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  1. Sweet Home Alabama = Candace Bergen
  2. Jay Baruchel = Real Time
  3. Reese Witherspoon = Walk the Line
  4. 1. How old are you? 25, almost 26 2. At what age did you/will you get married? 26 3. Do you have children? Nope 4. Did you think you would marry the person you are with now? From the moment we started talking (which explains why I was so heartbroken when we broke up in highschool). 5. Were you ever engaged or married to someone other than the person you are with now? No 6. Do you want a garden wedding, beach wedding, or the traditional church wedding? We are getting married in a little court yard with a Gazebo, so Garden, I guess..? 7. Where did you/will you get married? LAS VEGAS!! 8. First dance - classic waltz, slow and sexy, or fast and spicy? We aren't having a first dance 9. How many guests did you/will you have? About 20 10. Do you want/did you have an extravagant wedding or a simple wedding? Simple and laid back. 11. Vows - traditional or something you make up on your own? Traditional, but no religious stuff. 12. How many layers of cake did you/will you have? No cake. 13. Is/was your wedding/reception at a hotel? A hotel/chapel 14. When did you/will you get married - sunrise, mid-day, sunset? right before sunset 15. Did you/will you have your reception outdoors or indoors? Indoors 16. Plan every detail down to the napkins or let someone else decide? I will all be me. 17. How did/will the bride enter? Down the aisle...? 18. Song to walk down the aisle to: Not sure. 19. Song to make your exit: Not sure. 20. Will you/did you have a solemn ceremony or a light one? Light 21. At what age did you think you would get married? Right about this age. The rule in our house was that you could not come home engaged until you were 25. We got engaged one month after my 25th birthday, even though both my parents have passed. 22. Who to invite - practically everyone or a select few? Only family and close friends. 23. Wedding menu - Pub Food. Seriously. 24. Champagne or red wine? Red Wine and Beer 25. Honeymoon right after the wedding, awhile after the wedding, or no honeymoon? We are getting married in Vegas to combine our wedding and honeymoon 26. Was your/will your honeymoon be at a place special to you both or somewhere brand new to you both? Someplace brand new! 27. Who will pay for the bills? My FI and I 28. Living together: Not before marriage or absolutely before marriage? Absolutely before marriage. I think it would be crazy to get married before living together! 29. Anything else about marriage you'd like to say? Planning is WAYYYY more stressful than I thought it would be, but it is sooo worth it!
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    Thanks everyone! Dmitri, your photos are GORGEOUS!!
  6. Seann William Scott = American Pie
  7. Yeah, definitely cycle related. I have a really hard time losing weight when I weigh in the week prior, but I tend to post a pretty big loss the week after. Try to track it and see if there is a pattern. If there is, just attribute it to nature and stay positive
  8. My first thought was water retention, depending on where you are on your cycle. Are you still measuring/weighing everything? I tend not to lose when I get a little lazy and eyeball things.
  9. Hancock = Jason Bateman
  10. I was SO sure that I was going to order a knock off dress from China as there is no way that a Stephanie James Couture Dress is in our budget and I've seen some on this thread that have turned out beautifully. Well, I went to try on some dresses yesterday and LOVED this After Six bridesmaid dress: http://www.dessy.com/dresses/bridesmaid/6553/?color=white&colorid=122 (with the band in white as well). It's not much more expensive than ordering from China and it will be exactly the look I'm wanting to achieve (Vintage 1950s) once I add crinoline underneath! For the assurance of quality workmanship and material, I decided this route was better for me. Good luck on finding your dream dresses!
  11. I completely agree that it is easier to take in a dress than let it out; however, I've been doing WeightWatchers for five months and have lost over 35lbs. I'm not just planning on losing some weight, I am dedicated and will be continuing my new, healthy lifestyle. In this situation, I do know that I'll be much smaller by my wedding date.
  12. Jamie Lee Curtis = True Lies
  13. Hi! I haven't decided what I want to do just yet, but I'm leaning towards taking an inch of my current measurements. I know that it will still need to be taken in a lot, but it will at least be a little bit less! I'm going to try on some dresses this weekend and will ask someone in the Bridal Salon what they think (without mentioning that I'm buying a knock-off, of course)
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  15. John Cusack = American Sweethearts
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