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  1. Well ladies i just got back from secrets maroma. It was great despite the hurricane ernesto on my wedding day. I will post pictures soon.
  2. Im getting married august 7th at 5pm. I really want to wear my hair mostly down. Has anyone or is anyone else wearing their hair down? Opinions?
  3. Thank you so much beach bride. My wedding is aug 7th 5pm at the gazebo. Will the photographer take pics at the ceremony /recption also ?
  4. How do you find out your wedding day time of events? Such as what time does the photographer start taking pictures, what tme does the groomsman and groom need to be at gazebo by, .......
  5. Does anyone know if they offer gym classes there? Or if the spa offers snacks, champagne or menu service? I plan on being at the spa for several hours the day of my wedding .
  6. Does anyone know what flower options they have available for hair?
  7. Unsure as to what time i should make my hair and makeup appointment on my wedding day . My ceremony is at 5pm. Any ideas or past experiences?
  8. Can we get spa credit if me we opt not to use the massges that come with the ultimate package?
  9. Has anyone whose gotten married there already had their hair done by hairstylist at resort? Any reviews on hairstylist and make up?
  10. Has anyone shipped and favors or decor to secrets maroma? How does it work with shipping to the resort?
  11. Im getting married august 7, 2012 in secrets maroma. Super excited.
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