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  1. Hey everyone... I got married at the Cancun Palace (now Hard Rock Cancun) in May 2012. We are not member of Hard Rock Cancun!!!! The resort was in the middle of construction to become Hard Rock Cancun. Despite the construction I would not change anything for the World. My wedding was absolutely awesome. I am back on this site because we are returning to Hard Rock Cancun in May and my aunt is getting married this time. I am helping her with the plans so if anyone has any new info or advice or would like info from my wedding let me know Congrats to all the Brides to be!!
  2. I just got married at the Cancun Palace on May 8. I am working on a WEdding Review to post later on but just an overview for you. I have stayed at the cancun palace before and loved it. That is why I chose to get married there! Alot of construction is going on there. I was not happy about but other than the construction I loved it! Perfect pool set up for adults and teens! I have a 3 year old and the kids clubwas awesome for him! The wedding on the beach was awesome (only complaints are the seawed on the beach, I have been to cancun 5 times and this is the first time I have ever seen seaweed on the beach, and people in bathing suits walking behind my wedding where my photographers were shootingso they will be in my pics) They did have a few other people watching but that didnt bother me! The reception was on the Breeze Terrance and it was awesome I would have change anything about that at all! We even ended up in the pool on the Breeze when the reception was over! My favorite thing about the resort was the FOOD!!!! Everything was sooo tasty and there was something to satify everyone! I think when the construction is over it will be a top choice
  3. If anyone has Questions about Cancun Palace I got married there May 8. I am still in Cancun but will try to answer all questions I can! This site has helped me so much I want to make sure I give as much help asI can! xoxo
  4. My wedding was May 8 at Cancun Palace... The spa location moved the day before I used it. I was not happy with the location but was very pleased with the outcome of my hair and make up!!! I would recomend using it! Plus you can use your resort credits so it saved money! Hope this helps
  5. Congrats Dannie... I am actually walking in a wedding here in Louisiana on that date lol... But I am getting married May 2012 at the Cancun Palace... Any advice for us? Did you get your wedding cordinator yet?? Hope things are coming along great! xoxo
  6. I am getting Married at the Cancun Palace May 8, 2012..... Do you have any good information for me or ideas?
  7. I am getting married at the Cancun Palace May 2012. If there is any information/advice/pictures you can give me that would be great!!! Thanks and Congrats
  8. Where are yall getting married? I am getting married May 2012 also at the Cancun Palace
  9. Can someone send me DJ Mannia's contact information I would like to get a price quote for Cancun Palace May 2012!
  10. Hey, Im a Newbie! My wedding will be at the Cancun Palace on May 8, 2012. Any information would help! I have signed the contract already but it seems like I wont get any other information until 3 months before my wedding! Of course, Im like most brides in saying thats not going to cut it... so if anyone can give me ideas, advice or information that would be great!! Thanks Nikki
  11. I am getting Married at the Cancun Palace May 2012. Is there any advice/ideas/information you can give me?
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