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  1. I'm also getting married @ MP in October . I checked timeanddate.com and it says sunset on my wedding date is 6:22 pm ~ oct. 16th! Hope this helps
  2. Hey ladies ~I'm thinking about bringing my own table overlays, runners and chair stashes. Anyone know what sizes in each to use? I feel funny asking Deco what the measurments are so I can bring my own . I'm having three round tables and two 2 seater tables.
  3. You can use it towards a wedding package (not complimentary), swimming with the dolphins, certain tours, golf, upgrade wine selection, romantic dinner, room upgrade. I think I read you can even use towards jewelry there.
  4. No unfortunately they only allow a reservation for up to 10 max. Thanks for the suggestion though
  5. Oh wow! I was thinking about changing mine from amethyst to the complimentary...but not if this the case. I'm interested to know this too!
  6. Thank you AHOLEN ~ your review was very helpful. It's unfortunate you had all those snags but I appreciate you sharing that with us. I'm going to try and not focus so much on detail and perfection so if the ball does get dropped a few times I won't be devastated. You looked amazingingly beautiful and I love the blue lighting and colors at your reception!!!
  7. Oh that's right! I'm soooooo excited for u. Enjoy every moment and promptly report back lol j/k enjoy yoursef and HAVE A BALL!!!
  8. I just tried to reserve Arricifes for my welcome dinner and was advised it was already booked. The only day I can do it is the day before my wedding and I don't want to do it then b/c I'm also suppose to have a bridal brunch for the ladies in the group. I thought about even having my welcome dinner/bridal brunch mixed but my fiance isnt thrilled with having any group dinner the night before - which makes sense. So now I'm stuck with Gondola Italian Buffet or Barracuda. Does anybody know anything about these two? I'm leaning towards just moving my welcome dinner to the night before but I really dont want to. Also my WC sent me a photo of an amethyst rose tuscan gazebo wedding like I asked. You'll notice it's way more rosey then amethyst"y" .
  9. Thank you Mochamakes3~ your flowers were beautiful! Not to mention they're yours for good now ,) What other type of flower is in the bouquet other then the calla lilies?? I really like that. I will definately keep that in mind about real touch although I was leaning towards usuing my bridal bouquets as centerpiece deco...decisions decisions.......
  10. Does anybody know where I can view some photos from a REAL amethyst rose package wedding?? My bridesmaid dresses are rasberry, so I want all the accents in rasberry including my bouquet, shoes and table runners etc. My WC sent me some pics of some of the bouquets b/c I get a complimentary one...but none look rasberry/sangria to me. They're all pink and purple :/ So I was thinking I would have to use Marvin for my bouqet and use my complimentary one as decoration or for the MOG...b/c he's walking her down the aisle. The pic above is kind of what I want. I found this from a bride from the forum. I know MP has a flower book with more options but I'm worried if I don't order my bouquet from Marvin in advance and then meet with my WC when I get there I'll be stuck with a bouquet from the album that doesnt match perfectly :/ Also organza table cloths and table runners and chair stashes. I want the table deco to match the wedding but I can't match it until I know what the wedding deco will look like. I don't want to bank on the pics from the website b/c I don't think it will actually look like that. I don't think it will be THAT purple. The package is amethyst ROSE..so I don't know will it be more rosy then purplish. I wanted my tables two toned the (like above) lighter color (rose/amethyst) as the organza table cloth and rasberry/sangria solid table runners...do they even have this???...My head hurts lol. Bless you if you read this far... Any suggestions tips anything will be greatly appreciated!!!
  11. I don't think the Venado has a gazebo either...not sure about that though.
  12. Hello Ladies, I've been lurker here for a few months. Now with my wedding quckly approaching I've decided to come from underneath my shell . Thanks for all the info I've learned so much! My wedding is being held October 16th @ 4pm. I'm getting the Amethyst Rose package. I'm soooo excited but after reading ALL the reviews I feel behind in a lot of areas. My WC is Rosy Lilly and she has been great so far! However the info she sent me didn't mention anything about the different location options for the ceremony, reception and private functions. I've gotten all my knowledge from you ladies. Also cake options :/. Can anyone summarize the different Terraces and Gazebos. Actually just the Tuscan vs. Grand vs. Carribean. I've sen pics of the Tuscan but not the other two. Stashes for chairs & table lays/runners ~ I was reading one of the BWD reviews from a MP bride and she had bright organza table lays and chair stashes and runners ...does anyone know if u can purchase them from MP or do we bring them ourselves? Thank you so much again!!! Hopefully these aren't repeat questions :/
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