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  1. Well I'm glad you got them! Hopefully the hubs can make them more creative so that they're more in line with what you were expecting. YES! That link is exactly what we were hoping for as well. Gorgeous!!
  2. I'm logging in for the first time in ages and sincerely apologize for the late response. We did end up doing the bonfire the night before our wedding - it was so much fun!!! My husband and I made a playlist before we went and had our ipod out that night. The food was amazing and the staff was incredible - not to mention the resort is gorgeous so the setting was perfect. We originally planned to do a Mexican buffet..Since our wedding fell close to Thanksgiving our wedding coordinator, Magda, added a bunch of Thanksgiving items to the buffet which was a great surprise and we welcomed addition! (plus after eating a bunch of Mexican food the week leading up to our wedding we were ready for a change) I posted a review of our wedding under Dreams Los Cabos where you can see a few snapshots from the night. Let me know if you have any questions.
  3. We received several hundred photos so don't be fearful that you won't have a ton of options. You're very lucky to have gotten 100 already! :-) Did you like the ones you've seen?
  4. Sorry for the late response! My notification must have ended up in my junk mail... Originally we sent the DJ a long list of songs but ended up telling him he was ultimately in charge of the music and could play to the crowd. We had a few "must plays" but other than that we let our guests make requests and let him work his magic. So glad we did! I brought my ipod to the ceremony and had Ricardo (our DJ) play the songs we chose for the ceremony. I met with him a few days before the wedding and again the morning of the wedding - it went smoothly and it was another thing we were happy to have decided on.
  5. I know exactly how you're feeling and truly hope your photos turn out great. It rained on our wedding day which I guess threw him off of his game - all of our ceremony photos were too white/over-exposed, which meant you couldn't see the gorgeous sand and ocean in the background (which is the whole point of getting married where we did!) I asked him to fix them and we went back and forth for several more months. Keep in mind this was already 6 months after our wedding date...In the end we never got the photos corrected (other than a few shots that weren't worthy of printing) or compensated for his error in any way. I was much too forgiving in our review and know exactly what you're going through. It's extremely frustrating and upsetting - it's one of the most important days of your life and it's a shame to have a photographer tarnish even a small part of that memory. Hang in there!!
  6. We're getting married on November 25th too!! I'm excited to see someone else that will be there at the same time. Do you guys have a lot of guests coming? I'd love to hear about your plans/decor ideas for the wedding, etc. Good luck with the planning - keep us posted on the coordinator situation.
  7. I have not worked with Guillermo but I would try not to worry too much. I've heard nothing but wonderful things about Dreams and their wedding staff - and I'm positive they won't let your special day be a disaster. I'm working with Magda for our November wedding and although it does take her some time to reply (especially as of late with the staff changes) she does respond and answer all of the questions I have. If you are unsettled and don't feel completely confident I might suggest reaching out to Tammy who runs this forum. She can't step in to help as she doesn't work for Dreams but she may have a contact of someone in the department or be able to suggest an external wedding coordinator. Another thought - Do you have a photographer or any other external vendors you're working with for the wedding? Having someone in Cabo that may know Guillermo or have an "in" at Dreams might help too. Perhaps they could stop by next time they're around or call on your behalf?? Either way, your day will be FABULOUS and you and your fiance will love every minute of it. Keep us posted and let us know how it goes. Good luck! -Kate
  8. Capri was nice - it's the oldest of the 3 properties and does show its age. It was really hot while we were there (and humid) so the open air areas were a bit on the hot side (even in restaurants). The beach was nice and the staff does a great job of keeping it clean. I've heard Maroma is much better but it was out of our price range. The food was good - We did rooms service for breakfast most mornings and buffet for lunch. Can't complain about either. We also tried the Italian place one night - we were told to get there early to avoid the crowd and heat and we LOVED our meal that night. The service in general was out of this world. Everyone was so genuine and friendly - and no one ever acted as though they expected a tip although they were appreciative when you left one. All in all it was a great vacation but we'd definitely try Silversands or Maroma if/when we go back. Silversands is newer and supposed to be gorgeous. Better food, nicer rooms, more modern feel but the beach isn't swimmable. (which is absolutely ok b/c you'll have a ton to do while you're there and will have the pools if you want to swim.) I read a great tip saying to try to smaller pools around the property if you're looking to get away from everyone. If you let the server know you're there they'll make the walk to keep your glasses and bellies full! Have you checked out Trip Advisor? That's our favorite site and is usually spot on with the reviews/photos. Only advice would be to not take the "upgrade" they offer upon arrival b/c that "deal" they're offering is negotiable. We were able to talk them down from $60 more each night to $20. That obviously depends on availability/their occupancy rate while you're there but could help save you money. Have fun!! -Kate
  9. You'll LOVE Secrets Silversands. We were at Secrets Capri in July and kept hearing how great Silversands is. What a wonderful trip - 2 awesome resorts! You'll have to tell me all about them (and send pics) when you get back. 8 weeks! So excited for you.
  10. We fly in on November 20th and out on November 27th so we'll only have 1 full day after the wedding. We figured the week before would be our vacation time and have our honeymoon booked over Christmas break in the Caribbean. That wasn't our original plan but it just seemed to work out better that way. What about you? When are you traveling? Honeymooning there?
  11. Planning is going great! Destination weddings seem so much less stressful and more fun to plan. We've finally booked rehearsal dinner (bonfire on the beach with Mexican theme and buffet), decided on all decor at the reception (turquoise satin linens, chocolate brown tiffany chairs with mango chair ties, turquoise and mango lanterns, and other mango/brown accents). I've also tried on the dress and made alterations appt (FINALLY), booked dj, photographer and videographer, decided on contents for OOT bags (purchased some but waiting on final count for the rest), and pretty close to finalizing music. Still need gifts for attendents and parents (only having 1 each though so that should be pretty easy) and a few other minor details. We're finally seeing the home stretch and it feels amazing. SO excited for the vacation and time away with our family and friends. You're getting married at the Dreams Tulum? That will be fabulous! Such a beautiful area and I've only heard great things about Dreams. How about you? Almost done with planning? Stressed or enjoying the experience? I love getting ideas from you ladies and hearing about your big day.
  12. Hi ladies. We're getting married 11.25.11 at Dreams Los Cabos. Love reading these posts and seeing all of the other November brides! It makes me so excited and I can't believe it's already September!!
  13. It's going to be here before we know it!! Has anyone else heard that it's difficult to get the aspirin and other "medicine" for OOT bags across the border? A bride from a few years ago told me her items were taken once in customs and it was a nightmare (and a lot of money) to get it back. Wondering if that's still an issue or how to avoid it.
  14. Hi ladies! Guess I'm officially joining the November club too! My fiance and I are getting married at Dreams Los Cabos on 11.25.11. (day after Thanksgiving) We figured since we'll mostly be with family anyway we'd make a mini-vacation out of it. We're getting excited but I just realized how much I have left to do after reading your posts! We've booked Juan Carlos Tapia for photos and Jorge Ibarra for our videographer. Would love to hear feedback/see pics through the month of November. Congrats to you all!!!
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