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  1. Hi Liz, I thought I would respond to this also as of May they don't even have the Colin Cowie wedding collections available I was told this about 2 weeks befor my wedding! Maggie my planner had told me she didn't want me to expect something and when I got there the set up was different. All the weedings that week had the same standered setup. I would tripple check if I were you and yes the pricing is crazy. I have stayed at Cancun palace twice. The lobby bar entertainment area is ripped out right now and the front desk/lobby is a mess and towrn appart hopfully by Aug. all will be complete. The jacuzzies are still in the rooms I dont think they are changing any of that only repainting seemed like. Spa is also under major reno. and is located on the 3rd floor in guest rooms! Jenny
  2. Thank you I found it on amazon ! It was perfect I only had a front hem done and the crystals added Thank you I was very happy with them since I wanted the outside vender and was thinking the worst lol
  3. Well Ladies I just got married at the Cancun Palace on May 17th The rebranding was not told to me either I had read about it online but was assured when I brought it up to Maggie my planner, it would be finished by May 1st Before my wedding ! I arrived at the hotel 3 days in advance to find the lobby area, front reception desks and Lobby bar a mess and unusable !!! Our guests had a hard time getting around all the construction and dealing with the noise. They work around the clock !!!! Flooring was slippery with no railings going up and down ramps/steps. Our reservations were a hassle they insisted I requested 2 double beds in a lagoon view room ! It was a fight to get what we had paid for witch was a king Ocean view room!!!! But I do have to say our wedding planner at the resort Cynthia was great! she couldn't do more for us! Our Wedding day was perfect! If anyone has any ?'s just ask I will try and help out as best as I can since I just went threw it.
  4. Hi Ladies ! I also just got married at the Cancun Palace on My 17th.. About the photographer I used the one threw the resort Smile Market and I am very happy with them ! It ended up being the most reasonable since they implemented the $500 outside vendor fee and min. night stay. I am attaching a few photos this way you get an idea,
  5. I picked up mine as well! But instead I liked the drawstring bags they were bright colors and close nicely I have found so much at dollar tree !
  6. I love this Idea ! Thanks I think I will do the same ! I already got him a watch I can always add this
  7. I also found these and the rubber holders as well were only 12 cents !
  8. Thank You!!! I just sent an email and I hope they get back to me soon so I can figure all this out Was the pricing the same as on the resorts brochure? Because I really only want the Photos on a disk that I can make into my own album and prints when I get home. Thanks again!!! ps. It would not let me open the attachment. Photography.pdf
  9. So I feel like i'm in the same boat as everyone else and its very stressful! I'm a Cancun Palace bride and my wedding day is May 17th I call and call and email no response. I only have a few ?'s to make sure everything is set. Does anyone know who the Photography is by if I go threw the resort? Is it smile market ? I have seen some of the resent photos and they looked really good. Thanks Ladies !
  10. Thank you for the update!!! I hope we can get them in on only a day pass! I really like Juan Navarro's work. And I did take a look at the Smile Market that someone told me does the Palace photog and I can't say that I was at all impressed. Hopefully she gets back to you soon I would love to know who is on the list. That's what I have been doing, calling the 1877pal4wed and every time someone answers and gets my ? answered lol. They don't even email back either. I sent my payment in to Sucre my date and nothing not even that they received it. Thanks for keeping me updated!! If I find anything out before you I will let you know. Quote: Originally Posted by CafeDelMar21 Hi JennyLynn: I am literally on the phone with Ivis and she said that last year people were able to get a room for one night for the photographer in order to allow them to photograph the resort. She just told me that was a 2011 thing and that for 2012 they have to stay 2 nights!! Apparently they have a list of which photographer companies can come in as outside vendors and pay only the day pass. She is trying to get it for me so we will see what she says. GRRR! Btw, the only way to get a hold of Ivis or anyone there is to call and leave a message with the receptionist of be lucky enough to get them to answer the phone.
  11. Thank you ! I just didn't want to end up with no photog Now I didn't book my rooms threw wedding sales I actually found a cheaper package price and I really don't have many guests to accumulate the extra. I wonder if I just book him one threw orbits or something if that will work.
  12. Thanks Congrats to you too!!! Yeah my Grandmom is 95 and we want her to be there so it's all very quick. Ok please let me know I feel like every time I email them it takes days and a few times over a week to hear back. Thanks!!!
  13. Thank you for all the info! We are May 17th 2012 this is getting very stressful. I have been back and forth with Jaun Navaro but I'm not so sure on how to get him in. I talked to my cordinator and she said 3 nights. I think that is BS and he said he has been able to use a day pass or one nite stay. What are you doing for this situation? Also does anyone know anything about the in house photogs? Thanks again!!!
  14. Hi I am very new to all of this I just got my date confirmation and I wanted an outside photographer. I read that they don't allow outside vendors are you booking them one night and they are allowed in? Also how did you find him and how is pricing? Thank you soooooo much if you can lead me in the right direction I really appreciate it .
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