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  1. Good luck, thats who i had and she didnt know any questions i asked her and she was always out of the office, but it all turned out well thankfully! So again, any questions let me know and I will answer them best i can
  2. Thank you! That is my FAVORITE one too I am a picture freak, so I actually paid extra to bring them on the resort, that was my one splurg, my husband was mad that i spent that much, but after doing the pictures and getting them back he is so happy I did Def. I would be happy to answer any questions!!
  3. We hit the blog http://brilliant.tc/blog/2012/05/the-wedding-of-melissa-and-jared-beaches-resort-spa-turk-and-caicos/
  4. I was actually told i could not ship anything unless i was there to receive my package, which i def do not want to risk that. I think I am just going to carry my flowers on with me.
  5. WOW, those are beautiful! I love the colors and the flower choice! Those will look great!!!
  6. yaniranina, I doing that also with my 6 year old son. I am getting married may 4. We are having TI do all of our photos, it will be a lot more money, but to me it will be worth it because i love pictures, thats my most important part. I am having beaches do the video taping. Good luck with your planning
  7. Great! I can't wait to see it! It has pink on the bottom, light pink. Thanks I cant wait! Were getting close!!! Thanks !! I know and it almost smells real too! LOL They were great!
  8. Thanks Did you put a picture of yours up? Yea, I went with the 10 inch. The one one this i would change is, the pink and the green flowers switched, just because my dress has pink on it, but thats okay. I still love them.
  9. I got my flowers in So exciting!!! Thanks to Melissa43 for wedideas website!!!
  10. Hey Linzayr, We are getting married May 4th, coming soooo quick We also want the beach and we want to be barefoot as well. Its only going to be me, my fiance and my son so we are doing a private candel light dinner on the beach. So i cant help you But Congrats and good luck with everything!!
  11. Its not pulling up, if you dont mind can you please email it to me, mmb1311@yahoo.com Thank you The Solemnization of Marriage.doc
  12. Melissa, Thank you so much for the feedback, its really appreciated Thats great to know you you get here schedule and everything, Its definitely reassuring to hear this because of course i have my family, which are not happy about us going away in the first place, telling me how i can;t put him in the kids camp and its not safe. Which i will admit, it was a thing where i said i would have to see it before i put him in it, but again, glad to hear from you about how much he loved it. Thanks again, Melissa.
  13. Hopefully someone will give us feedback. It will only be the 3 of us, so i wont have anyone i trust to watch him, and i am hoping i will feel comfortable with him being there. Have you been able to find any feedback about it anywhere? I have been trying to look but no luck.
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