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  1. I mean the Spa at the resort the hair turned out great for my sisters but not so much in the beginning for my Mom but we really had to direct the girls until they gave us a Sr. girl that could speak English. And my Mom has short hair. The make-up for my Mom and one Sister was not good. Very heavy on the makeup. If you can fit it into your budget get Adrian and his team. Can't say enough great things about them and yes there is a new deal with the resort and Adrian he will charge you 30% off your fee and you just pay the Barcelo that 30% fee that remains. Bonus for me Claudia forgot to add it to the final bill so I never had to pay. Oh also anyone thinking about which resort go with the Barcelo! They do such a FANTASTIC job! My Mom said that when she get's remarried she want to have her wedding at the Barcelo!
  2. DONT!!!! My mom and both sisters did and it was a hit and miss as most people post on this site... My mom's hair was going all sorts of wrong when I had to step in and get someone to help. And my Mom's makeup as so bad too... My sisters hair both looked good but make up not so good. I went with Adrian and his crew and it was WELL WORTH the money!!! Looked soooooo good.
  3. Ladies! We are off tonight to go to the BARCELO Maya Palace for our wedding. Feb 1 2012. Yahoo! Thank you everyone on this site... it's been a lifesaver!
  4. Blujena Sounds wonderful! Tell me about the music could you post your music list or email it to me at carla_nowak@hotmail.com how long was your reception? 3hrs? Did you have a dance at on of the Palapas? I am trying to find out timelines from when we start the reception to finish... I was thinking about having the dance at the disco if we don't have enough time. Our wedding is coming so fast! Can't wait!
  5. Brides! Is anyone getting married the week of Feb 1 2012? If so what are you using for chair sahaes? Bringing your own or using the resorts?
  6. Hey Ladies! I have a question about paper lanterns. We are having the reception at Palmeras Grill (the open air grill) has anyone or is anyone using paper lanterns in this space? How many do I bring with me?
  7. Hey is anyone on here from Kelowna or Okanagan area? I am stumped on what to do about this civil ceremony. I was thinking we could have a marriage commissioner come to our condo, but my FI said no he doesn't want to do that so back to the drawing board. I need to find a venue that we can get married at and then we would like to have a nice dinner. We are only going to have us and 4 friends. Any ideas or thoughts. I am almost ready to go to Van and use Ann Moore.
  8. Yes, I found out that La Luna is able to come in you ( the wedding) have to pay $300. That is ok... there photos are fantastic!
  9. Hi Cheepers, So to have your reception in on of the open air grills you can either go with the Strawberry Passion package and yes after 15 people then you pay $66 per person. Or if you are booked with Transat holidays they have a Euphoira package and you can up grade to have the open air grill for $27.50 per person. So for me we did that and that package I think includes 24 people which works better for us as we are going to have about 21 ppl. This package is $1500 and you pay your TA. Not sure where you are from USA, or Canada but check it out... they are different packages meaning you do get more with the Strawberry Passion but you can always upgrade what you want as we are doing! Hope this helps. Carla
  10. Hi Ladies Anyone on here using the Transat Wedding away Euphoria package? I am looking into this one but what about the extra cost of things such as adding a private dinner with the open bar for 3 hours and the Minister to Marry us. Does anyone know the cost to add these. We are going to have 20 people so I think this package will work better cost wise. The other choice is Strawberry Dream. Your thoughts.
  11. Hi! Sorry for the delay busy summer. I just got this DRESS!!! it's from BCBG in Vancouver, BC at the Robson store. If you are in the USA you can order online or find it in Canada. Here is the link to the online BCBG for the USA. The best part I waited and got it for 60% off in Canada and I see online it's on sale too. Love this dress and can't wait to wear it. I think, (well at this moment) I love it more than my wedding dress! Good luck! http://www.bcbg.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11414131&cp=2939729.3126135&clickid=cat_leftnav_txt&parentPage=family CARLA
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