together for pics and video. i used stacey clarke. you should definitely do a trash the dress session, the pics come out beautiful
  9. http://curtinwedding714.shutterfly.com here is a link to my pictures
  10. that is true the blue moon bar is very nice and always empty, and suites and grand people can meet there in the middle.
  11. I saw someone having a semiprivate reception in the steak house restaurant. they had a long table of about 20 and decorated the tables with their flower pieces. it looked nice. you can definitely do an informal cocktail hour in the lobby bar but i am not sure about appetizers.
  12. I got my license in less than a month by paying the $85 to the Jamaican gov't. It was worth it!!
  13. My wedding was in July and it rained the afternoon of my wedding. The mosquitoes were out of control. I got around 30 bites in Jamaica. As we were taking pictures at sunset the mosquitos were biting me like crazy. The first thing I asked for at my reception was bug spray!!!
  14. when you meet with your WC they will take you around the resort and show you all of your options. it rained the day of my wedding and they were ready and had our back up ceremony in the lobby. luckily it cleared up 2 hrs before the ceremony. it doesn't seem to rain much in Jamaica so i wouldn't worry. My WC said in the last 2 yrs only 2 weddings had to be moved due to rain.
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