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  1. KernsWR- You are correct. A religous wedding is not valid in the states. You should get married in your hometown first then go to MX. That lady does not know what she is talking about.
  2. Carmela, I was also told that the champagne toast was mandatory, but was also told that I could have it at any time, so I have selected it to be during the reception. This may work for you too, unless you were not planing on having champagne and paying the extra $. Other than that, I don't know of any way around it.
  3. Ego11- Thanks for the heads up on the shipping issue. The Roof top terrace is the one with the green carpet and the Villas Terrace is the balcony style one with the rooms behind it. After much debate on that myself, I came to the conclusion that the Roof top Terrace has a better view and privacy but the Villas terrace has a more elegant feel to it, because the carpet is not there. There are also a few rooms behind you at the Villas Terrace and might not feel the privacy with potential onlookers from their rooms. Either way, you cant go wrong, they are both nice. I have a few pics of each, just PM me if you want them. Hope this helps.
  4. Carmresu, Here are some maracas for about a dollar each (or $2 for pair). Is that still out of budget? http://www.amols.com/catalog/product/MX750O
  5. Vanessa C: My fiancé and I are getting married there also, on April, 20 2012. I have been through these threads for a while now and have compiled a list of Good and Bad on site wedding coordinators, based on brides that have had wedding there. I have heard all good things about Diana. Take a look at this link posted previously by another bride. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/60551/review-gran-caribe-real-in-cancun You may consider sending her a PM to ask her of her experience. Please keep us after your wedding, and let us know how it went. Best Wishes.
  6. Hello there to all the brides ! I think I am the only groom here. My fiance and I plan to get married at the GCR in the chapel on 5/12/2012 (4pm) You ladies are very great at sharing information. (guys arent that good at it) I have just about read all the pages in this thread, and I must say that I know quite a bit now. I want to thank all the ladies that spent their time to write here and help everybody out. The information is invaluable! I am excited to have joined and will be looking forward to any and all tips you may have. We were given the option to do the cocktail hour and private reception at the GCR or The Royal ballroom. My WC Ana Perez says that they are the same. Can anybody recommend where they think it should take place and explain the pros and cons. We are not set on the ballroom idea and are open to any suggestions. We know that we do not want it on the sand. We will have approx 100 guests to accommodate. Any info is helpful. Also, if anybody has pictures of their private reception at either location, that would greatly help me get a better idea. Thanks in advanced for all your input!