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  1. Has anyone heard anything good/bad about Jean Muldoon or Andrea Duarte for bridal hair/makeup? I also had interest in Karine, but she is booked on the day and I don't know how I feel about an assistant coming. I also wanted to get Lucienne, but she said she can't book so far in advance becuase she does so many Non-wedding related events, so I'd have to wait until it GETS CLOSER! I don't want to take that risk, so she's out of the picture now. And Andrea Duarte had a website apaperedbridemaui.com, but it says it's expired and pending renewal...seems kind of weird to me... so, any info you ladies have on the people mentioned or ANYONE for Hair/Makeup PLEASE LET ME KNOW... I know Dan Sanchez is highly recommended, but he's too expensive for me. Thanks Ladies!
  2. Hi KimmyK, I will be getting married on Makena Cove 6-20-12..a Wednesday. Like you, fell in love with the place, but because it's a public beach also decided middle of the week instead of weekend is better chances of avoiding the crowds. Not only are we doing it mid-week, we are doing it in the morning. We spoke to our officiant who will also be our photographer, and he said the planned time of 10 am was BAD. Heat would be too great by that time, and lighting for pics would be harsh.So we are getting married at 8AM!!! INSANE, I KNOW! I don't know if you know this..probably so, but you are not allowed to have chairs or anything at the beaches, by law. He said if we planned on having a crowd of about 20, we probably shouldn't worry, becuase we'd dominate the space. lol. I would definitely shoot an email out to a website you come across that has packages and ask what they think about your future plans. They will be honest with you and will suggest the best time. Good Luck!
  3. When we booked our wedding, the officiant and photograper reccomended South Maui. He said it isthe more romantic and secluded part of the island. West side of the island is the more touristy side. I'd rather travel to the touristy parts than be staying in the middle of it the entire time. He said most people who go back to Maui almost always stay in south Maui. hope this helped.
  4. Where or what did you type in the search engine? I'm trying to do Message in a Bottle invites, and I really want vintage Hawaii map, but can not find one! They all have way too much going on to use as a background or just anywhere really.
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    Anyone know of a good person to contact for WD Hair/Makeup?
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