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  1. Have a blast Chantel!!!! & CONGRATSS!!!! Please Yes, post a review whenever you get settled back in. Love to hear about all the wonderful thigns and the little bumps too Best of luck!
  2. Dancing with Laura & Naveed Naveed & I first met dancing at a Christmas Salsa Social. We had instant chemistry dancing. I thought he was attractive but I said to myself, "I'll let him come to me." About 6 months later I heard he had a big crush on me but it was a year before we went out together. Our first date was so fun!!! Naveed was kind, energetic and easy going. But I wasn't sure we could have a future together. I always thought I'd end up with a really artsy guy. Naveed was really into sports and had just gotten out of the military... wasn't sure he could appreciate my poetic side. I thought, "he's like a cupcake and I'm like a glass of wine." Can cupcakes and wine really go together??? After a few dates I still wasn't sure. But I started to see a little "poetry" in the way he talked to me & what an amazing man he is... I thank my lucky stars to this day that I decided to open my heart and really give him a chance. I came up with a plan--I would ask him to create a salsa routine with me for a talent show so that we can dance for the next 4 Sundays in my living room. I didn't need any more time beyond the 3rd Sunday. Once we had our first kiss, I melted. We became boyfriend and girlfriend that night. A year later it was the most natural thing in the world for us to become engaged. I've come to think of us as cheese and wine and that go together splendidly!!! I feel so blessed to say that I found the type of love I always dreamed about but was afraid I would never find. So In Love and looking forward to celebrating our marriage in Riviera Maya June 2012!!!! God bless all the couples on this site xoxo
  3. Gonzalo in our backyard of NY!!! How nice =D Naveed and I first met at a Christmas holiday salsa party. We had great dancing chemistry from the start and I thought he was attractive, but I thought, "I'll let him come to me." Months later I heard he had a big crush on me but it was a year before we went our first date--we had so much fun!! He was so kind and easy going but I was unsure if we had any kind of future together. I always thought I'd end up with a real artsy kind of guy but Naveed was into sports and just out of the military. I thought--he is like a cupcake and I'm like a glass of wine!!! Can we go together?? BUT, thank my lucky stars, I saw an amazing man in him. I told myself I'm going to really open my heart and give him a chance. I came up with a plan--I'll ask him to perform in a talent show with me. That way I'll have an excuse to spend 4 Sunday afternoons with him dancing salsa in my living room. He was completely on board! I didn't need any more convincing after the 3rd Sunday. By then we had our 1st kiss and I melted. We became boyfriend and girlfriend that night Now I have come to see us as Cheese & Wine that goes great together!!!! A year later, becoming engaged felt like the most natural thing in the world. It's amazing to say but I found the kind of love I always dreamed of but was afraid I might never find. So in love and very excited about our upcoming wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico =}
  4. Hi!! Thanks for your review!! So reassuring to hear you would do it again in a second. Im getting married next June and picked the Pergola and Castaways as well. Concerned about the heat, especially for me with my dress.. I would love to see the rest of your pictures. How can I find you on FB?
  5. Hi Amber, Yes, it's around 75. My wedding is a year out so I haven't gotten too deep into the flowers yet. But the prices for bouquets & centerpieces in the wedding book is comparable to prices here in the US. I would like to get an outside florist as well but won't cross that bridge for another 6 months or so. Sorry to hear about the delay. Hope you hear back from your WC soon. Good luck! Laura
  6. Yes Charneice, thanks so much for your response. Pilar finally wrote back and told me about the fee which is not too bad. Diego's pics look awesome as well. I saw that he and Oscar teach workshops together online so I think we're definitely in good hands. Did you ever work it out with the resort on the outside florist?
  7. Hey Charneice! How is your planning coming? Did Now Jade give you a problem hiring Diego Munoz as your photographer? I was speaking to our DW consultant last night and she got very stern with me about some resorts not allowing local photographers. But it seems like so many brides here go with local photographers outside the package. I sent an email to Pilar and am waiting for a response but our consultant kinda freaked me out because I've already signed a contract and made a deposit with a local. Please give me a heads up when you get a chance. I hope you can send me some good news. I hope all is going gracefully for you. Laura
  8. I agree with Tracey85. Matt&Caroline's wedding pics are awesome and very reassuring. I also have chosen Now Jade for next summer. I have my dress (so excited and thanks to this forum have been in touch with Gonzalo Nunez as the photographer. I truly hope to book him as he seems super warm and uber talented. What I am most nervous about now is picking colors for the flowers and decor for the Bamboo Room. My ideas for colors for bridesmaids dresses don't match my vision for the bamboo room. But I have plenty of time to figure out!!! Best of luck planning. Enjoy every minute ! xoxo
  9. Congrats! Awesome review & Beautiful photos!!! I'm all the more excited
  10. Hi Charneice! Congrats!! Sounds like everything is going very well We're getting married in June 2012 and I'm wondering if you can let me know who you went with for flowers and also, did you choose their photographer? You look like a beautiful couple. Best of luck & enjoy every minute!!! xo Laura
  11. Thanks so much for your post and pics--very reassuring!!! I'm getting married at Jade in June 2012. If you have any tips for the florists/photographers, let me know & best of luck!!!!! xoxo Laura
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