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  1. Hi just wondering if the totes r sold and if so were u got them
  2. just wondering if the advil, imodium,and starfish r still available? and how much shipping to vancouver canada would be? thanks
  3. Im getting married at the Barcelo in april 2013 and would love a get together
  4. Hi I have been searching through all the treads and haven’t been able to come up with in answer to my question. I would like to know when I should get married in Canada be for my symbolic wedding in Mexico next April 2013 and also if there is anything you need to bring down to Mexico showing that u r in fact married?
  5. sorry I ment if im getting married in Canada before I go down to mexico when should I do so to have everything in place for when we r there?
  6. hi im from vancouver and im getting married in Mexico in april 2013 and was just wondering if anyone would be able to tell me how long before going should I get married first
  7. Im having my wedding at the barcelo tropical as well in april 2013 and was wondering if anyone can give me information on where or not u can bring your own decorations
  8. Hi I know this is a Barcelo Place forom but I think I have chose the tropical and I was wonfdering what to do next and how to get in contcat with the WC thank u
  9. Im concidering this hotel and was just hoping for some feed back on anyones exprince here ...we will also have children with us thank you
  10. Im planning a mecxio wedding in april 2013 and Im trying to decicide where or not to get married before going down. I have recently heard that if u get married there that you will have to get divoriced under mexian laws ( I would hope I dont have to worrie about this but I would like to know this before hand) I was just wondering if anyone has heard of this and just what others think about getting married there or getting married here first thank you so much!
  11. I was just wondering if anyone knows of a good travel agent in Vancouver more so the tri-cities
  12. Ashley2013

    Need help!!

    I found this site and I'm really looking forward to hopefully getting Insite on what to do as I'm clueless as to where to start I have heard that there r travel agentswedding planners has anyone done this is it better to just find a travel agent a d deal with a planner that is at the resort any advice is great thank u
  13. Im just starting this to look in to our wedding all we know is that we want mexico in april 2013 I was hoping that I can find someone to help me with where to start I just have no idea .... I have heard that there r travel agents that are wedding planners to is it better to go this opotion or is it better to go with a travel agent and a wedding planner in the resort please help!
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