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  1. You can def book your hair and makeup now, so it's out of the way. I booked mine 1 month away only. As you for the DJ< don't worry..they will have one for you . They will send you a form when time comes so you can tell them what songs you want to play etc.
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    Wedding at Now Jade Cancun

    Shannon, This what happened: I paid for 2 guests that ended up not showing up and I didn't want dessert from the Divine package, so Deisy (the other coordinator) let me had an extra hour of cocktail. Instead of being from 6 pm to 7 pm, it was from 5 pm to 7 pm. Most people stayed and the wondered around and then came back to dinner. I paid only extra fodo for 10 people . I still had to ask my guests if they ate, but I figure they could always go to the coffee shop to get extra snacks if they got hungry! I did not paid extra for the cake. I am Brazilian and we have a tradition of having big tables for sweets... Mine was not as fancy and big as I wanted, but I made one table with sweets and other stuff... the cake I got was still enough for 60 people, in fact the whole cake botton was left uncut and was probably eaten by the servers.
  3. Yes, they do have glue. I took my fake ones and Lizete glued them for me.
  4. Yes, you can have fireworks and fire show. I got a catalog from the company below , but not having one since it will not fit in my budget. Maritza Mitsunaga Bodas y eventos Cel. 9981 26 01 88 www.pirotecniacancun.mx
  5. Yes, it's $15 per person plus the 26% tax. I read on the threat that you don't have to order extra since it's more than enough food (of course , depends how big is the party) I am having 60 guests and to be safe , I am ordering extras for 10 people only.
  6. Can anyone send me the wedding book? I'm less than one month away and did not choose anything! Deisy never send me one ! The onlye one I saw it , it's from this thead and it might be outdated. Thank You!!! carolsesto@gmail.com
  7. Can anyone send me the wedding book? I'm less than one month away and did not choose anything! Deisy never send me one ! The onlye one I saw it , it's from this thead and it might be outdated. Thank You!!! carolsesto@gmail.com
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    Wedding Review - April 2nd, 2013

    Congratulations!!!Thanks for the review!!!
  9. Do you guys know if they allow confetti after the ceremony?
  10. Do you guys know if they allow confetti after the ceremony?
  11. Any recommendation on the cold & hot appetizers for the cocktail hours? Thank you so much!!
  12. Any recommendation on the cold & hot appetizers for the cocktail hours? Thank you so much!!
  13. The flower pics are great! I will contact them as well!! Thank you for your help! PS: So, the resorts do not charge any fee or penalty for bringing outside flowers? Thank You!!
  14. I am also using Teresa from Vacation4 less and she has been the most wonderful and professional person throughout this whole process!
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    Mandy, I'm getting married on May 12, 2013, a week before you!! After looking at videos and pictures, I decided on the Pergola . The beach can be very windy and all my friends want to wear high heels! I'm having my ceremony at the Bamboo room since it seems the nicest one that can accommodate up to 80 people!
  16. Im also interested in renting the photo booth! If anyone has ever used it, pls let me know!!!
  17. Great info! I will def contact them for a quote! Thank you very much!
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    All inclusive or not? Which is more cost-effective?

    Let me know how your wedding goes! I'm looking into Moon Palace as well but a bit afraid.... Congrats!!!!
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    Wedding at Now Jade Cancun

    This is a review of:

    NOW Jade Riviera Cancun

    Wedding at Now Jade Cancun

    Pros: Hotel, food, staff, spa
    As all the brides in this post, I also had an amazing time while getting married at Now Jade Cancun on May 12, 2013. I will say the "bad little things" first, since they are few compared to the wonderful ones! - They did not "make my room" on the day of the wedding, so when we came back to get changed , the bed was not made etc...very frustrating - The hair and make up took longer than expected, so we didn't have time to take nice pics with the bridesmaid while getting ready, since I had to change in 10 min!!! Besides, also the fact that there was a misunderstanding in communication. While we were getting ready, the phone rang . My friend answered, and she understood "be ready in 10 min", but it was actullay Deisy saying: I will be there in 10 min..so we rushed, get dressed and we were going to the ceremony location, but all my guests were still in the lobby hanging out!!! So we walked back and waited in the preferred lounge area, like idiots! - For the cocktail reception, they did not use the personalized straws I gave Deisy (just noticed this detail later on) - For the reception (Deisy asked if I want to check the room before everyone got in), I said no since I trusted her, big mistake..They had the table numbers wrong (our family set on the last tables, very far away from us &  the cake table was not set where I envisioned too) So, besides that... everything was absolutely amazing, wonderful, extremely expetacular!!!! Extras touch for the weding day: - welcome bag that have personalized koozies, chocolate, bandaids, tylenol, do not disturb signs, welcome letter ..... - Shot glass for wedding favors - Personalized napkins & straws for the cockatil hours . Some parasol for fun pics - Lots of party supplies to take fun and creatuve pictures, sings, hat, glasses, fake noses, etc.... - Personalized flip flop for all girls when the time came to hit the dance floor - Did not ask for any wedding gifts.. you are making people travek for your wedding, wake up!!! Some family & friends gave us money, that we used for tours - Personalized cake topper to die for. My friend brought from Brazil and it made the whole sweets/ cake table even prettier. cake was delicious too - I chose almonds and fresh strawberries.   I chose the Divine package and was there from May 6th, married on May 12th, left the resort on May 15th... went to Secrets De Vine (another awesome, luxurious, new resort for 4 days to rest). I will go over a few things that were important to me: -RESORT: Is just great! We booked our rooms (for me & our entire family ) on the preferred lounge area. They had a different area to check in, a lounge where you can have internet access,  pemium bar & snacks from 6 am to 1 pm. Competelly worth the extra dollars. All the rooms at Preferred area are also nicer and have better views than the guests that stayed in the other side of the resort. You also get free wi-fi with the rooms . I didn't care for that, but my family did. -STAFF: The people that work at Now Jade really makes you feel like you are a rock star! Everyone (expect the host of the Italian Restaurant) is kind, happy, humble and willing to help you. From the guest services to the entertainment team, they are awesome. -FOOD: Worst food was at the Castway restaurant. Carnival buffet was great, asian place is good and Italian too. A La carte restaurant portions are small, but you can order as many as you want! My husband can eat, so we always ordered 3 of each course! We just had breakfast at the french one and din't go to the other 2. The wedding dinner was perfect too! We had - mix salad/ shrimp & scallop/ raviolli / steak or tuna. Small portions but very delicious. -DRINKS: They have Corona & Modelo beers and rail and some mid-shelf liquor  throughout the resort bars. For the wedding, I bought some grey goose & black label that they served without any extra costs. -SALON & SPA: After seeing some hairdos from weddings while I was there ( we stayed for 10 days), I decided not to have a try-out for my hair and make up.  This made my hair and make up take a little longer but it was worth it. Lizette was the hairdresser and the make up artist and she did an amazing job. I took my make up and fake eye lashes, she used some of mine and some of hers . i LOVED EVERYTHING. My mom was not pleased with her hairdresser( didn't catch her name), so Lizette fixed her hair, after she was done with me. I had the couples massage and Angela was my massage teraphist, oh boy she rocks!!!!! It was everything I needed it after the end of the wedding craziness! - DEISY: Deisy is this tiny, happy, smily woman that will make your BIG day easy! We meet her once for 2 hours to go over the wedding plans & pay the bill !!!  -CEREMONY, RECEPTION, DINNER: The Pergola is the best place to get married. It has amazing views and it's not so windy like the beach. We paid for the chairs $10 each, since I didn't like the regular chairs they use. I also bought 2 premium centerpieces for $250 each to put at the entrance of the aisle... Deisy put some rose petals before I walked down and everything looked perfect! We just catched 30 min of the reception at the Mix Bar that was from 5 pm to 7 pm , because we were taking pictures. I ordered extra food for 10 guests (e had 60 people) and still don't know if people ate or not..... I guess I have to ask!!! Dinner was at The Bamboo Room and the room looked amazing! I had 3 extra tables, one for cake and sweets, one for promps and one for seating arrangement -DJ- DJ was great ! I asked one of my bridesmaid to be the MC (after their entrance) and it was a great personal touch to the whole thing. My brother and friends made play lists but the DJ had a lot of music too. I paid an extra 2 hours to party. Ending at 10 pm (like in the package), would not be fun for us .I am Brazilian and my husband is Bulgarian!! We love partying, so the extra 2 hours were dor dancing & get drunk! After midnight, around 20 of us went to the cheesy night club they have in the resort, but everyone was pretty much done !!! - FLOWERS: I paid for 5 extras centerpieces $60 , since I had 6 tables and 2 extras premiun centerpieces $250 that I used for the cake/sweets table.Flowers were beautiful, beyind my expectations. They also, drop off all the arrangements to my room, so we had a flower garden until the day we left the resort! -PHOTO: I did not use the photographer and video from the package. I used Ivan Luckie (8 hours wedding day coverage, 5 hours video, plus trash the dress day) and he's just the best photographer out there! Pics will be ready in 3/4 months, so I can post it! We also had a trash the dress in the cenote and beach. It was a perfect day to be spend with my hubby and wear the wedding dress again! I used the photos from the package to take pics of us in the resort...don't know how they turned out yet, since they are taking forever to send it to me. There's so much to write about it... but I will do so , when I get my professional pictures back! The best thing about getting married at Now Jade, was having our family and friends together for 10 days. We partied, ate, drank, talked, laughed, tanned, went to Coco Bongo with the youngsters, took a father/daughter trip  to Chichen Itza, our families got to spend time together ( since we are from different countries & cultures). The wedding was just a great excuse to celebrate our love, life and the friendship and gratitute we have for our family & friends. Good luck ladies and do not stress over the small stuff!!! I didn't bug Deisy thousand times,  waited for responses and didn't even give her my head count and wedding sheet util 2 weeks before the event. The whole wedding planning should be something to enjoy and have fun with, not to stress and go crazy. We chose to get married fa away , in a place where you cannot control things, so relaxz and go with the flow..you will have the best day of your life!