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  1. Oh I am so sorry - I did enter the wrong link! Could someone please remove that? I meant to enter this one: http://www-scf.usc.edu/~ahermes/lose-weight-on-a-student-budget.html
  2. I believe supporting one another - bride to bride is a very good thing. We are like a union in the fight for love and the perfect ceremony every girl is dreaming about. I have been planning my wedding since I am 12 years old and when I marry I want to have that distinct feeling of being a princess - at least for one daz. And therefore, I want to be beautifully thin and shining because it will be the most beautiful day of my entire life so losing weight is just a matter of my inner motivation in order to not stand in my own way to fulfill my personal duty of being the best, the most beautiful and the most happy bride I could possibly be
  3. blakeilso

    Anyone seen Black Swan?

    She was breathtaking in that movie. Stunningly beautiful - incredibly talented in acting skills - and unbelievably well trained in dancing routines. She ruled the whole movie. And Mila Kunis was a great part to play with her - the two of them really made the movie incredibly perfect!
  4. blakeilso

    tanning bed or spray tan?

    I am definitely more pro spray tan because I believe that it does not only last longer but in the end looks more natural, when you give it some days to sink in and to develop on your skin.
  5. blakeilso

    Jennifer or Angelina???

    Definitely Jennifer. Angelina neither has class nor an elegant appeal - in my opinion she is just a rich version of a redneck with a lot of issues that she loves to show in public and gossip magazines. Jennifer on the other hand has a great style, a very healthy and good look and appears so beautifully nice, that you can easily imagine yourself being best friends with her.