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  1. Hi Dominique, I know I haven't been on here in such a long time but I hope you have the most fantastic wedding!!!!! Looking forward to seing your photos. Only 13 days to go for us! Very excited. CONGRATULATIONS Robyn x
  2. I was really frustrated when I found out too - I know how you feel! I would also like to keep the chairs from the ceremony but our ceremony is at 3:30 and our reception isn't starting until 6:30 because they have to keep the restaurant open for at least lunch until 5:30pm and they need time to set everything up- so I'm not sure they would even use the same chairs... I see your wedding is in May? Ours is in the beginning of Jan so I can let you know what happens in a little over a month after we get back if that would help?! I'm really hoping when we get there we can beg them for the other chairs - my FI said he would carry the ones up from the beach haha Ours is at 3.30 as well, thats a dedicated man you have there! My fi said " its only a table and chairs" !! That would be a great help if you dont mind, im going to keep begging eva ! Will let you know how that goes! Thanks
  3.  Have a look LindseyM wedding slideshow. She had her reception in the Seaside Grill and had to use the brown chairs and i think her wedding looked beautiful. My wedding is also white, ivory and champagne! Good taste!!!! I will have a look this evening. Thanks
  4. I am working with Gina and she recently told me the same info. I even sent her a picture I found on here with the round tables and white covered chairs in what I'm pretty sure is the Seaside Grill (all the brown restaurant furniture was pushed off to the side). She still said no. Then I asked if we could just bring in the white covered chairs since I have already bought chair sashes to match my decor and I hate the brown chairs but she said no again...I'm hoping when we get there they will at least let us use different chairs if we beg them?? She also told me the square tables in Seaside fit up to 8 people. Here's the pic I found - looks like Seaside to me with the furniture they are telling us we will have to use pushed to the back of the restaurant - maybe it is a different location? I am really frustrated with this! I do not think that I would have chosen this location if I had known this. All the pictures I have been sent by Evangelina show round tables with chair covers etc. I also HATE the brown chairs. I might see if I can change my location in that case. Ideally i would have liked to keep the white chairs I am having for the ceremony as these will have the flowers and sashes on already from the ceremony? the other furniture will not match the colour scheme either we are having ivory and champagne. Not sure what to do?????????
  5. Hi, this is such a big help! Could you please email me the children's special menu details and the gazebo weddings document. robynkelly0110@hotmail.com Thank you
  6. I am sorry to rant, but I have just received an email from Eva saying that we cannot have round tables in the Seaside Grill for our reception I have already purchased all centrepieces and accessories for the tables (Only accounting for the round tables that seat 8-10 people not square tables that seat 4) i have ecen purchased the table clothes etc. I am really confused as when Eva sent me photos of previous wedding receptions at the Seaside Grill they all had the round tables. Can anyone shed some more light on this matter?
  7. Hello! I have emailed Eva about this, i also have young children attending the wedding (1-4 years) I can let you know when i get a response This would be a great help as we have a few children under 10 coming aswell!
  8. Has any one had or having the cold fireworks? we want them for when we arrive at our reception however I just got a reply from Evangelina saying they cost $150 each! I really want some of the little extras but it all seems so expensive! F.Y.I some other prices I also received from Evangelina Tableclothes $35 + tax each drapery for the gazebo $250 + tax floral arrangements for the gazebo $140 + tax each
  9. Hi, our wedding is on the 29th April and we booked our wedding through thomas cook. However we are now going direct with DRC ourselves as Thomas Cook keep saying that they cannot do anything!!!! It would be much appreciated if you could email me all of the above! robynkelly0110@hotmail.com many thanks and happy planning!
  10. Hi Ladies, has anyone had/having any drapery on the gazebo? I really dont know whether to bring my own or not? Does anyone know what Dreams charge for it? thanks in advance!
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