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  1. You could not have a 40 person reception at the Wave Lounge. You could however have a standing cocktail party there for 40 people. My daughter had her cocktail party there before the reception and had 47 people but not everyone was there the whole time. People went back to their rooms to freshen up or wandered around so there wasn't many people in there at one time. She had her reception at the Blue Terrace and it was a perfect location. We got the breeze from the sea and the view too and when it got too windy they pulled down the shades. Even though it wasn't air-conditioned, it wasn't too hot in there because we had the sea breeze. The night before we had a welcome dinner on the beach starting at 7 PM. It was really nice except that although they had some lighting included, it wasn't nearly enough lighting and when it got dark, it was hard to see what we were eating! It was perfect for our slide show but the lighting was really bad for eating dinner, etc. Our 4 hour private event was over in less than 3 hours because of this.
  2. My daughter walked down the aisle on 5/28 to Marry Me by Train and it was sooo beautiful. There wasn't a dry eye in the crowd! I hadn't heard of this song until she suggested it to me. It was between Canon in D and Marry Me by Train and I'm so happy she chose Marry Me!
  3. We used Gayle from Travel Haus St. Louis. She did so much for us including free upgrades and a free cocktail party with hor doerves for 50 people! Everyone was happy with their rooms and she communicated well with all of our guests. I would hire her again in a heartbeat and I never met her in person, just dealt with her over the telephone and by email but she was always quick to answer all of our questions!
  4. My daughter (melissa) Melfaybik is leaving for Azul Beach today and will be getting married on Saturday, May 28th. Thanks to all the brides that have helped her throughout this past year and she will pay it forward to other brides when she returns from her honeymoon. She promises to post lots of pictures for all you upcoming brides. Best Destination Weddings website has been sooo helpful to both Melissa and myself with all the great ideas she has gotten from here. She could have never done it without all of you! So thanks to everyone that helped her. You all know who you are! Arlene (melissa's Mom)
  5. I logged you off Melissa. I am back on as Afaybik! Sorry for the confusion!
  6. Congrats Marianne on picking s great resort! I am getting married there on 5-28-11 and still have some work to do before I leave for Mexico on 5-24-11! The outside vendor fee was $500 but they raised it to $800 but you may be able to get some wiggle room as we had a little bit of luck. I am not sure about the the bridesmaid bouquets...They did tell me that we could not bring our own flowers in and had to use them for flowers unless you pay the outside vendor fee. Hi Maritza! I know I can't believe our wedding is right around the corner! I wish I had another year to plan...I waited until the last minute on a lot of things and still have a ton to do! I changed my mind a few times on the centerpieces and we finally decided to go simple with fuschia roses. We were going to book a Karisma resort for our mini honeymoon but decided to go with something different to get more of a change. We booked Secrets Maroma! Did you book a photographer or videographer yet? Thanks! I still don't feel like i am getting married next week! Its crazy! I think it will start to sink in when I get on the plane!
  7. I would have to answer as "mother of the bride". The biggest stress factor is my daughter second-guessing every decision that she makes and then waiting until the last minute to do everything. Wedding is less than two weeks away and she still has soooo much to do!
  8. We ordered samples of chair sashes, napkins, table runners and table overlays and the colors were exactly as they had online. Got the samples in a few days and ordered what we wanted. The price was right too! The company's website is www.tableclothsfactory.com - very satisfied!
  9. Congrats on your wedding! Also thanks for the great playlist. I'm going to pass it on to my daughter (Melfaybik) who is getting married May 28, 2011 and still has lots of stuff left to do including the playlist! Thanks again!
  10. Paul's email is info@Playaweddings.com. If you look on his website www.playaweddings.com you will see samples of his work! Beautiful plus he is from the United States so he speaks perfect english. His wife Rachel is a wonderful photographer too!
  11. If you want a great videographer, Paul from Playa Weddings is wonderful. And he always answers all of your questions thru email plus his videos are done in Blueray!
  12. Don't worry! My daughter's final detail sheet was also due 45 days ahead of time and she kept changing things so her final detail sheet went in today May 5th and her wedding is May 28th. They kept telling her they needed it 45 ahead of time but that is really flexible as you can see! Good Luck! You might PM Melfaybik and she can send you her final detail sheet!
  13. My daughter (melfaybik) May 28, is getting legally married in Colorado the day before she leaves for Mexico. In Colorado the bride and groom can marry each other legally with no judge, no vows, nothing except signing the marriage certificate and all you need is $30.00 and a driver's license! Colorado is I think the only state that allows couples to marry themselves! She too was so set on doing a legal ceremony in Mexico until she found out that the judges speak very, very little english and it is very hard to understand anything they are saying. Her friend who got married in October found this out the hard way...no one understood the ceremony including the bride and groom! The ministers that do speak english are not really minister persay but they are employees of the hotel that speak very good english! Hope this helps!
  14. My daughter (Melfaybik) was all set to do the legal ceremony by a judge. Her friend got married in Oct. at Azul Beach by a judge that could supposedly speak English. No one was able to understand anything he said including the bride and groom! So because of this, my daughter decided to do a symbolic ceremony (no one knows except me her Mom) and she will get married legally in Colorado the day before they leave for Mexico....no fuss, no kiss, no ring exchange, no nothing except signing the legal papers. Hope this helps!
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