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  1. Ashley, Just remember to stay on top of them and continuously remind them of your requests. Before my wedding, I had a difficult time receiving any response at one time and started to panic. I eventually got a returned call after my husband spoke to a front desk Supervisor. The contact was not consistent, but I was able to express my vision to Chandlyn. You have the most contact with her once you arrive at the resort. Besides doing a wedding rehearsal, do a walk through with Chandlyn to see the distance from your room location, check out restaurant for reception to check for issues about bugs or A/C and express any other concerns about the wedding. Everything will be fine and continue to advocate for what you want. In the end, it all works out.
  2. Hey, Back again to just clarify some things. AngelaandTrevor, I had over 100 guests and there was no way to get around paying the $2500 to close out the Dolce Vita restaurant because my party was too large. However, they did imply that if they had availability at another restaurant, they could maybe get around it. Re-visit the topic and ask them if there are any other options since you are on a budget to see if they will work with you. My guests didn't care for the Italian menu, so we created our own and asked if they could accommodate and worked with the cost. I appreciated that. Let's talk about the MOSQUITO issue. I want everyone to know that it is not just a JAMAICA thing. Let me clarify. My husband is Jamaican and have visited there on different occasions as well as spent time at different resorts (i.e. Iberostar Rose Hall Resorts & Suites, Holiday Inn, Sunset Spa & Resort, etc.). I opted to have my wedding at Gran Bahia because of appearance and cost effective, but relied on reviews. Just for the record, that MOSQUITO issue did not exist at all of the other resorts, but it does exist when you stay anywhere else outside of resorts. I have stayed with his family and have experienced what it is like in normal habitats, which is why we usually spend time at the resort. My 6 month old nephew attended my wedding and by the time he left, I felt bad about the number of his mosquito bites. I didn't bring OFF spray because have not experienced this at a resort. I believe that the other hotels spray something to avoid mosquito issues. I was annoyed by it, but at some point, just had to cope. Future brides come prepared. Cupcake you looked beautiful and I definitely appreciate the truth because it confirms that I wasn't the only one that feel they need to improve. I don't want the future brides to be worried, but I would suggest that you ask to see everything. No need to address Donnalee again bcuz I see she's already made a name for herself. (Cupcake had same issue with her. ) I got the free bouquet and then ordered flowers for bridal party. My bouquet was smaller than the bridesmaids, but then again Jan's flowers FAILED to bring two of my bouquets (still have received no response regarding their accountability for mistake). I still have not received free photos from my 8/12/11 wedding (not holding my breath). My husband was told that wedding certificate should arrive anywhere from 6-8 weeks. Approx. 2-3 more weeks to go. I don't have any regrets, I just know better. It was definitely an experience. MAKE SURE YOU DESIGNATE YOUR OWN FRIEND/FAMILY MEMBER TO FOLLOW UP ON WEDDING COORDINATORS SO THINGS CAN BE EXACTLY HOW YOU WISH!!!!! (You will probably be too overwhelmed to remember everything). BTW if you do free wedding package, you get 16 ppl free and everyone additional is $25. I chose this because it fit into my budget since was over 100 guests. All the children that were 12 and under were free. Hope info helps.
  3. Hey Tekeya, Forgot to tell you that your pictures were beautiful. I agree with you about telling it like it is, but I didn't want my thoughts to have anyone second guessing. Just for the record again, the property is gorgeous and most of the time the food was appetizing. At the end of the day, we all feel differently about certain things and will have to rely on our own experience. However, in response to some of the issues acw271011: My #1 issue is the unprofessionalism that Donnalee showed on the day of the wedding; I had weather issues on my day, but when the rain stopped and the sun came out, I asked a family member to locate Chandlyn or Donnalee about resetting back outside. Donnalee told my cousin no to the request and when I was contacted, she spoke in a rude tone of voice and told me that she would not have staff reset outside (even though there was still time) and I needed to come to the Foyer. She went back and forth with me and other family members who tried to reason with her until the wedding was reset back at the gazebo. Chandlyn decided there was enough time and gave us our beautiful and romantic view. Donnalee expressed frustration by being rude to guests and/or showing lack of participation (as per they reported). 2. Make sure you address transportation request for any elderly guests that can't walk the distance and others, dress comfortably; the walk was too far for some of the guests based on the location from the gazebo 3. Ordered appetizers to be served after the ceremony while bridal party would be taking pictures and guests waited for dinner to start, but they were just dropped off with no one to serve and still not sure all the appetizers made it outside 4. When dinner time came around, guests had to wait outside Dolce Vita because it wasn't set up; my family helped with seating. Also, should have probably asked to see the restaurant to see how guests would be seated cuz had over 100 guests. Some ppl seemed so distant in relation to where bride & groom sat. 5. Be prepared to wait a while for the food and/or drinks; some of my guests had to end up going back to the buffet restaurants because they were diabetics. Chicken and jerk pork were the bestest. 6. Should have brought OFF spray to deal with mosquitos, but never had this problem when staying at other Jamaican resorts, so was unprepared; but we all dealt with it 7. Never got the upgrade, but just dealt with it cuz was in honeymoon mode at that time In the end, KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN so you get everything the way you envisioned it. Don't remember everything right now, but in the end we had a good time and we were happy to be married. It happened and have no regrets about location. Remember, the pictures at the resort will always bring a smile to your face.
  4. I know I am verrrrryyyyy late in my response about my wedding that occurred on 8/12/11, but was not going to post because of the same issues that I had as well as the fact that I was gone for almost 3 wks afterwards. Espejo2be I was there the same week and have a lot of the same issues that you brought up. If I had a crystal ball, I would never want to deal with Donnalee again. She didn't behave professionally. Chandlyn was the totally opposite. I will not spend so much time dwelling on the issues, but just want everyone to know that there was both good and bad that happened during my stay. The property is definitely beautiful, but there is definitely room for improvement. I LOVEDDD the front desk staff because of how they treated myself as well as all of my guests, but can't speak about the towel ppl. In the end, I married my sweetheart and my pictures were beautiful especially after it rained (having difficulty uploading them). I was just happy to read your post and realize that I wasn't crazy and everything is not always what it seems. Just wanted to let you know that u are not alone. However, to the other brides, KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!!
  5. Hello Espejo2be, We will be checking in on the 9th and the wedding is on the 12th. I am super stressed because not always certain that the requests that we made are being fulfilled. Once I get there, probably will be more at ease. I suggest that everyone ask for what you want to see if it is possible. You have to try and have the resort make your vision possible. The most they can say is "no". However, if you never ask, will never know what could have been done. At the end of the day, going to walk down that aisle and change my last name forever.
  6. Hello again it's daphodil. It is crazy how time went by sooooo fast. Wedding is in 2 weeks and can't focus on the negative reviews bcuz it will be another thing to freak out about, so I will ignore until it's necessary to deal with it. I have tried to catch up to all the posts, but not enough time so have to play it by ear. Word to the wise: future brides, finishing school and planning a wedding do not mix. In the end you pay more attention to one over the other. Making the most of things and thank God my MOH is the bestest!!!! Hopefully resort or its service has improved. Will wait to make own opinion. Good luck everyone!
  7. thanks for the info. wedding date is august 12, 2011. sooooooo not prepared.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm a Newbie that occasionally brings my head above the water to try and complete these wedding plans, but have the unfortunate task of trying to finish nursing school as well as work part time to help pay for this wedding. My wedding is in August 2011, but have had to delegate until i could grasp things. Two more weeks until school is over, but concerned about certain things i see when i try to catch up. Doing the free wedding package and automatically knew i would be paying for additional guests. However, is the additional price $25 or $20. Also, concerned about distance from buildings because have some seniors attending and walking distance may be too much. Finally, if we don't stay for the 7 nights, what is the penalty? At some point will get it together!!
  9. Celeste, I did notice that the 7 night stay is a part of all the wedding packages. Not sure if they penalize, but will be asking because I really didn't plan to be there for 7 nights if I didn't have to be there. Will let u know when I find out something.
  10. Cassierose and missy&eric2011, Thank you so much about the information about the day passes. I have been trying to find out something for awhile now and I'm getting info slowly, but surely. Hope everyone's plans are going as scheduled. I am soooo behind and wedding is in August 2011. My FI remains very relaxed, but stressing about everything. At some point will smile after work, school and wedding plans are not stressful. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks for the info AliciaP. Good to know. I'm still trying to find out the situation with day passes because everyone is not staying at the resort. Anyone know info about the day passes, please pass along. Thanks!
  12. I am a newbie and was also interested in the info about the menus. My email address is daphodil9@yahoo.com. If that info can be forwarded to me it would be appreciated. Thanks for all the info.
  13. AliciaP, Just curious to find out if you are getting a private reception for your number of people or is it okay to have all the people in a semi-private area in the restaurant? Wanted to know because tryin to book date for approximately that size. Also, does anyone know if there is a day pass charge for guests not staying on the property?
  14. Congrats on the nuptials. The pictures look good and appreciate you sharing.
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