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  1. thank you to everyone who has responded so far. so it really seems like there are no set rules for tipping in this scenario. I guess you just have to do what you feel is right. We are generous tippers so I'm so we'll figure it out. If anyone else can post their personal experience with tipping during their dw I'd greatly appreciate it!
  2. Oh, and 1 more I forgot. The Officiant? We are having a symbolic ceremony? Does the Officiant get tipped as well? Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hi ladies! I have MANY questions regarding tipping for a DW. How much am I suppose to tip the Wedding Coordinator and when? And if there is a certain percentage of the wedding coordinator fee I should go by for tipping, what if the services of the Wedding Coordinator are included in my wedding package? Go by the cost of my wedding package? What do I tip the photographer and his assistant? What do I tip the hair & makeup artists? Do I tip the mariachi band performing during my ceremony? And how do I pull that off? Make sure my fiance has cash in his pocket on our wedding day?
  4. My future in-laws not only didn't come to my bridal shower, but they didn't even have the respect to respond to my mother who sent an invite and followed up with an email. Unbelievable! I love these people who think they can act a certain way towards us because of our wedding choices, yet have no financial involvement what so ever. It's my opinion that if the bride & groom are solely footing the bill for the wedding, the bride & groom get to call all the shots. And no one can say anything about it!
  5. Thanks ladies for the compliments! I really appreciate it! As you know, we all go through that period of doubt, when we start to second guess our choice. We just need to remember that there is a reason why we are drawn to a particular dress and why we chose it, because it's perfect! My issue was that they made me order a size up from the sample, which fit good but was pulling a bit in the hips. I was afraid that I was going to spend a fortune in alterations. Luckily, they only came to $ 180! The dress btw is "Destinations By Mon Cheri." To those who are still struggling with finding the pe
  6. maybe it would help if i read before I attached, sorry ladies! Here is me in my dress, no shots of the train though, just bustled.
  7. Here is me in my dress ladies. No shots of the train though, just bustled.
  8. Hello to all my fellow April 2012 brides! I am seeking advice here. How many of you have guests who returned a confirmed RSVP, but as of today, still have yet to book ANYTHING? We sent out our wedding invitations in September for our April wedding. Made the RSVP November 1. Wanted to give everyone more than enough time. Some of the people who RSVP'd that they were coming haven't booked anything yet and we really need an accurate headcount for obvious reasons. So I was going to send out an "Evite" reminder to those who have yet to book. It will say that if they don't book by Feb. 28th we w
  9. Whats with the people who RSVP'd "yes" to your DW but still have yet to officially book? Everyone knows the longer you wait, the more you pay. I choose not to go with a travel agent and in my case, the resort doesn't actually charge you until the day you check in. So the only upfront cost my guests have to come up with is airfare. And half of my "yes" RSVP's have booked thus far. And then you have those who don't even have the courtesy to reply to your RSVP, that you supplied a stamp for! It's like they are too embarrassed to tell you they are not coming, yet not replying is any different or
  10. Our ceremony is at 5 as well!!!
  11. Here is my dress ladies! It should be in by December. I found it online and fell in love with it instantly. Hunted it down and no one had it in stock so I had to order a sample of it. So it was the first dress I tried on and was told unanimously that it was "the one." I was drawn to the lace and the neckline. I knew I wanted something halter-like. The layers of vintage lace have a very "Mexican" feel to it!
  12. Thank you! Are there any other Friday the 13th (April) brides out there??
  13. Hi Ilia Just wanted to reach out to you as you are brave enough to be getting married the same date as me! Love your save the dates! Below is our invite and RSVP postcard!
  14. $650 for a 45 minute Mariachi Trio set? Anyone else out there having a hard time with this? Really want to incorporate a trio into our wedding, but I need to know if I have any other options before I commit to that kind of money, for such little time. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated here. Thanks for stopping by,
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