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  1. Unless I'm skimming too fast over something I don't see where it requires PreCana. THis is from the website. Documents required for Civil/Legal ceremonies Home address and occupations (Bride & Groom) Birth Certificates (certified copy of each one) VALID PASSPORTS Original blood test (To determine Blood type, H.I.V and S.T.D). Tests must be taken at the resort and results are ready within 24 hrs. (Fee of approx. $50.00 per person is included in the administrative/government fee ) (Fee of approx. $84 for Isla Mujeres only is included in the administrative/government fee) If test is positive a special release must be signed by couple in order to proceed with the ceremony. (Does not apply to Aventura Cove/ Aventura Spa, Playacar, Cozumel and Isla Mujeres, if test is positive wedding cannot be performed). Results will be delivered directly to the justice of the peace. Certified copy of former spouse’s Death Certificate (If applicable)* If divorced, a certified copy of Divorce Decree is required. If divorced more than once, please bring each Divorce Decree. If divorced less than one year, a mandatory pregnancy test must be taken. If test is positive, wedding cannot be performed. If divorced less than one year, mandatory pregnancy test will be required. Additional fee of $15.00usd approx. applies if a pregnancy test is required. Legal documentation of adoption or name change (If applicable)* Tourist ID (Provided by customs upon your arrival at Cancun International Airport). Please be sure to complete all information correctly on tourist ID, otherwise you may need to obtain a new Tourist ID at the Airport. Name, age, nationality, home address, occupation, passport and tourist ID of 4 witnesses. Witnesses must arrive two (2) business days (Monday –Saturday) prior to ceremony. Witnesses must be 18 years or older. If witnesses are not available, Palace Resorts will provide them at no additional cost. Bride and Groom must arrive in Cancun at least three (3) business days (Monday –Saturday) prior to the wedding ceremony to meet with the wedding planner and submit all documents. Bride & Groom must be at the resort by (12:00 PM) or earlier in order to consider day of arrival as the first day. The Bride & Groom must NOT be legally married in order to qualify for our civil ceremony. If they are already married, only a Symbolic wedding or Vow Renewal ceremony can be performed. Important-If the Bride or Groom's nationality is Mexican, additional documents are required. Please advise your wedding coordinator at least 3 months in advance. Names on Tourist ID, divorce decree and Passport MUST be the same, including spelling. Names on Tourist ID, divorce decree, birth certificates and Passport MUST be the same. Please be advised the civil registry department will take the exact names reflected on the Bride and Grooms passport to generate the marriage certificate. Please note that Birth Certificates, Divorce Decrees, Death Certificates, adoption and name change documents become the property of the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico. A Marriage Certificate is provided by the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico for civil ceremonies, this is a legal document issued in Spanish. All wedding couples must contact their local court house for filing requirements. Every state/country is different when it comes to filing of foreign marriage documents. Some states/countries require the certificates to be translated from Spanish to English others may require additional paper work to be filed. This is the couples’ responsibility and Palace Resorts is not liable for any additional charges that may be associated according to the state/country’s requirements on supplementary paperwork. Ceremony cannot be performed unless all documents are in order. (NO EXCEPTIONS). All documents with the exception of passports become the property of the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico. . All documents must be translated into Spanish at the resort. In order to do this all, documents presented must be issued in English. If Birth Certificates are not issued in English, please notify your wedding planner. Additional paperwork will apply. Cost may vary depending on number of pages per document.
  2. Thanks so much. The lasso actually isn't always rosary beads it can actually be a string of flowers or a shawl or anything that creates a figure 8. We have been planning on doing the lasso ceremony from the start with the minister so I have done a lot of research on it. I am actually in the process of buying one right now! You can also have a family member or a friend do it. I am going to ask about switching to the catholic ceremony tomorrow. I'm not worried about the time frame with Palace. I didn't start booking my wedding until less than six months. It's basically just getting the paper work scanned over on that end. What I am nervous about is getting the pre cana done before hand. I will have to look into that tomorrow. I live in Long Island, NY and out east where I lIve they don't offer it that often. I know that it was offered back in March because that was when we were supposed to do it when we were getting married in a church. I should have done this from the start but I was trying to save the money. Between the $350 for the priest and the $150 for the pre cana that's adding on a lot of $$$!!! I will contact the diocies today. Thanks again for your help!
  3. Thank you so, so much! I'm definitely going to get those Maracas. I know that she's saying that we definitely get the 1 cocktail hour because we have over 30 nights. BUT she's saying that we can upgrade. I asked her if we could opt out of the cocktail hour and just do the reception and she said no big deal. I just don't understand the prices for this. I"m guessing that it's just a Flat fee, then a table fee, THEN you have to pay per head! That's crazy!!!
  4. Let me know if you get any answers about the Catholic ceremony. My future father in law was over today and really wants us to have the Catholic ceremony. He just isn't sure if it is "real" meaning a complete Roman Catholic Ceremony in "gods eyes." Does anyone know the answers to this? Would we have to do pre cana before? We are getting married in 24 days!!! Ahhh I wonder if we can even make this switch! ALSO can you do the Lazo Ceremony with a catholic ceremony????
  5. You will learn so much on here! This is such a great resource. Pretty much ALL of your answers will get answered right away. Enjoy planning!
  6. Here is the e-mail from my WC explaining the upgrade to the reception. THis is confusing me. Has anyone else opted out of the cocktail hour and upgraded to the reception. My questions to you ladies are in RED. Hola Victoria, Your wedding is at 5pm. Complimentary package with white lilies as your bouquet. One tier cake. Your wedding ceremony is set on a gazebo, but we do have the beach option too. Let me know. If you get 30 rooms nights you will get a cocktail included for 1 hour. We are at 54 nights. If you decide to upgrade you cocktail to have a buffet service for 2 hours. It will be 360usd. Please note extra hours are 60usd per table, however upgrade is $15usd per person.Does this mean I pay $60 per table AND $15 per head. Please choose the buffet option from the menu attached. Let me know. The sound system for connect your Ipod for 2 hours it will be 220usd, if more hours it will be $385usd. Please note if we do add 2 extra hour the total charge for the reception will be $480usd. Let me know. The hours outside terrace for the buffet will be from 6 to 10pm. You wedding is at 5pm. We do not accept outside vendors. If this is a friend of you he must be staying at the resort for be able to take professional pictures in you wedding. Grrrr this is SO confusing to me. Each time I ask I feel as though she gives me a different answer.
  7. Unfortunately this is notcheaper. We pay $148 per person per night.or $260 per single room per night. Because we have 54 nights already we do get one free private cocktail hour. I opted out of the cocktail hour and upgraded to the reception for about $300. I will pay $60/table for each additional hour after the two hours that are provided. So that will cost me about $600 total. Plus the $385 for the ipod set up. (Which I'd have to pay reguardless.) I will have my guests meet at a public bar for cocktail hour. (My WC wasn't happy about this BUT I didn't see paying extra for this when most of my guests will be in pictures anyway. ) I hope that this is correct and she's not going to throw some surprise costs at me when we're down there.
  8. I checked MANY things off of my to do list today! Groom and Groomsmen outfits ordered! **** Men's wearhouse is having a buy one get one free sale!! Flowers chosen! I love making a dent! How frustrating is it that we are just 6 nights away from 60 nights!!! Does anyone know the exact cost for upgrading to a reception instead of having a cocktail hour? My WC is not clear when she explains it. I think that with 24 people coming it will cost me something like $640 for the reception . I decided to have everyone meet at a close by bar for the cocktail hour instead. This saves us a lot of $$ since we are JUST missing our free reception. Also, is anyone doing a special type of ceremony? I have seen the sand, candle, but I was thinking about something unique like the Lazo ceremony to make it special since we're going to be in Mexico.
  9. That's terrible. Some people just don't understand! My sister basically did the same thing to me. She told me that she doesn't want to come to my wedding and that she doesn't support it. THEN she went ahead and booked her room. I guess she just didn't want to be my maid of honor. How dare she.
  10. I don't know if anyone else is feeling this way but I am starting to stress out. It is so difficult not having been to Moon Palace before. I am not sure what to expect. I don't know if I have enough decor and or money! Lily my WC doesn't seem to give me straight answers. We have 23 guests. I decided to upgrade to the reception instead of the cocktail hour. I still don't know how much it's going to cost me. I'm really stressing at this point ladies!!! Less than a month to go!!!
  11. **** Does anyone know if I can have some decorations shipped right to Moon Palace? I wanted to order those UFO Lanterns but I am nervous that I won't be able to fly with them. It would be very easy if I could get them shipped there. Also, Does anyone know a good place to get the maracas ? I see that oriental trading has some that I can paint. I liked this because they'll be our colors BUT they look way too small. They are only 5 inches. Ahhhh....we leave in 4 weeks and I have SOOOO much to do!
  12. It definitely does BUT can you please email it to me? babinskiv@gmail.com Thanks so much!! $1500 USD Resort Credit Promotion Cancun-Riviera.doc
  13. How much is the golf and how much can you use towards your resort credits? Clubs are not included right? Does anyone know how much they are?
  14. How much is the golf and how much can you use towards your resort credits? Clubs are not included right? Does anyone know how much they are?
  15. Is there a deep sea fishing tour that you can use with resort credits???
  16. They have program fans on Amazon.com that are pretty cheap. I think you get 24 for about $10. I was going to get them and just put our name on them because I wasn't planning on doing a program.
  17. We are getting married on the 23rd of August. We are supposed to have our reception at the Steak House too! Who's your wedding planner? Are you doing your reception outside? I think that we are going to do the international buffet but on the terrace of the steak house.
  18. Congratulations!!! I hope you have a wonderful time! I can't wait to read your planning thread!!!
  19. Is it cheaper to only use the mariachi band for your ceremony ? I believe she quoted me at $580 or something close. Has anyone heard of Lily? She is my WC and she seems to be off on some of the prices and is following things strictly by the book. I am nervous about her because I have not heard her name mentioned ONCE on here.
  20. Hey Ladies! Can you pass on info of who you used for your ipod set up and how much you paid. We were hoping for 4 hours but they are quoting me at $385 for just two hours. I thought that the ipod was a lot cheaper than that. Thanks!
  21. My wedding wasn't showing up for a couple of days but when I mentioned it to Janina she said "don't worry, I know your date and time." If it's in writing I wouldn't stress yourself out too much. Good Luck!
  22. That was very nice of him! Thank you for the info. I need to start working on our lists asap. Did you buy all of your songs off of itunes? Also, by introduced I mean....Did he announce you and your hubby and the wedding party??
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