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  1. Nice! Hopefully, I can give you some pointers :-)
  2. I am getting married on the Dream in January. How did everything work out for you?
  3. What about a convertible dress?
  4. Those Old Navy bags are cute! Did you see them in the store or online?? I am also getting marrried aboard the Carnival Dream in January, these bags are a brilliant idea.
  5. It seems like you can't bring anything edible or floral on the ship. I've decided to do framed photos as a souvenir with with a thank you greeting on the photo.
  6. I'm getting married aboard the Carnival Dream in January 2013 and I booked through a TA, but I have experience booking group cruises for my family and friends. It's way easier doing it through a TA or letting your guests with whoever they prefer and the link them to group booking. The Agent that I am working with specializes in cruise weddings.
  7. I just checked their weekly circular and the white mailing labels are priced at $9.99. They have a $5.00 coupon for select Avery laser and inkjet labels.
  8. I've been eyeing that idea prior to deciding that I was going to do a cruise wedding. They can get so many wear out of a convertible dress.
  9. Hi everyone! I'm getting married on January 19, 2013 aboard the Carnival Dream.
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