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  1. hey all, i just came back from hard rock (last night) i know you are all stressed out but please relax - it will be better than you are expecting!!! if you have some questions - please email me @ sobol1978@hotmail.com. i can't really answer questions about private events as it was only 7 of us there and we had dinner in restaurant. i hope i can help you all eva
  2. ladies, expedia.com seems to be the cheapest. I looked everything up on Internet and then i called Liberty Travel - they will match or even go lower. they also can set up group bookings. I booked my "vacation week" and contacted wedding department at the same time. when i got some papers from WC, i already had my dates and flight #s.
  3. I picked free collection - i will have only about 4- 6 people besides myself my fiance, his son and my son. we will not have private reception - not enough people and most likely we are not having cocktail party - it will be very casual.
  4. @Ashli - don't waist you time going to Miami. this is what i did - i called wedding department (number from their website) and i asked for specific date - she took my info and emailed me a paper (formal request for the date) i faxed it back and she sent me wedding guide and contract that had to be returned in 14 days. i faxed that back and then she emailed me that the judge was confirmed. since i had her number i called her few times with questions - i guess she didn't want to be bother so she scheduled conference call.
  5. they should send you a contract and wedding guide. all extra costs? well - if you have civil ceremony that's $500, you have cost of translating all docs into Spanish in DR embassy. - you have to pick one of the wedding collections and that's extra unless you pick the free one. - then depending on how many guests you have you might qualify for unlimited private functions or some (like cocktail hour only or reception only) - that's in the wedding guide. (private party - reception i believe is $50/ per person in free collection package or $300 per 8 people in other collections - that's my understanding) you need at lease 20 guests to have private reception and at lease 10 guests to have cocktail party.) the best thing would be to talk to WC and based on the number of people and all things you want (DJ etc) she can come up with the price. - you have to pay for photographer / video and i'm sure everytime you want to change something that is included in the collection it will be extra. hope this helps a little bit.
  6. Just in case you guys decide not to go with their bouquet here is an idea - i love it!!! http://www.etsy.com/listing/76064608/made-to-order-custom-details-bridal
  7. I'm in love with this bouquet!!! in case case you decided not to go with the flowers they offer: http://www.etsy.com/listing/89803192/made-to-order-custom-details-bridal?ref=sr_gallery_14&sref=&ga_search_submit=Search&ga_search_query=Bridal+Bouquet+of+Shells+&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=US&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_facet=handmade
  8. anybody knows who they (Hard Rock) use as photographer? My WC told me they have one but she would not give me name. eva
  9. you helped already - thank you!! questions were re. translation and vowes ect. 70 people - wow!!! - free unlimited private functions - nice. i will be lucky if there are 10 of us (including us, my son and his son).
  10. mine was pretty much the same - she wanted to know everything including colors of the flowers. she didn't however know the answers to some of my questions. i found online civil ceremony of one of the couples: @sunlover - where is your wedding?
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