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  1. Albellis, Are you using Tai Flora? I know that is the floriest for IRHB, but I am having a hard time getting them to email me back.
  2. Thank you for the link! Your pictures were great. If you don't mind me asking, what all did you include in the gift bags. They looked wonderful!
  3. Hello, We are getting married on June 5, 2012 at Iberostar Rose Hall Beach. We can't decide on between the balcony and the beach. Any thoughts, or better yet, anyone have good pictures?
  4. Hello:) I am happy to find this thread! We are getting married at the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach on June 5. We looked into the Iberostars, but decided on the beach because many of our guests have children and the room price was lower. The planning has gone well so far. We switched our location in November to Iberostar due to problems with the Grand Palladium. I hope to gain any helpful information on what to do or not to do. Right now we are trying to decide on the location: beach or balcony? Any thoughts?
  5. Stephanie, I hope your wedding was perfect:) I can't wait to hear about it!
  6. BeachBridein11, Thank you for the advice, I will look into it. We only need eight rooms, so we don't have a contract... but she said that if we get to the magic number of ten, then we do. If we could hold the rooms for two months, I would be less stressed. Your wedding looked amazing and is one of the reasons we selected G.P.
  7. Question for anyone...... When I give her the go ahead, my travel agent can only hold our rooms for two weeks at the price she quoted. Our wedding isn't until June 7, 2012. How did you let people know this far ahead?
  8. Hello, I seem to be a week ahead of you in my planning:) We sent a request and heard back in two days. We decided on G.P. and sent in all of our information last Friday. Wednesday I heard that our information was received and I would receive another email when it was processed. I am hoping that we are confirmed soon. I have been trying to take everyone's advise and not stress, but I am excited and anxious too:) I hope this helps:)
  9. Hello, After reading everyone's post and how helpful and happy everyone is with the wedding planning, we decided to have our wedding at G.P. too:) We emailed our contract and ect. Friday to Simone. I am worried that I may have sent it to the wrong address since I have not heard back from her yet: weddingasst2.jamaica@fiestahotel. Does anyone know if this is correct?
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