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    Beaches Negril Brides - Post here!!

    Hey ladies!!! I am getting married at Beaches Negril July, 16, 2012 and had some questions re: the videographer. Did anyone just purchase the Raw video? Same with the Photography, can you and did anyone purchase just all the prints? So difficult to decide!! Thank you! Ashley
  2. Hi Beaches Negril Brides! I just got updated pricing from my travel agent and wow I am not happy. Beaches went up and is now almost $500 more than Sandals Negril and Beaches Sandy Bay. The few people who are attending are simply NOT going to pay an extra $500! I wouldn't if I was attending. Have you all been ok with the pricing or were you surprised too? The one major issue I am facing is my dad has stepchildren and wants them to attend the wedding but my fiance and I want all adult. If Sandals date is open, we will probably switch the wedding to there but I am torn. I hate to disappoint him but he doesn't understand. Any suggestions girls? Happy Thanksgiving!!
  3. Hi everyone! I am getting married July 16, 2012!!!! I am so overwhelmed with everything that I kind of shut down. Everything is extra extra extra! I know a few people that did destination, to different places, and they didn't have as many extras. Is it $250/table? I thought it was $250 total!!! Oh geez...this is going to turn out to be just as expensive as a wedding back home. I am also doing BB package and want to add menus, fans and chair sashes. Are you going to have different flowers? I wanted to add some flowers to my bouquet but all depends on the cost. I am DEFINITELY doing the steel drum band! Its a must for me. My FI thinks I'm crazy but oh well. Does anyone know how long you get the photographer for? Thanks girls and congrats!!!
  4. agreco

    Beaches Negril

    @Sllefebvr When are you getting married? It's $250 total to set up whatever you want so it isn't bad at all. I just emailed my planner about the photographer thing too, I want them for longer as well. I will let you know when i get an answer. I am pretty sure you can't bring another photographer but ask your planner when you talk to her. Are you doing a Martha Stewart theme or just the Beautiful Beginnings? I am just doing BB. We are going to be bring down some things to add like chair sashes, fans, and menus. The other thing I remembered to tell you is all the flowers for the girls/guys, moms, etc are all extra. Non of that is included. Its more like a "real" wedding than I expected. I didn't hear anything about the discount for the dinner at the 10 room mark. I know if you look on the website under group weddings you can see the features once you hit that mark. I really want the sit down too, the food looks so much better than the buffet. hmmm... http://www.beaches.com/weddingmoons/weddings/collections/groups.cfm Happy Planning!!!
  5. agreco

    Beaches Negril

    @Sllefebvr CONGRATULATIONS! Well, since then I have figured some things out. When you talk to Renee...or Cloe now, she doesnt give you prices based on the package. At least not for me. I told her what I wanted but yet she still was breaking things down per centerpiece, per person, per flowers, etc. I was on complete overload and cried my eyes out b/c she went so fast. After I reread the information from Glen and got her quote for what I asked, I realized everything is kind of mostly the packages. You have other options for flowers and you basically have to tell them what you want and they will price it out. Also, if you want to add something to your cake, ribbon or flowers, you have to tell them exactly what it is then they will price it. They wont just say its $100 to put a ribbon on it. So that part is kind of frustrating. I dont know all my details...just the main decisions. Also, it is $250 to have them set anything up for you from setting out programs to adding something to the tables. They dont allow the guests to do anything for liability reasons which I understand, I dont have an issue with it. I hope this helps a little...hopefully when you talk to them in January you will have a definite idea of what you want. I got engaged May 4th, decided on Jamaica June 3, and had my call July 1....for me that wasnt enough time. I have a crazy job and I did not have as much decided on as they wanted me to. Also, if you know for sure you want something like the DJ, steel drum band, etc, book it! But you can always decide on other details when you get down there. Your appt will just be longer the day before the wedding. ***Side note*** What did most brides do for the food? I like the sit down menu way better than buffet but i dont want to waste all my time eating...thoughts? How about photographers? I saw some pictures and videos online and they look pretty good, was everyone mostly happy with them? Thanks for your help brides!! Ashley
  6. Congratulations everyone!!! Jamaicabride11-So glad you posted some things about your Sandals wedding! We are getting married at Beaches Negril on July 16,2012. Im so excited but super overwhelmed with the wedding planners from Miami. They really want you to decide on everything! GEEZ! I saw you went with the Beautiful Beginnings package, we are probably doing the same. What was the China like? They say its just the resort China but no one is able to give me a better picture. China isnt a huge deal for me, just curious. I think I may want to upgrade to the arch as well. I guess I will know better when I check all the prices out. DId you add any readings to the ceremony? The candles are an awesome thing to add, I like the idea!! I also would like to do the steeldrum band for cocktail and a DJ for dinner, did you do these too?
  7. agreco

    Beaches Negril

    Hi everyone! I got engaged May 6, 2011 and am getting married July 16, 2012 at Beaches Nergil. I had my wedding appointment with Renee and I felt so overwhelmed. Everything just keeps added up! *SIGH* I was curious if anyone did their reception on the boat and what your thoughts are? Were your guests surprised at the prices of rooms? I am offering Sandy Bay and Sandles rices pfor everyone as well and thank goodness because Beachse is the HIGHEST! I was surprised. Any and all suggestions is really appreciated. ~Ashley
  8. Gorgeous destination wedding foot jewelry

    Pros: Beautiful, delicate, unique....
    Cons: Nothing!
    I found Chelsea through BDW and have been communicating with her on a regular basis ever since. She has always responded promptly and has been great at showing me different options for my needs. I decided on the Bond jewelry for my foot jewelry and they are beautiful! I am so pleased with how it came out! I am getting married in July and am so excited to show them off!!!   Chelsea is the best!!!   Thank you!! Ashley