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  2. I have 40 emerald green chair bows. They are $10 +shipping. I paid $40 for them. I also have 10 yards of uncut burlap, if you are interested PM me and I'll get you a picture.
  3. After looking on this thread for a year, I'm so excited to finally put my dress on here! The style was NOTHING like I had imagined wearing on my day, but I fell in love with the belt/flower combination. It was a perfect fit for me!
  4. Well I just got back from our wedding at Now last weekend. It was WONDERFUL!! The staff there was amazing and I didn't have to worry about anything the day of the wedding. I had been communicating with Anel the entire time, but Ramon took care over our wedding once we got there. I was really impressed with the service he provided and all the information he was able to remember;) I absolutely loved the flowers we got and we used their florists. As far as your last discussion about when do to cocktail hour/reception/etc, I didn't have any idea when to schedule that stuff either. Once we had our meeting with Ramon he lead us in the right directions for a time line. I wouldn't worry too much about the planning forum, it doesn't seem like they look at it until shortly before you arrive and you can change a lot of things once you get there. We had our ceremony at 4:30 and didn't start the cocktail hour until 5:30. We did some pictures after the ceremony so from 5-5:45. So the guests had plenty of down time to enjoy cocktail hour before dinner was served. I think any more time would have been too much standing around time. Like Sandy said my groom and I missed half of the cocktail hour doing other things, I didn't even get to try all the tasty cocktail treats! I'll post a link to some of the pictures. The resort was beautiful! If anyone has any questions feel free to ask, this forum was super helpful for me so I would love to help out anyone else needing reassurance;) If you picked Now Sapphire, I don't think you'll be disappointed with your wedding day! http://sbphotoblog.com/?p=2148
  5. Just waiting to get on my flight to head to Now! Super excited, I'll let you girls (and guys) know how it goes;)
  6. Anel's been kind of a hit and miss for me. She'll normally replies in a timely manner, but if I answer multiple questions sometimes she only answers one question at a time. So I've had to ask the same question in a couple emails and it eventually gets answered. I'm trying to keep the stuff I bring down to just one suitcase of wedding items My fiance keeps telling me we should let them take care of everything, I just like to save money more than him:)
  7. thanks Sarah. I like the sound of that, I'll just let them do it:) Thanks for all your other helpful information!
  8. Oohhh, you've got lots of cute stuff on there!
  9. almostmarried- Since you brought your own bows, did someone in your wedding party put them on for you? Or did you pay the resort to do it? (anel, said they would put your bows on, but for $2/chair) I've been debating on doing this. How much time did you have between when they set up the chairs/ceremony and when the wedding started? I don't want to inconvenience someone if they have to rush down to put the bows on and not have time to get ready themselves.
  10. Oh you look BEAUTIFUL!! I love the top, it's different from most dresses. Again, you look great!!
  11. Has anyone inquired about day passes for wedding guests? I know it states on their website if someone is not a guest at the resort they have to pay to get into the resort. Does this apply to wedding guests that we have to pay for their meals/drinks/etc anyway? I just have two guests staying off site.
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