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  1. I also wanted to mention I ordered our bubba kegs for guests online through the shop bubba website and once I talked to the guy ( who was extremely helpful) he agreed to match the sale price they had at Canadian Tire, 5.99 for the 20oz! I went through the company because I wanted pink for the girls and orange for the boys ( I ended up getting black for the guys). I ordered 54, and it was really reasonable, shipping was a little more but overall pretty decent price.
  2. Hey I was just coming on here to tell everyone the same thing! At the Bath & body works at West Edmonton mall the hand mini hand sanitizers were 3 for a $1.00!! I just picked up 50 for like 16 dollars! They had about 15 (or more different kinds!) also got amazing cuticle creams for $2, small lotions (like the ones in your picture) for $1 each. Got the cutest little bags for my youn flower girls for $2, perfect for the beach. Hot pink makeup bags also $3.25, which is perfect for my colors. They also had purse Size/ small body butters for $2. Great finds in there
  3. love vistaprint! got sooo much stuff for so cheap! all turned out amazing... quality was great from photo magnets with engagement pics to pre travel brochures
  4. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i've also been waiting hope it's still on tomorrow!
  5. This is so exciting!! I'm from Fort McMurray and we're heading to the city soon!! eek
  6. I couldnt find her and she was sweet enough to find me... thanks Jessica! Beautiful pics
  7. Melissa!! Welcome back and congratulations, I was also thinking of you as I didn't have a chance to get back to you before you left for your trip.. glad to hear you had such a wonderful time. Your pics look amazing.. beautiful dress! Lov the pic of the two of you looking out into the ocean. I'm getting so excited! Can't wait for your review
  8. If you are getting married at the jellyfish I know that there was another bride on here that maytee put down a hard walkway for the aisle, almost like a mini platform! it looked nice as is but you could also out a runner down in a color of your choice or flower petals.. Just send her a message!
  9. I also thought of nice personalized hot pink/ fuchsia satin robes (my wedding color!) for all my girls but cant find any online that I like... any ideas?? I thought it would also make a cute photo op
  10. Haha I had to pick it all out for my fiance and the groomsmen, still waiting on 2 of the five to get measured however!! we just bought it all before we had their sizes because moores had a great sale! and the personalized flasks (that come in hot pink as well!) are on sale for 6.99 on the knot and then they charge 5 or 6$ for engraving!
  11. We are doing the same as for the bridal party since they are spending so much to come to our wedding we thought it would be a nice idea. The guys just need somethign else small but I would stil like to get my girls something special... still trying to figure that out... also stumped on the parents!
  12. Amazing! thank you so much... cant wait to check out your pictures. The Jellyfish was such a great find, I can't believe Mayte was able to confirm us so close to our wedding date... she seems like a sweetheart. Ive already had much better luck communicating with her than the Dreams staff... they still haven't sent me any info and we leave for the wedding on the 18th of Jan... getting a little ridiculous! For that reason I am pretty sure we will be moving our ceremony to the JF as well
  13. thanks jen! I appreciate your input.. how did you find the food at dreams?
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