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  1. I'm glad to hear that your about to getting your marriage certificate. I talked to the WC at the Beach and there was a miscommunication (she says) and she's trying to figure out where mine is. I'm having issues because people keep sending checks to me with my new name and banks are giving me trouble because it doesn't match my ID. I'm crossing my fingers that they get it straightened out soon. Paula
  2. Beachgum21 I just got married at the IRHB in November and the beach is sandy and I don't remember seeing any pebbles. I never wore flips flops or shoes on it at all except when it got too hot. Paula
  3. Past Brides, I got married at the Beach 2 months ago and I still haven't received my official marriage license in the mail. How long does it take? I'm not able to get my new drivers license without it. Paula
  4. I used Marcia Roberts and her assistant did most of the picture taking as well. There were a few times that she grabbed the camera because there was something that she wanted to catch, but it did seem like she was training him. I thought the pictures still came out great and I'm still happy about picking her over using Digipix. One thing you need to be prepared for with Marcia is that she wants to be paid promptly. She actually pulled me aside during the reception to make calls to another assistant to make plans for a bank transfer because I didn't have enough cash on me. She then emailed me daily until she got the money. I don't want to scare anyone because she was really nice, but I just every one to have their money ready. Her assistant also climbed up the lifeguard stand to do a group shot and we went out to the pier at the Beach and took a bunch of pictures. Marcia also chased down some guy who was peddling some type of cart with a Jamaican flag and talked him in to letting us use it for some photos. I posted a link in an earlier post, but I can resend the pictures if someone would like to see them. Paula
  5. ErinDoc, I think I still look at my pictures every day because I had so much fun, but I am pretty much back to reality now. I've been working on the name change process, but I still haven't received the legal certificate from Jamaica and the MVA will not accept the Certified License that we signed in Jamaica. I was able to get my social security card, but not my drivers license so I feel like I don't know who to call myself. For Past Brides, How long does it take to get the legal marriage certificate from Jamaica? Paula
  6. Starrysim, The video was good but I don't feel that they captured much of the talking from when we were getting ready. Supposedly my husband did something funny for me that he wanted on the video but instead they got it as video and put music over it so you can't hear what he's saying. My father also composes music, which I used for the processional and recessional and I was hoping to hear it as I walked up and down the aisle but I forgot to mention it to Marcia Roberts so she used clips of us in the edited video with other music so you can't hear his music on the video. Paula
  7. Starrysim, The wedding was on the 6th and the pictures were sent out on the 23rd. I finally got them on the 25th so it didn't take that long, but I also had a video as well so that might be why it took a couple of weeks. I think one complaint that I had was that I didn't have many candids of guests that came out well. Paula Quote: Originally Posted by starrysim Thanks for sharing! We got married at the Beach 10 days after you, and we also worked with Marcia. I'm so nervous about seeing her pics, but I can't wait! When did you get your pics back from her? I hope they come in time so I can frame some to give to family for Christmas.
  8. Sorry I've been so bad about posting a review or informaiton since I've been back, but here is a link to my professional photos. I had Marcia Roberts as my photographer and she took over 1100 photos, and I narrowed them down to a smaller group to share with you guys in this Kodak album. http://www.kodakgallery.com/gallery/sharing/shareRedirectSwitchBoard.jsp?token=313664225311%3A62527868&sourceId=533754321803&cm_mmc=Share-_-Personal-_-shareCopyLink-_-Sharer-_-Top If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message. I had a great time at Beach and the Grand was awesome for our honeymoon. Paula
  9. I'm not sure about the Suites, but we actually had the beach party at the IRHB that Saturday night as our welcome/rehearsal party. I had the fire dancer and steel pan band. What I was a little upset about was that they had the beach party at the IRHB during the day on Saturday so some of my guests had the same meal for lunch and dinner. Paula
  10. It's so crazy to see that I'm one of the next brides to get married. It seemed like just yesterday when I added my name to the list and there were so many people before me. I can't wait!!! Paula 11-6-11
  11. Erin, I can't believe we are leaving in a week and half. I've been so excited that I packed over a week ago. Well I'm glad we get to share our wedding day and hopefully we will cross paths on the resort at some point. (Maybe in the nightclub since I'll be at the Beach and I can't go to the Suites until the 7th when I change over to the Grand.) Congratulations and I hope I get to meet you while we are in Jamaica. Paula
  12. For those of you who used the DJ at their reception did you provide a list of songs or did you provide CDs? I'm worried that if I give him a list of songs that he won't have the songs we request eventhough we think that they are normal. 19 DAYS TO GO!!!!! Paula
  13. I have a question for past brides or people who have visited the Beach. Are the electrical outlets the same as in the US? I'm bringing down a hand steamer and I know that my dad is planning on bringing a computer and I need to know if we need to get an adapter or if it will work through their outlets. Paula
  14. Hi everyone! It's been a while since I wrote. I have one month until my wedding at the Beach. I'm getting really excited and I've been finalizing all plans. I have been getting frustrated with the fact that I keep asking Sylvia to book the steel pan band and a fire dancer and she hasn't confirmed if she's done it or not. Does anyoen know if I'm supposed to put a deposit down for them before I get there? I also wanted to let you guys know if you are trying to find something for your gift bags for your guests, I contacted Floral Fantasies in Negril and they have gift baskets and they will deliver the items to the resort for $30. I was able to get a small bottle of rum and a bag of coffee for $12 each. I then ordered some cheap reusable grocery bags online that I'm going to bring with me. This way I don't have to carry nas much stuff down with me. Paula
  15. I can't believe I'm only 2 months away from today. I really need to get some things finalized. I can't wait!!! Paula
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