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  1. I finally heard back from Lorena today to finalize details, so I am less stressed! We leave on Wednesday so I will definitley see you there. See you soon
  2. Please let me know if you get a response from one of the other coordinators. I am a planner and wanted to have everything finalized early. Now I am at the two week mark and need answers!
  3. Has anyone that has Lorena as their wedding coordinator heard from her lately? I have not heard from her since the beginning of April. I have followed up many times and never get a response. I leave in two weeks and I need to finalize some details before I leave so her lack of responding is making me nervous. Is this normal? I thought the coordinators responded more often once it got close.
  4. I finally got a response to an email I had sent weeks ago and was told their are a few weddings the same day as me. I am wondering what a few means. Anyone else getting married May 18, 2013? I confirmed that I will be there from the 15th to the 22nd so maybe she meant a few while I was there, not on that Saturday. If you are getting married on the 18th let me know!
  5. Hi Ladies, I definitely need some advice from you brides who have already been married. I am getting married in May 2013 and wanted to use Anel. I had been talking to Yamina about it and she told me not to book Anel yet. Well, when Yamina disappeared I figured I may as well contact Anel since no one would have the history of our conversation. Long story short, Anel was already booked for my wedding. I am super bummed and annoyed that I was told to wait and now lost my chance. Either way, I want to know how the other photographers are. Do any of you have feedback? Should I be looking outside of the resort? DO you think I will be ok? Please please please pass on all your feedback. The wedding is so far away but I am stressince since I want to make sure I have pictures for the guests that cant come. Thanks!
  6. I LOVE both of these videos! They capture all the small details that you won't be able to remember. I need to figure out how to get something like this of my wedding.
  7. What photo package did you end up getting? I am trying to figure out which one makes the most sense for us. No matter which one we pick though I want to make sure which ever photos we pick out we can have on a DVD and not just printed copies. Does anyone know if you can have a DVD of photos with any of the packages?
  8. I am in the process of trying to pick out my bridesmaid dresses and I am running into a dilemma. Everyone is telling me that it is my day so I should pick out what I want, but I am getting a lot of complaints. I fell in love with the chiffon bridesmaid dresses at J.Crew in Matisse blue but the dresses are $250. Do you think that is a lot to ask your bridesmaids to pay since they are already paying to travel to your wedding? I was debating paying for half of each dress as part of the gift, but thought that was a pretty lame gift. Especially for those that would pay $250 without thinking twice. I'd love to hear what you all think.
  9. I am glad I found this thread to follow! I am booked for May 18, 2013 at Dreams Riviera Cancun. I haven't done much in terms of planning but will hopefully get inspired by some of you.
  10. Ok, that is good news! Are you doing a legal or a symbolic ceremony? We are planing on doing the symbolic ceremony. Our travel agent wants to work on our room block and I told her we will arrive some time on 5/16/13 for a 5/18/13 wedding. She is telling me that is not enough time and I need to get there at least on Wednesday. I thought with a symbolic ceremony there were no requirements about how far in advance you needed to be there. AH! I have already told everyone to plan on traveling Thurs to Thurs. Do you know if I need to be there earlier or if a Th arrival will be fine?
  11. Is she replacing Yamina? I have never heard that name before. I also haven't heard from Yamina in a long time. My wedding is so far away that it takes them forever to respond. I thought that's why I hadn't heard from her but maybe it's because she isn't there anymore.
  12. I was wondering if any other brides out there are from the New England area. I live in Boston and I am getting married May 18, 2013. I know it is over a year away and a lot of people are telling me its to early to start planning but I would love to start talking to a travel agent. (I am a planner) Instead of going with a family member in PA I think it would like to go with someone local and someone that has experience planning travel for big groups. If you have any recommendations on who you used to plan your wedding I would love to have them. Thanks in advance!
  13. I just got confirmation that our wedding is booked for May 2013 and added my name to the list! I am so excited. Quick question for all brides that have been booked for a whle. I talked to a famly member that is a travel agent and they told me that they cant do anything to help me with bookings until a few months out. Is that true or can I reserve rooms in advance? She also told met that their is no way for me to get a group discount even though I have 50-60 people traveling? I saw others who mentioned group discounts and saw on the applevacations.com website that group discounts are available. I am wondering if I should consider a different travel agent with experience booking destination weddings. What are your thoughts? 2012 Weddings 2/24/2012 (Bud and Jackie) 2/25/2012 (Mariah and Jens) 3/3/2012 farnaz (Farnaz & Alex) 3/4/2012 busterandsheri (Sheri & Buster) 3/4/2012 faeriesxist83 (shelly and Jim) 3/18/2012 (William and Kate) 3/24/2012 (Eric and Tracie) 4/21/2012 Ankswt03 (Amanda and Jeremy) 4/22/2012 SweetMelissa (Melissa & Nick) 4/22/2012 Ariane1126 (Tessa and Ryan) 4/24/2012 (Amer & Charlotte) 5/10/2012 WPGBride (Chelsea and Mike) 5/12/2012 Dimplesandsuga 5/13/2012 Day_rog (Dana and Damien) 5/16/2012 Corio342 (Corey and Andrew) 5/18/2012 Sarah80 (Sarah and Luke) 5/21/2012 CKNMVS 5/23/2012 Aimeelaco28 5/24/2012 weddingprincess (Shannon & Brad) 6/3/2012 Mrskatieperry (Katie and PJ) 6/6/2012 Tiny6812 (Destiny and Jalon) 6/9/2012 Ssapper 6/14/2012 torilvv12 (Victoria & Yura) 6/18/2012 juliej84 (Julie and Ash) 6/22/2012 blondgoddesstif (Tif and Tony) 6/30/2012 rachallen18 (Rachel & Allen) 7/20/2012 LindseyM (Lindsey & Kevin) 7/26/2012 JulyDrcBride (Sophie & Rafael) 7/28/2012 Mnunez 8/4/2012 RollerBride (Kip and Kate) 8/7/2012 Nj2012 (Nikki & Joe) 8/10/12 (Annie & Jon) 8/24/2012 Sarah-Jane (Sarah and James) 9/1/2012 Cbandemer (Colleen & Brian) 9/2/2012 Ktcblue2012 (Kariane & Nathan) 11/8/2012 ahall5665 (Ashley & Ethan) 11/19/2012 melinmontana (Melissa and Kael) 12/01/12 mcree (Christy and Brian) 12/17/2012 Savs1027 (Savanah and John) 2013 Weddings 1/19/2013 marilili (Maritza and Sal) 4/19/2013Dominique161 4/27/2013 Vika Yakovleva (Vika & Anthony) 5/3/2013 Kthorpe 5/18/2013 Eyeball17 (Aislinn & Bob) Be sure to double check the list after you post to make sure you didn't forget anyone!
  14. I am currently having the same debate but I am not 100% clear on what all is involved if you go the legal wrote. Can someone explain to me? If I choose to go the symbolic route do I eliminate the need to get a blood test and translate the birth and marriage certificates once I get down there. I think that would save a lot of unnecessary stress.
  15. Hi Everyone, I am new to this site but think it is going to be super helpful. I can't wait to start reading all of the great ideas that everyone has down. I am in the process of finalizing my date for May 2013 and have one quick question. I want to get back to them as soon as possible since it seems like it takes a few days to answer any questions or emails I send. Did you do the Symbolic or the Legal ceremony? I have been trying to read up on it and can't decide. It seems like more is involved in the legal ceremony. Is that correct? If my fiance and I go to the courthouse here and get legally married, does that make things much easier? I am thinking that is the easier approach but I was not sure if we will miss out on something by doing that. Thanks in advance. Looking forward to your feedback. Aislinn
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