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  1. Have you checked out -- www.playaweddings.com yet? I love their stuff. Authentic but natural. Husband and wife team from the US that hvae lived in Mexico forever. The wife does photography. He does videography (if you are interested). I think you would dig their stuff. Let me know how the planning is going.
  2. These guys were the best I could found in the area -- http://playaweddings.com/index.php. There style is awesome i.e. they capture everything you want but in a very cool, authentic way. Their stuff is beautiful. I think you would be really happy with the results -- oh -- and it is a husband / wife team that does photography and videography if you were interested in videos. Their videos are pretty cool. The super 8 (kind of vintage style) are v. cool.
  3. My favorite is Playa Weddings -- it is a husband and wife team. They are from the US but have lived in Mexico for eons. She does photography. He does the videography. It is not necessary to have both the photography and videography if you go with them. It was just great that they offered both. What I really love about them is they have a very authentic style i.e. the pictures come off looking very genuine not staged and stiff. The video is the same. I know they started doing Super 8 video (think nostalgic videos that you would see of your parents). I think they are doing them at cost right now to try and get more people interested in it. If you want to check out their stuff www.playaweddings.com
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