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  1. If someone from Canada marries you can that be your legal wedding for Canada or do you have to be in the country ?
  2. What is the date you celebrate you anniversary Symbolic or Legal?
  3. Im having a symbolic wedding in mexico in Nov , and I was planning on getting legally married in Canada when we get back but I was talking to someone that said its a pain and expensive to get legally married and that she is just assumed her husbands last name and everything has changed to her last name but her SIN card. Im confused with this does it mean she is not married in Canada at all then ? Also if your having a symbolic wedding and then getting legally married here which is your anniversary date ?
  4. Hello, Im getting Married in November and Im looking for an family friendly resort ? Which wouldn't cost to much for guests or to have a wedding ? Can anyone tell me where they have stayed and had their wedding??
  5. I looked at dreams but its really expensive I found. What did you pay??
  6. Hello , Im looking for a kid friendly hotel to have my wedding at that is nice but not to expensive ?
  7. Looking for a hotel in PV, kid friendly, not to expensive?
  8. Looking for a good kid friendly not to expensive hotel in OV andy suggestions???
  9. Getting married next year and Im still looking for a hotel, any suggestions???? kid friendly and not to expensive??
  10. Hello All, Im looking to get married in PV next year,. Any suggestions for hotels?????Kid friendly and not to expensive??
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