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  1. It's been a while since I lurked these boards, and a lot has changed - namely, I got engaged haha. I will share my story the same as I did our wedding site. Almost as soon as my fiance decided to plan their first road trip after I moved to his state, I suspected something was up. However, I began to doubt that Jason had already gotten the ring we had picked out together in March. Though hampered by rain clouds, our first day in Destin, Florida started early. We began driving around looking for public beach access around 7:30 and finally found a spot in South Walton Beach, several miles east of Destin and just a few miles from their condo rental in Sandestin. I was really nervous that he would propose then, but because he seemed so calm, I decided he was going to wait. We saw the wall of rain that was coming towards us, but still took the time to stand along the water and let it wash over our feet. We decided to move away from the water a bit to avoid the jellyfish that were washed up along the shore. He seemed very protective of my camera bag, and for a moment, I thought I spotted something strange in it...a red box perhaps? It seemed like we were about to leave, when Jason asked me to go ahead of him. When he called me and I turned around, he was on one knee. Still not quite believing what was happening, I said, "Yeah, baby?" Then with an excited glance around, I said, "You are not proposing to me right now!" As he took my hand, he reminded me of how I was his sunshine (since he was my moonlight) and that I was his star that always guided him home. He told me how much he loved me for the past eight months and said, "Now, I have a question to ask you," as he pulled out the red box and asked for my left hand (just in case he couldn't remember). After he asked me to marry him, I beamed with delight and said, "Of course, I will." Not long after our embrace, the rain began to come down, and we had to hurry back to the car. As the downpour occurred, we called our friends and family to tell them the good news. Unknowingly, he had already asked my parents for my hand in marriage several weeks before, making this one of the best kept secrets ever. After a lot of thought (and my parents' help), I've decided to keep it small and simple (50 guests or less, no attendants), but I will try not to be so budget conscious. However, I am extremely happy I was able to get a ceremony and reception site on Hilton Head Island, along with a breakfast buffet reception for 50 people for approximately $4K.
  2. This thread was REALLY useful regarding registries: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/73657/to-registry-or-not-to-registry/70#post_1723393 What I gathered is you have to have a registry for these reasons: If you don't have a registry, what will people do if they can't make it? Some people are very insistent about bringing *something*, even if they are coming. To keep it simple, you can simply post it on our Web site, or have it be word-of-mouth. If folks ask, then tell them!
  3. As I'm sure many of you are, I am hooked on Pinterest. I am only "pre-engaged" - BF put a deposit on a ring for a couple weeks, but I've been pinning away for a couple months now! For those of you who are planning a cruise wedding, how much of your own flair and decor can you bring with you? I just read you can't bring anything edible or floral, which stinks since I kinda wanted a unique bouquet made by a friend, but what about other things, like decor, aisle runner, centerpieces...will they allow you to do anything like that? On a positive note, if we go ahead with this idea, I am SO looking forward to having a salon on board! <3
  4. So crazy I found this thread as my boyfriend actually came up with the idea of getting married on a cruise. I'm so proud of him, as this will present a significant savings to guests and be a blast. I will definitely keep an eye on this thread. Has anyone done a cruise wedding through Royal Carribbean?
  5. That house is amazing, isn't?! I like the idea of setting aside money now just for the food. I think I will do that. However, I am now leaning towards having a late afternoon wedding and doing a cocktail and dessert reception, and then everyone's on their own for dinner. How does that sound? I LOVE Pinterest, and this totally inspired me: http://pinterest.com/pin/123356477263448175/ The cookies-and-milk shooters are amazing!
  6. Thanks ladies! I can't edit my original post, so wanted to update: St. Augustine - closer to my guests and the BF loves it. I'm totally in love with this house! http://www.vrbo.com/388105
  7. Yay! I got the admin to post haha. By the way, after checking your very helpful forums, I've learned it is improper to have guests go out to eat and pay for their own meal. I'm still thinking it'd be less expensive for my guests to split the cost of a nice beach home and get married nearby....what do you ladies think?
  8. Hi - I was considering getting married at a private vacation home in St. Augustine. What is your opinion on renting possible 1-2 homes next to each other for guests to stay then just having a ceremony near there? Possibly just a dessert reception and then go out dancing? There will be approximately 20-25 guests at the wedding. I just read that having us go out to eat afterwards and having them pay is a big no-no, so I'm now considering just having a cocktail reception and then end the ceremony and let everyone do their own thing afterwards. Would it be too strange having people staying in the same home? They would all be people who know each other, so it wouldn't be awkward, but still. Even if it's spacious and everyone has their own bathroom, would that seem "cheap"? I've done this before with friends, and it's a real cost savings to have everyone split the cost of a house versus staying in a hotel. Ideas? Thoughts? Don't hold back!
  9. I am so glad I found this thread. I was thinking about just having a beach wedding, renting homes for everyone to stay in (only inviting about 20 people) and then going out to eat and they pay their meals. I was only going to have them stay a couple of days so it would end up being super cheap to stay. But clearly this is a bad idea haha. Wow. Personally if I was going to a small destination wedding and we were maybe offered just drinks and went out to eat dutch, I wouldn't be offended, so long as it's not somewhere super expensive. But I am apparently in the minority on this. So I will definitely consider the restaurant idea we foot the bill. Still considering a dessert only reception though (because, let's be honest, the dessert is the best part! ) Thanks ladies.
  10. Also not having a wedding party because I don't want drama if I don't ask certain people. Also, the ceremony will be entirely focused on you and the groom (yes, I like the attention!) and think of all the money you are saving yourself and your potential attendants.
  11. Oh, wanted to add - just did a cursory search - Florida has an interesting notary education process that you have to go through as a first time notary. So that would require three hours of your friend's time. Still totally worth it!
  12. I'd say your best bet if you'd like your friend to marry you is to have him or her become a notary public. I am one here in South Carolina. You can only officially marry people as a notary public in FL and SC, so you are in luck! It is super easy and fast to become one. Basically register, pay a very small fee and boom that's it! Essentially your friend would be responsible for filing the paperwork but it is absolutely "official", so no worries in 30 years. http://notaries.dos.state.fl.us/ - Information on becoming a notary in FL
  13. I think I'm super particular about the term "candid". To me, #1, #4, #10 seem staged. They are beautiful photos but not completely "candid." I guess that's why I voted for six. The moment the guy jumps off the pier is completely unexpected and the photographer captured it. The others didn't seem as difficult to get. They are all AMAZING though.
  14. LOL Acireta. I was pretty overwhelmed by The Knot, but I like going through their photo galleries. Yes, the only way I can do under $1,000 is if I don't include travel and accomodations...I'm thinking I will keep the guest list to my immediate family and close friends (Maybe about 10-12 people total) and that way I can splurge a little bit on their favors and food. I'm hoping that once I land somewhere I can get a great job to put some money aside. I was thinking if I kept the guest list small and intimate, I can get away with a cocktail reception and then everyone going out to eat to celebrate (go dutch) and go roam the streets for a while. Plus I'm finding so many AMAZING dresses for less than $300. I am going to post on the dress board about this site. Thank you for the encouragement, ladies!
  15. A multi-subject post! I went to the "Not Yet Engaged" page and was baffled by the outright mean responses when a poster asked a question about budgets and venues. There was an "intro" post that basically said "not to plan before you're engaged," but the attitudes were bad....and now I feel weird for being on here and not yet engaged. Is it really that bad? I decided to go ahead and get ideas because I know that at the same time I will be moving and changing jobs. Has anyone else experienced this on the Knot? Is it even possible to have a destination wedding under $1,000? My ideas so far: - Destin, FL on the beach - < 20 guests - No attendants I honestly feel weird posting any more because I'm an "NYE" LOL
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