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  1. Hey there Anne, Looks like we are getting married on the same day! So exciting! I can't help you with the table sizes because ours are abnormal sizes, but I just wanted to introduce myself as we will probably be running into one another! Countdown is on! See you soon! Kariane
  2. Actually there is another because I was assigned the other guy.... his name is Edgar.
  3. I think it's really up to you and what you know about your guests. I made mine 2.5 months before (June 15th for a September 2nd wedding) and still have people booking. The nice thing is that I have an idea of the max amount of people that are coming so I can order items like chair bows and programs for the ceremony. Good luck!
  4. I am just curious as to how many songs people are picking for the seating? If they are doing any others for the paper signing or sand ceremony? I guess just what is everyones plans for music before, during and after the ceremony? Thanks for the help!
  5. My girlfriend was on the show and they also came to her wedding to film her there. She applied online and was approved prior to her even showing up. You have to spend minimum of $1500 on a dress and then after you are approved, they set up your appointment to try on dresses. It maybe different for all people, but that is what they did for her! It was after her wedding that it aired (so no one would see the dress before her wedding)! It was great! Keep an eye out for her's as a re-run.. she is a stunt model turned lawyer and ended up in the ER the night before her wedding! It was actually a great episode! Anyways... good luck!
  6. So we have the seaside grill for a similar mistake they made with yours. My questions are: 1) how many guests did you have 2) did you have a dance floor and DJ 3) did you have chair bows that they were unable to place on those chairs? It seems a waste for me to purchase them and bring them down if they can only use them for the ceremony (since they have to use the same furniture in the seaside grill), opinion? Thanks!
  7. I just saw yours and was thinking the same thing! How funny is that! Don't you love it?!?! I get so many compliments! Wait till you try on the Tacori band with it! It is absolutely gorgeous! And the band is just a little more than having a custom made so you might as well get the Tacori! Congratulations! Have fun wedding planning!!
  8. See I guess I was worried that the 3 hours included in the reception wouldn't be long enough for; dinner, cake cutting, first dances, speeches, bouquet toss, dancing (can't forget) etc traditional things. So I guess I never even thought about adding something like a game! I think I am so nervous about the 3 hours... I actually added an hour on. On a side note, I attended a wedding that had stuff taped to the bottom of chairs and if it was your chair, you won something! It was kinda fun! Good luck! Let me know what you guys decide!
  9. I would make sure you have it in writing from the resort your date and time booked and locations for each part. They have gone through many different wedding planners and have misplaced many things.... I am not the first one that they confirmed and when re-confirming they said I wasn't confirmed and then I was again but not for the pool deck (originally booked for reception).... many, many mistakes on their part! My only advice... get it all in writing!!! Thank goodness for my TA!!!
  10. Looks great! I like it with just those flowers too! Very nice!
  11. Coppertone's website: http://www.coppertone.com/coppertone/home/index.jspa Have fun!
  12. I got mine at Walmart with the travel size items for $0.97 each... and there is a coppertone online coupon you can print off for $1 off. Which means they are FREE!!! You can only print off one so you have to send them to friends to print off for you! It is totally worth it!! They are a great size!
  13. Can you either post it on here or send it to me too? I would love to see it! Thanks in advance! Kariane.Combs@gmail.com
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