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  1. I don't know if anyone would be able to answer this, but we are planning a large wedding with about 75 people. If you meet their minimums, what is the typical cost to have a wedding here. It looks very beautiful from the online pix on the website and I like that they have a charitable foundation. I know a lot of resorts have hidden fees from what I have researched so I am hoping to get some useful info on this resort. Its the best looking one we have seen so far.
  2. I just read through this entire thread because we are looking for a resort to have our wedding. I checked out the pix online and and it looks so nice. I think what is leading me away from it right now is the transportation charge tacked on. There is no way we would consider having our guests arrive knowing they'd have to shell out extra money since the hotel already costs a pretty penny. It just seems greedy and is included in all the other high end hotels we've looked into so far. The budget hotels and mid-range resorts make you pay but this is the first boutique hotel I have seen that makes
  3. We are currently looking into resorts for our destination wedding in Jamaica. Your experience is helpful in our own planning so thank you for sharing it on here. Hope to find more useful things about the different resorts and hopefully nail down a location soon!
  4. This is a review of:

    Moon Dance Cliffs Jamaica - Negril

    Almost booked here

    Cons: Guest fee for airport shuttle no good
    We had inquired with them about wedding packages as we know we wanted a private boutique resort. The price was higher than others in the area but figured it would be worth it. I think what turned us away is that we didn't want our 60 friends and family to have to pay cash upon arrival at Mobay Airport to get to the resort and the resort was already pricey so in principle we did not want to pay extra on top of that for an "all inclusive."
  5. This is a review of:

    Tensing Pen Hotel


    Pros: Service and views were out of this world
    Cons: none
    Went to check this resort out in advance of our wedding and loved it.
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