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  1. For the reception dinner, it depends on what you are planning. The regular package is $18 per person (over 8 people) and includes the dinner. If you want to go with the private reception, it is another $700 to reserve Uncle Tonys Steakhouse for the night. You do have to have a minimum of 40 people for the private reception though. I have 36 and we wanted to do that, but she told us that we MUST have 40 people.
  2. Hi PhillyGal, you are the only other IRHB bride that I know of so far. I'm glad there is someone else planning their wedding there. Definately let me know if you get any new info from Loreto and I'll do the same. 90 people already, that's awesome! We've only got 36 which is more than I orginally expected.
  3. Welcome Natalie! We are getting married at the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach in November. Any info I've gotten so far, I've posted at : http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t29601 The WC there seems pretty easy to work with so far. And they only do 1 wedding a day, which was one of the main reasons I chose it. Happy Planning!
  4. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. As I get more info, I'll continue to post it.
  5. Here is the ceremony verbage. Marraige officer speech.pdf
  6. Pictures of the Ceremony locations attached. Wedding Locations II.pdf
  7. I seem to be the only IRHB bride on the forum right now, so I thought I'd share any info I get for future brides. Options for locations, flowers, cake, menus are attached. I've never tried to add an attachment, so hopefully this works.... Wedding Details 2008-I.pdf
  8. If you haven't tried this video, I totally recommend it! I work out pretty regularly and I did this one 2 days ago and can still feel it. It's a great cardio workout with an Ab segment at the end.
  9. Welcome and Congrats! We had a hard time choosing a location too. We finally contacted our travel agent and got the rates for all of the resorts we were considering. We chose the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach because it was the most afffordable option for our guests. The IRHB has been great to work with so far. And I like the fact that they only do 1 wedding a day.
  10. We are getting married there in November, so I'll know more after that. Loreto, the WC sent me a picture of the beach set up for a ceremony and it looks decent. I'd attach the photo, but I'm still new to the site and don't know how!! If you email her and ask her for pictures of the sites, she will send it to you.
  11. Congratulations and Welcome to the site! We are getting in Jamaica as well. Happy planning!
  12. Welcome to the forum and congratulations!
  13. Our plans are still tentative, we have to have 40 people to do a private reception at the Iberostar which we are close to, but not quite there. If we don't get the 40, we are planning: 4:00 Ceremony 4:30-5:30 Pictures 5:30-7:00 Cocktail Hour w/Steel Pans Band *we will do our 1st dance and speeches here 7:30-9:00 Dinner w/cake cutting following 9:00-? continue the party at one of the bars/disco
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