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  1. We are traveling into Cancun. Thanks! That is very helpful.
  2. My wedding is on the 25th and I have had a wedding nightmare every night for the last week. I hope these problems only exist in my sleep and that everything works out. I am trying to put together my Welcome Bags, but was wondering if I can bring granola bars, or snacks through customs? Anyone know?
  3. Day passes are like $100 a person. Your guests should pay for the day pass if they choose to stay elsewhere.
  4. My wedding is January 28th at the Secrets Maroma Beach. If anyone has any tips, I would love them about this specific resort.
  5. So, we are trying to cut costs with out being tacky. We may have up to 60 guests coming and I had a question about the cocktail hour........ Is it needed at an all-inclusive resort? We would rather spend the money on extras for the reception. Can't the guests just go to any bar and drink for free anyway for 45 minutes, instead of being stuck drinking the type of alcohol that we choose for them? Also, did anyone do a mexican fiesta buffet dinner for their wedding, instead of the offered dinner packages? We just want a big party.
  6. Yes, good luck! i am sure everything will be great! I would love to hear about everything. What are you doing for your welcome bags and your party favors?
  7. He was trying to charge me more, but I think he did not understand that I did not want any prints as well. He said that I should first contact the resort and then I guess she would contact him to work out the upgrade. Is that what you did?
  8. Those look great! How many people did you have? I think we will have around 60 people. I would love to know all the things you planned that were part of the package and extra. Great centerpieces!
  9. He misunderstood what i wanted and quote me almost 2,000. When I told him I just wanted the images, he said I should go through Cecelia and she would work that out. What about you?
  10. How much did Juan quote you for just the images on CD's and for how long?
  11. Are you providing transportation from the airport to the hotel? I would like to do this, but not sure who to go through for this.
  12. I got the same response about the package she was doing when I contacted Juan. He said that she must have been mistaken and that she was upgrading her ultimate photo package. I would love the details too so I do not get ripped off. I just want all the images on a CD so I can do whatever with them later..
  13. Great advice! I would love to do the same thing. Do you have to pay the outside vendor fee for him to come since you are technicallly going outside of the package?
  14. Thank you so much! That is very helpful and I will contact him.
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