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  1. So I'm getting married at Beaches negril next weekend and I'm getting really nervous because the weather is showing thunderstorms next weekend. Does anybody know what options beaches negril have for such situations, or know anybody whos wedding was affected by bad weather???
  2. I hope everybodies planning is going well. My wedding is next weekend at Beaches Negril and I am startiing to get upset and paranoid about the weather reports showing thunderstorms for next weekend!!!! .... I tried to at least get pictures of there "alternate" locations for weddings for inclement weather but my wedding coordinator did not have so I guess I have to wait until I get to jamaica on Wednesday!!!!
  3. Hey Guys. My day is quickly approaching!!!! SO I agree the fees at Beaches to add up and can be quite expensive so what I am doing is just paying the setup fee and bringing everything. It work sout better for me anyway because the options they have do not match the color scheme and decor that I want. All I am getting from beaches as far as the decor are the floral centerpieces and two floral arrangements for the Gazebo. Even the buoquets I got real touche bouquets. Doing it this way has really lessened the expenses and I can decorate it EXACTLY how I want it. Check out save-on-crafts.com...they are really great. They have great decorating ideas and items.
  4. Thanks so much for all the pics posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1783lovely are those your pics or did somebody send them to you?? Where is that reception taking place,?????....i notice that it is indoors..... Has anhbody spoken to chloe lately??? I cant seem to get in touch with her...
  5. Hello everybody, I am getting married at Beaches Negril in December. I am nervous about the hair situation. The wedding is on my 4th day in Jamaica and I will need to have my hair done down there. ANyboy have any experiences with any hairstylist or heard of anyone. I am particularly worried about what type of hair and texture they are used to working with. I will NEED may hair set and dried under the dryer. ANybody with some info?!?!?!
  6. Gey guys so I finally got pic of sample bouquet from modagefloral the silk florist krystina suggested...she designed bouquets based on what I wanted...just waiting on receiving it ob mail before ordering whole set....I will save$ 1000!!! Thanks KRISTINA
  7. Hello everybody I havent been on for a while. So I decided to try the silk flowers for the bouquets and the florist for the centerpieces. I am ordering a bridesmaid bouquet jsut to see what it look slike before ordering the whole set. Thanks for the info on the silk flowers!!! Is anybody using any of the musical addons: mento band, steel band, violinist??? Or heard of anybody that has?
  9. So I just spoke to my WC renee about using outside florist....she told me that outside vendors are prohibitted...she said I couldnt even pick them up and bring them to the resort. Dymond did somebody tell you you could use outside florist??? Do you have some additional info on how you can use them???
  10. Dymond thanks for the info bout the florist. the beaches florist is so expensive I called your florist their prices are so much cheaper and they have nice arrangements. they told me they deliver to beaches so I think I'm going to co that. I emailed my WC about it , just waiting to hear what she has to say about it.
  11. If you book more then ten rooms the 3hr reception is discounted to 60/person????? What I meant about the wedding planner is that I have met somebody over the weekend who sas she plans weddings at sandals and beaches so I am curios as to ho exactly that works?
  12. DOes anybody have any experieces using A wedding planner for their Beaches wedding?
  13. I was wondering if anybdy has any experience using a wedding planner for the Sandals/Beaches wedding. I just met sombody this weekend who says she plans weddings at sandals. I am curious to what exactly woudl be their role. I have found it very frustrating and expensive planning the exact wedding we would like and have found we have to pay for and bring a lot of "Extra's" I wonder if the wedding planner would take care of all that and just bring whatever materials necessary??? Please share any experiences of anything that you ahve heard.
  14. My wedding is Dec 3rd, guess I will see you there!!! We decided to to the beautiful beginning and design it the way that we want. It is quite pricey but much less compared to having a weddign here. Our consultant is also Renee. We are doing the 3hr reception. We love to party so we think this is best. Anybody know information about wedding planners who plan Beaches wedding. I just met somebody who plans weddings at Sandals/Beaches, and I wonder how exactly that worsk???
  15. I plan on bringing my own favors as well. I am just going to have a suitcase for those things. And will have my parents or whoever can take an an extra suitecase bring one as well.
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