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  1. Hi- I'm looking into getting married here in Jan 2013. Could anyone let me know if they would recommend it and what their experiences were? Thanks a bunch! Lani
  2. Hi- I'm also looking into getting married at Sandos Caracol (Jan 2013) and I'd love to hear how your weddings went (prgoddess, VioletVol and AJandNate2010). Thanks so much! Lani
  3. Hi joie1987- Did you end up using SunMex Vacations? I've been talking to them as well and they have also been super nice and helpful to me and I'm interested in using them. Thanks! Lani
  4. Hi- I'm thinking about getting married in Akumal in January, 2013. Could you tell me where you got married, what you liked about it and how much it cost? I'm trying to figure out a budget and where we should get married. We have already contacted Akumal Beach Resort for details on their wedding packages. Thanks so much! Lani