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  1. Hello Erin, I got the price down to $150 because I told them that I am not getting married at RIU Palace and the Renova Spa does not offer airbrush make-up. RIU will be sneaky and they will say that it is $150 per person. However, I have an email from RIU sales department stating the $150 vendor fee. Besides my email correspondence with the RIU sales department, I have my travel agent also email RIU properties, I was using the group booking as leverage to get any discount or promotional offers to be added to the group booking. I always emphasized on my email that I have 85 confirmed guest and that I provided great profit on RIU on the slow season. Are you getting married at RIU? If you are, it will be hard to negotiate the vendor fee. If you are getting married at RIU, are you getting any incentives, like spa discount, upgrades on your room, or semi-private dinner for your guest? Another way to save money is refunds from the hotel properties, have you done any research for group booking?
  2. Most hotels in San Jose and the Corridor are not swimmable. Good luck with your wedding planning and please let me know if you need other information on vendors please let me know.
  3. I totally agree with Taraneh. Alma Vallejo and Mabel did an amazing job with the hair and make-up. With the July heat and slight humidity, the make-up stayed and the hair was not frizzy. Her price was very reasonable and her assistant copied what we want when it comes to the hair styles. I was staying at RIU Palace and the spa was charging a lot more plus the spa does not even offer airbrush make-up. Of course, RIU Palace policy was if you want an outside vendor, there is an applicable fee that will apply. With all the negotiating with the RIU management, I paid $150 for vendor fee (not per person but per vendor. And RIU Palace was originally charging me $300 for vendor fee) The additional fee I paid at RIU Palace was worth it. Alma and Mabel did an amazing job and highly recommended to all future Cabo brides.
  4. I had my wedding at Hacienda Cocina Y Cantina at Cabo San Lucas last July 13, 2013. Color wise the theme was different shades of blue, coral, and orange. It was difficult to have my bridesmaid picture my color theme at first, because of different shades of accent color. Plus my bridesmaid were wearing printed dresses and the guys were wearing seer sucker suits.Below are the pictures that shows my wedding color theme. My bridesmaid wearing the shoes in the shade of coral.
  5. Hello Congratulations to your engagement! Hacienda Cocina Y Cantina (HCC) is a beautiful place to get married. My husband and I feel in love with the venue when we visted HCC last July of 2012. We did site inspections and food tasting in different hotels and restaurants at Cabo San Lucas. But, HCC provided what we what for a wedding venue. We both fell in love with the whole ambiance, décor, architectural design, and especially the delicious food. The staffs of HCC were great to work with, especially Susana Flores. By the way, if you plan on doing site inspection and food tasting, you do not need to pay a fee for someone to show you around. I contacted different hotels, restaurant, and private villas before my trip and scheduled appointments with their group/wedding specialist. Of course, you do have to pay for the food tasting. When it comes to wedding journal review, my email to you will be the start. I booked the La Cima Terrace for the ceremony and the dancing portion, reception at the main dining room, and Cascada terrace for the cocktail hour. HCC charged me $595 for the venue fee and $350 for set-up fee. I did inquire about the buy out, however $15,000 is required for food and beverage consumption. We decided to have the reception area in the main dining room, because I wanted to eliminate having to rent extra chairs and tables, when the tables and chairs are HCC are completely fine with me. FYI, if you decided to have your reception in the La Cima terrace, HCC will not provide the tables, chairs, and linen. However, they will provide bistro tables during the cocktail hour. When it comes to food and beverage option, we opted for3 course plated dinner (Salad or soup, selected main entrée, and dessert). Depending on the food choices the cost varies, for example, entrée option #1 Duo of beef/shrimp, cost is $46 per person; option #2 Grilled sea bass, cost was $36; option #3 Vegetarian entrée, cost was $32. And do not forget to calculate the 11% tax and 18% service fee. I ordered my cake through HCC, I cannot remember the cost but it was under $300. They offered to have a separate sheet cake but to spend $750 for wedding cake is ridiculous, plus it is going to be wasted at the end of the event because most people either ignore the cake, or they are too full to eat the cake. Beverage option, we opted for wine and beer and only by consumption. When we calculated the open bar option, having 85 guest and for 3 hour open bar our cost will be already around $7,000. When it comes to alcoholic beverage, we know our guest and most of them will not be drinking. So, paying an open bar per guest was not part of our budget. I would like to share more of my reviews and if you like I can share more pictures taken during my wedding and also other vendors I worked with. By the way, which hotel are you and your guest will be staying at? Because if you are planning having you or your guest stayed at RIU properties, I can share what incentives and refund I received.
  6. Hello Monica, I just came back from Cabo last Thursday, July 18th and I my wedding held at Hacienda Cocina Y Cantina last July 13th. I used Ronald Weber aka DJ Funkle Ron. I hired him for 8.5 hours and he provided the audio service for the guitarist, 2 audio set-up for the reception area and dancing area, light equipment for dancing portion, and of course played the music on my playlist. He is reliable, he even came during the walk through at Hacienda Cocina with my wedding coordinator and he was well aware of possible technical issues that might arise with audio and he knew what questions to asked the property management of the establishment. All I can say is he delivered what is stated on the contract, his fee is reasonable, and he played the music I want him to play. FYI..having your own playlist on a USB is highly recommended and he does not do the usual DJ with the turn table and fading music. If you are looking for more of "club feel", then I recommended getting someone else. I researched most of the DJ at Cabo and also what my wedding coordinator recommended but for an average price of $1700 it was way to much for me to be paying and also for that price, light equipment is not included. Also, depending on the light equipment ( LED spot light, flood light, chauvet....etc) price can vary. Ron's service fee was under $1000. If you need to contact him his email is weber88@hotmail.com and if you need other vendors in Cabo for your destination wedding, let me know. Warm regards, Melinda
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