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  1. We went with the Mexican (seems how we were in Mexico and all!). We didn't make it to the cocktail hour, but our guests absolutely raved about it!! There was something for everyone, even our 'picky' guests Everyone said the food at the cocktail and reception dinner was the best they had all week - and the food was VERY GOOD all week, we all ate very well lol.
  2. Thank you!! They make AMAZING gowns. I love that I have never seen another bride with my exact same dress either Are your gowns posted on here??
  3. Thank you so much ladies!!! Like many of you that are still looking, I had a very hard time picking a dress. Two things I did NOT want was lace and mermaid. I am quite short and not super thin, so I did not think it would work on me at all. And I ended up with a lace mermaid I was nervous as the dress was a sample size 6 I believe, which was too large on me, and it had been stretched out and hung weird from people trying to get into it when it was too small. Also, when it came in I had a minor panic attack as it was so big on me and it just didn't look right (or very good on). But in the end, alterations did a fantastic job and the dress fit me perfectly. I was totally getting dress envy and second guessing myself after seing some gorgeous dresses on here, but in the end it was perfect!! Good luck to you all!!!!
  4. Here is my dress; Pronovias by Manuel Mota. Loved seeing all the beautiful dresses on here
  5. Show us your wedding dress!
  6. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4150587848070.171443.1385085551&type=3 Here is a link to some of our pictures from Ivan. We received them earlier than I expected (he had said June-July) and we received them early June.
  7. That is fantastic that he was available!! It sucks having to pay $500 but totally better than the other option of having bad photographs...... The entire place is gorgeous, pictures really don't capture the beauty. Don't worry - the grill DOES NOT look anything even remotely close to a Denny's lol. They will do a great job of making it look even better for your wedding, try not to worry about it!! I will for sure share our pics from Ivan - can't wait to see them. Its going to be a long 4 months
  8. Absolutely!! Ivan's email is ivan@luckiephotography.com. I had booked him nearly a year in advance, and he responded so quickly and was extremely helpful and honest. If you are on facebook, you can search for Luckie Photography and you can like his page, he is quite often on there and I liked seeing all the new pics without going through the website. Literally in at least half of my ceremony pictures from Kodak, half of my husbands mothers body is in them. The focus is on her (you can literally see her teeth with her mouth open), and not on the us. Her legs were crossed so her foot is sticking in half way through the shot, in order to salvage that I would have to crop half of my dress and all of the bridesmaids out, so what is even the point?? I KNOW that I will not be getting that from Ivan!!! If you would like to see some of Kodaks pics from the wedding I can send some for you. I know when I was looking at them I didn't see many ceremony shots, more bride and groom photo shoot pics. I had seen the Palmeras Bar, but did not actually go in. Are you having quite a big group?? From what I saw it looked nice, and certainly lots of space. We did not spend one cent on centerpieces and I do not regret it at all. We were outside, the palm trees were wrapped in lights - to me that is what mattered. The centerpices we had were like a melon with a candle in the center and little glass things with sand in them. Nothing fancy, but nothing tacky either. The only candle that would not stay lit was the one at the head table, the wind was pretty strong that night. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!! So exciting
  9. Just a quick review from our wedding on the 4th We had our ceremony at 4pm at the coral beach, a cocktail hour from 5:30-6:30 at the rooftop terrace and the reception from 7-10 at the coral beach. Our WC was Gabriela, and she was fabulous! Everything went perfectly and I was able to enjoy the day without worrying about a thing. So many of our guests commented that I was the happiest bride they had ever seen, I just had a huge smile on my face all day long and I give a lot of that credit to Gabriela and everyone else that made our day so perfect. I had selected flowers that were of extra charge (orchids and something else....) and the resort did a great job of re-creating the bouquet. It was not identical, but it was very close. Quite a few people actually thought they were fake, including the photographer!!! My sister and mother in-law had their hair and make up done at the spa, there were no issues with appointments and they did a very good job. I hired Adrian for my hair and make up, and he also did my moms make up and one of my bridesmaids hair and make up. Adrian and Alex were FANTASTIC!! I could not have asked for anything more, they were so friendly and fun to be around and they are so talented!! They were worth every single penny and more!! Adrian even went to my husbands room and made him up a little bit, just to make sure that everything was perfect for our wedding. I can honestly say that at 3am my hair and make up looked just as good as when they first finished at 2 in the afternoon. My mom cried (a lot lol) through the entire ceremony and you could not tell, nothing ran or washed off! I had an allergic reaction to a sunscreen that my husband purchased, and I had a rash and bumps all over my face and neck and you could not tell at all. Like I said, the spa did a great job BUT Adrian and his team are in a league of their own!! We hired Ivan Luckie as our photographer and I can honestly say that the $300 we paid to Kodak in order to have Ivan there was some of the best money we spent on our wedding. Kodak still showed up to photograph the ceremony (our package included pictures which is why) and the pictures were ok, but out of 150 pictures we had to look through them about 3 times to pick just 24 decent pictures. They also kind of get in the way of the hired photographer. I never once noticed Ivan or Anell through the ceremony or cocktail hour, and hardly through the reception but I did notice the Kodak photographer. Our pictures from Kodak have Ivan and Anell in them, and it is hard to get good pics when there are so many photographers getting in the way. Kodak was asked to shoot the cocktail hour instead of the ceremony, but they ignored our request and now we have no pictures from the cocktail hour. Even when Ivan was shooting us in the room (getting ready) I hardly noticed him there. We can hardly wait to see our pictures from Ivan!! I told him what I wanted and let him run with it, he is so creative and was not shooting the same locations and poses as the other wedding pictures that I had seen of his that were done at the palace. My only regret through the entire wedding was that I would have liked to have more time with Ivan. My husband was very skeptikal to say the least about the whole photography business, he does not like to have his picture taken and makes a weird 'camera face' whenever there is a camera around him. Ivan made us both feel so comfortable and let our personalities come through in what we were doing. By the end of the day my husband was raving about him and is extremely excited for the pictures - and that says A LOT!!!!!! All of our guests were so impressed with the resort and with the wedding. It exceeded everyones expectations. The judge did a fantastic job, the ceremony was funny, sweet and serious when appropriate. Very good especially being that neither one of us had ever met him. When I was walking down the aisle from the gazebo my husband had his back to me and I kept saying 'what is he looking at? Why isn't he looking at me??' but the judge made him turn his back and he wasn't allowed to look until he was told so lol. There were a lot of tears and even more laughter and we could not have asked for anything more. We would do it all over again in a second and not change a thing. Not as short as I thought, but it is so easy to get carried away because everything was so wonderful
  10. Barcelo Maya Palace Brides Post Here :D
  11. This site is FANTASTIC!! Problem is I have already started a playlist, and now I think I have too many songs!! So many great ideas, thank you all so much!!! Steph
  12. I had started planning my wedding nearly a year in advance. My WC is Gabriela, and I would wait about 2 weeks for a reply in the beginning as well. Once she sent the 'planning spreadsheet' it made it a lot easier as all of the basic info and planning steps are right there for you. Replies were still slow, but eventually all of my questions were answered. If you have any specific questions I would be happy to try and answer for you. We are leaving in 20 days Good luck and congrats!!
  13. We are leaving Canada April 1 and our wedding is on the 4th. Absolutely cannot wait kisekae - when is your wedding in April??
  14. I booked through a travel agent with Transat. We were able to put deposits in for the wedding package as well as our week stay, as were our guests. We don't have flight times confirmed yet as it is too early, but this way I was able to officially book our wedding date. When we first looked at doing a DW we got the run around so badly and it seemed so confusing, so I was anxious to get it booked and know for sure all the details!! Avens - I found the Strawberry Passion comparable to the Euphoria package we booked through Transat, for our purposes anyways. Our package does include hair & make up as well. I don't believe that we have an 'open bar', and we had to upgrade to have our reception on the beach and to add another hour (our package was only a 2 hour reception), but we do get a cocktail hour. You choose from 3 menu options, which is less than the Strawberry, and we don't get the massage and manicure/pedicure BUT we do get a $200 credit to use at the spa along with a $100 credit towards an excursion. And no live music.
  15. That would be awesome I have never been to the resort, but from the pics I have seen the gazebo looks gorgeous!! I also wanted the 5pm ceremony time, but the latest time they offered us was 4. Our ceremony is at 4 on the Coral Beach, we are having a cocktail hour on the rooftop terrace and the reception at Playa Azul. I have always wanted to get married on the beach in bare feet, so it is perfect for us!! We have booked our trip, and so far have 21 people with deposits in....have you booked as well?? And I see you are also from Canada?? Are you booking a wedding package through the resort or through Air Transat?? Steph
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