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  1. Size 7 white heels worn for 3 hours during our at home reception. Originally paid $60, asking $50. Size 7.5 white 2.5 inch wedges with coral ribbon and "i do" buttons $30 White elbow length veil with comb, silver trim on edge with beading $50 Please PM with questions
  2. PM me your email address and I can send them to you, the files are too big to post
  3. Hey Ladies! If anyone is looking for a phenomenal make up artist in the Cancun/riviera maya/Playa area I HIGHLY recommend Norma Perez with MAC make up!!! she was AMAZING!! I was a little nervous because I didn't have a picture or anything of what I was looking for make up wise and just planned on kind of winging it haha. Fortunately, I had nothing to worry about because it was absolutely perfect! I told her I just wanted a soft look with dramatic eyes and she completely nailed the look. I also didn't get to see anything she was doing until she was totally finished, which again made me nervous, but I didn't have her change a thing afterward. She was very reasonably priced and brought the best hairstylist with her who did all of my bridesmaids and my hair. They were both wonderful and very professional. Hope this helps
  4. Norma charged us $70 for bridesmaid hair and $60 for bridesmaid make up, and $250 for my hair and make up. Because no one else in my party wanted to get their make-up done she charged an additional $100 because she does have to take the day off of work and travel to get to you. The only downside is that does not include a "trial" of hair/makeup, so I was trusting it would just work out. She did a phenomenal job, i didn't have a picture or anything of what i wanted, just kind of told her soft with bright eyes, and it turned out absolutely perfect! Plus, we never did get charged the 30% for using outside vendors. Her email is nor_maccancun@hotmail.com.
  5. We were also told we had to pay an additional fee for bringing in outside venders for hair and make up. I told her the cost and she told me what we would owe but we were never actually charged, i'm sure she just forgot. Someone else on her also posted that she was never charged the 30% either. Definitely don't go to the spa!! I went there the day after for our trash the dress pictures just to have my hair done in what i considered a "simple" up-do and it looked horrible!! Piece kept falling down throughout the shoot and my hair was all over the place. We used Norma with MAC make-up and she brought a stylist with her, they did an AMAZING job.
  6. We didn't bring a cake topper or anything for the cake and no one noticed. Everyone was so full from all the food and drinks that only 1 or 2 people actually had a piece of cake! Too much other fun stuff going on
  7. Congrats!! We just got back today, and our officiant did that to us as well, a little awkward as both of us are not good when being put on the spot either haha. We used Take it Foto as well and I LOVED THEM. i plan on writing them an amazing review, assuming the pictures are as great as they were!
  8. Flying out tomorrow!! Super excited and still a little nervous feeling like I'm forgetting something...hopefully not! Our wedding is next Monday, I will definitely let you all know how it goes and write a review when we get back :) Just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone on this post, I've gotten so many ideas and amazing tips from you all!!
  9. Wow Joanne, thanks so much for such a wonderful and thorough thread!! and CONGRATULATIONS on both the wedding and baby!! Very exciting!
  10. I'm also looking for that template but don't have enough posts to get access to it on here Would someone who did receive it please email/PM it to me if possible?? We leave very shortly and I know I'll never make the 150 posts!!
  11. Can someone please email/PM me the stick people "too much sun, too much fun...etc" hangover kit template?? I still don't have enough posts to have access to them and we leave very shortly and I don't think i'll make the cut Thanks in advance!! hstrean@yahoo.com
  12. I was also wondering about the paying in cash thing. We had an outside photographer coming as well and I dont want to bring thousands of dollars in cash down to Mexico with us. Also, this is probably a stupid question, but roughly how much and who is everyone tipping? I feel like you have to tip EVERYONE these days!! I've heard people tip their wedding coordinator, and some say tip your photographer, and then all the servers for your reception, and the hairstylist/makeup artists...it never ends haha.
  13. I know for sure that the calla lilies are extra, i was told white orchids are not available at all Hope that helps!
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