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  1. Hi Alyssa, We had guest staying in all three ares of the resort so I'll try to give you the pros and cons of each. The Riviera section: Pros It's newer and classier. Close to great à la carte restos and there is a small lunch and breakfast place Adults only section is quiet Nice pool Cons Not ideal for kids farther away from main buffets which has a better breakfast selection walk to the beach Must note: the 10 minute walk is exaggerated, you can easily be at the beach in 6 and there are shuttles. Haciendas: Pros Quiet, the pools are privet and there isn't much action ( I guess that could be a con if you like animation) You could easily reserve a whole building Cons Oldest part of the hotel, the decor is lacking and the showers a little unseemly The Beach Section: Pros Close to all the action, buffets and main pool Cheapest Beach front and select club rooms are of superior quality. Cons Noisy pool front rooms Decor and level of renovation varied from room to room. So it's up to what you're looking for, A fun group that will spend lots of time in the main pool or beach? Then The beach section. A small group that wants things tranquil, then the Haciendas. No kids and you want luxury and tranquility, then The Riviera or beach front rooms depending on your budget. Quote: Originally Posted by AlyssaMac7 Question-- I have read reviews here and there, and am wondering, what is the best section of the resort to stay in? Id like our group to be close to eachother, and would not have a long walk to and from our room. Can everyone let me know where they stayed or what they recommend?
  2. The flowers are from the hotel Florist, most of them were dyed blue.
  3. The brand of shoes is "touch ups" and the model is "Nadia". You can find them in many bridal salons, or I got mine from Amazon. Or try http://www.bridalshoesca.com/home.php They were origionall white satin. You can get Dylon dye at any fabric store, or porbably craft stores too. I thought it would be hard but it is really simple.
  4. I dyed my Touch Ups royal blue using Dylon #16 dye (Arabian night).
  5. I did a full review of the hotel which you can read but I'll repost the wedding portion here. Wedding Organisation started months in advance with the help of the dedicated wedding coordinator Lupita. We had a meeting with her on the second day of our trip. The meeting entailed confirming times and details and paying for the minister. We were thinking about buying flowers in town but the price she quoted us in the meeting was reasonable and I'm really glad we got them from the hotel. They were perfect. We were married in the wedding pavilion that overlooks the beach at 4:00. We chose this location for several reasons: one the wind on the beach was very strong and would make the microphone useless. Two, the Mexican government charges a fee for all beach weddings, Three, being on the hotel grounds and not public beach there was security lining the route and around the pavilion so there were no spectators in the photographs. On the beach you risk having some guy in a speedo in all your pictures. We saw a wedding later in the week on the beach and I wonder if the guests heard anything at all due to the wind. The location was beautifully decorated in the colors we chose. The day of the wedding the bridal party participated in the yoga class. I don't think we were very zen as we all had a major case of the giggles, but it was a great start to the day. The wedding was at 4:00 which seems like there's lots of time but hair and make-up and eating all take up a lot of time. I did my own hair and make-up and that of my step-daughter. This was a cost saving initiative but I'm also very picky and wanted to be in control of how much make-up I was wearing. It turned out great so I'm glad I saved the money. We ordered room service as I didn't want to go to the buffet in curlers. Lupita delivered the flowers around lunch and then there was a flurry of prepping and dressing. The photographers arrived at 2 took some pictures of prepping and then split up. One photographer went to see the boys and then take my fiance to the fountain in the courtyard for our first look photos. The first look photos were really worth it. Lupita's assistant returned at 3:45 to take us on our walk around to the wedding pavilion. Everything was well timed and organised by the hotel staff. there was someone in charge of playing the music from my iPod. I did notice though, that you could still hear the music from the Mediterranean buffet. You might ask that it be turned down for the ceremony. The minister made us feel very comfortable and we liked the service she did. There was a champagne toast after the ceremony and we took pictures on the beach before the reception. The reception was in the Italian restaurant which was closed the week we were there. But, that was actually great news as we had the whole place to ourselves with some wonderful servers. We got our food from the main buffet, the two are connected. We had plans to go to the disco after, but ended up just hanging out in the boulevard. I wouldn't change a thing about that day, the staff and the location made it unforgettable not just for my husband and I but for all our guests too. And now for pictures! Again a big thanks to our photographers Photos in Cancun
  6. We went to everyones rooms the day after we arrived just before supper when we knew they would be in. We had the italian resturant to our selves and we did need a sound system for the speaches. Even if it is open, you're in your own room so I don't think it would be required.
  7. I'm back! Wow, all I can say for now is wow. I'll post a full review later, but that was the most wonderful experience of all our lives. The hotel, the wedding, the beach, the staff, Lupita, everything was so wonderful. A special thanks to our photographers Derek and Lorena from "Photos in Cancun". If you haven't booked a photographer yet, book them if you can. Wonderful rapport, quality, price and over 2000 pictures I need to sift through over the coming days. Also, a quick note, you should definiatly have the wedding in the wedding hut in the garden. It's right at the edge of the beach by the select club area, so there's no traffic, minimal wind and it's beautiful. And the view on the beach is spectacular. I saw a beach wedding later in the week, and I doubt that any guests heard what they were saying because there was so much wind. I can't wait to share my photos with you!
  8. We leave in three days and in one week from today I will be a Mrs.! Lupita emailed me on Friday arranging a meeting on Saturady to go over the details. My stomach is already in knots but we are all very excited. I'll check back in when we return with a review and pictures. You can also PM me if you want me to check anything in particular out at the hotel or if you have any questions for Lupita.
  9. I haven't been there yet but I understand that there is one in the adults only pool in the Riviera section.
  10. I've shared my Pinterest with my photographer. It's a great way to communicate your style with them. Take a look at some of my favourite shots. http://pinterest.com/jessamaka/toujours-et-toujours/
  11. Hi Kray41, here a picture Lupita sent me of where we could get married in a garden.I don't know where on the resort this is so I don't know the view, sorry.
  12. FYI I just found out that Maria is no long with Sandos. Her replacement is Lupita and so far so good. Also, I got an email stating "*No external video or photographers are allowed in the resort" don't know if this is a new policy but I was planning on going with the resort photographer anyway as the samples I was sent are good.
  13. I agree with etsy, but shop around there are lots of sellers with different price points. Here are a few good shops. Bridalcouture Startrim Daniel12 UntamedPetals
  14. You have a good point. I don't live that far from the border so a shopping trip to New York may be my best option. I'll check out the Macy's website. Thanks for the tip.
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