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  1. I can't believe how busy everyone has been and how much everyone has accomplished. Ndividul- Girl,you have one heck of an amazing talent!!! Every single thing you have shared with us has been impeccable and OMG those welcome passports...out of this world! Cheers on a fabulous job! Your guests are definitely going to feel extra special. How lucky are those that will be attending! I am in absolute awe of the creativity and beautiful projects that both you and Coco have kindly shared with us. It almost makes me wish that I had attempted more DIY projects. However, coming from a person that has difficulty drawing a straight line with a ruler, I'm afraid my projects would look more like kindergarten projects. LadyDi - Everything that you said about your daughter is true ... she is a great kid. The pictures of your shower are lovely and I love, love, love the idea of the personalized baskets for each holiday. How is the quest for a new bridesmaid dress for her going? If I may make a suggestion, you may want to try David's Bridal or Alfred Angelo. You can find a style that she feels confident in and then order in about every color. If she likes more "bling" you can always add a jeweled brooch or decorated lace to take things up a notch. Kris10kay - You look amazing in your dress! Best wishes for the wedding that you have dreamt about and envisioned for so long. Please don't forget to check in on us after your return. I'm sure you'll have some good advice to share. ChipmunkRN - Kudos on your passport invitations! They turned out perfect! My only question ... with as busy as you have been, when did you find time to complete this project??? P.S.-Check your PM messages when get a moment. Coco - Congratulations on the new addition to the family! If you haven't done so already, check out Pet Edge for stuff for him. - Not that he needs anymore of anything, but it may save you a few bucks because from what I can tell Mr. Cesar is gonna be one spoiled puppy dog. He is too cute! My parents also have a boxer, Sophie. She's always been a great family dog with the most wonderful temperament. I know you will not regret your decision. The only negative thing that I can say about this breed, if you haven't encountered it already, is their flatulence problem. Lol! Unfortunately they don't outgrow this one, but the positives so outweigh this negative. Lastly, I am happy to report that last Wednesday I received the phone call from Ivis Hitchcock that I have been anxiously awaiting for ..... my locations have finally been confirmed. My wedding will take place in the Toucan Gazebo, the cocktail hour on the Venado Terrace, and the reception dinner on the Caribbean Terrace. Apparently from what I was told the hold up occurred because of miscommunication between Miami and onsite coordinators in Cancun. Iliana Montebruck, who is located in Cancun had told me back in September that the Toucan Gazebo was indeed confirmed for me, but that she could not confirm only request the Toucan Terrace and the Caribbean Terrace which I was also asking for. So I never really worried about the ceremony location just the ones for the cocktail hour and reception. Thank goodness, I kept that email because Ivis told me that only the Bugambilia Gazebo and the chapel would be available. I was ok with the chapel but the other gazebo would have been way on the other side of the resort. Because I had the email, they did honor the Toucan Gazebo. So my best advice to future brides is to get everything in writing!
  2. Lovely, Lovely, Lovely! As always, dear Coco you do not disappoint! I plan on doing something similar with the help of my MOH. Probably wont get done until President's Day long weekend, though. I'll be certain to post.
  3. Hi beatyea: I also have Ivis Hitchcock. She is located in Miami. She is a true sweetheart HOWEVER in true, regular MP fashion, slow with results. I will explain more below. Good afternoon Jenal, Thank you for your email. My name is Ivis Hitchcock and I am your wedding planner. I would like to apologies in my delay in contacting you. I have been out of the office for a few days. Prior to leaving, I sent an email to my onsite team regarding the locations you’ve requested for your wedding. I should have a response by tomorrow afternoon. My team member was also out but I have resent the email again and I am positive she will reply tomorrow. I’ve requested the following: Toucan Gazebo for your ceremony , Toucan Terrace for your cocktail reception Caribbean Terrace for your dinner Kindly note: the locations have been requested however; my onsite team will advise if the locations are available. I would like to schedule a Planning Session to touch base with you and answer any questions you may have. Please let me know which date & time you are available. I am attaching the wedding information form. Kindly complete and send back to me (scan and emailed). As you review the information attached, you will notice we are offering new wedding collections for 2012 however; we are honoring the previous packages to our couple’s whom have confirmed a deposit towards their collection. The new changes do not apply unless you prefer to change to one of the new packages. The new packages will be offered to couples getting married on March 1st, 2012 and forward. I look forward in hearing back from you! Warm Regards & Happy New Year! Ivis Hitchcock Wedding Planner for Moon Palace Resort & Spa 8725 NW 18TH TERRACE, SUITE 301 | MIAMI, FLORIDA 33172 ( 877.725.4933 EXT 6626 | 305.421.1608 FAX * IHITCHCOCK@PALACERESORTS.COM PALACERESORTS.COM | LEBLANCSPARESORT.COM | HARDROCKHOTELPUNTACANA.COM Okay - So keep in mind that my 90 day mark was on 12/24/11. Obviously with the holidays, I knew that I had to be a little more patient. I ended up emailing Iliana Montenbruck who is located in Cancun and who I was referred to previously by Michelle Farinas in Miami. Iliana did respond to my email and stated that she would forward my requests to my coordinator. So imagine my surprise when I realize that I am once again dealing with Miami. It was made clear in the above copied e-mail that Ivis was made aware of my requested locations. In the above email Ivis was attentive enough to attach the wedding package selections and upgrade options that I previously posted on this thread. Of course, I quickly responded and emailed her my wedding package selections, menu choices, etc. and scheduled a telephone call for 01/06/12 @ 10AM. Ivis did respond to my email, and true to her word, called me at the designated time. She confirmed the decoration and food choices I had selected, as well as the photography package upgrade, however, she could not confirm the requested event locations because she had to wait to hear back from her on-site team. (Still ?) She told me she would send me what sounded like an updated contract, which would include my locations and upgraded items by Monday - (01/09). Unfortunately - no new contract was received. I emailed her on Wednesday and she did respond, apologizing and telling me that she was bombarded with emails and that she still did not have a definite answer for me regarding the locations. I emailed her today, 01/13/12, as it has been a full week since her and I talked on the phone, and 10 days since I received her initial email, yet never heard a response. Ivis couldn't be more kind on the phone, but at this point with 10 weeks until the wedding and only 71 days to go, I want final confirmation on my locations. I would like to start working on the Welcome Letters for the OOTs and definitely want to include the locations of the events. I honestly haven't gotten "ugly or pushy" yet, but if I don't hear back by Monday, I may have to take it up a notch. I know that my "wedding sister", ChipmunkRN had a scheduled phone call with Ivis today, so hopefully she can give another opinion. Funny thing is she told me that she was told that the Caribbean Terrace was no longer available, but at this point I don't know if it's for me or for someone else.
  4. I cant believe it's only 2 weeks away! I think YOU are our first MP 2012 Bride. So excited for you . Know that we will all be sending our well wishes and love your way. Are you ready???
  5. Hi Ladies, Please accept my sincerest apologies for falling off the face of the earth. I work for the Department of Public Social Services and due to the sad economic state that our country finds itself in, we are extremely busy. This level rises to a point of insanity from October through January, when the holidays come upon us. It can be a rewarding job, but oh so very exhausting. The wedding planning took a backseat for a little bit, but now with only 73 days to go, it's Focus, Focus, Focus! Please know that although I did not have the time to post, I have celebrated from afar as you have picked your dresses, completed DIY projects, and checked things off of your lists. I have also kept many of you in thought and prayer as family members have passed, as friends and family have let you down, and as jewelry was stolen. I too have had a few roller coaster moments, but at this point it's full steam ahead! I will post some pics as soon as I can, however, my 2 main projects at the moment are finishing the menu cards and the wedding programs on Vistaprint and purchasing the items for and completing the OOT Bags. I did get some things checked off the list: Booked Marvin to do my flowers Purchased the dress for the civil ceremony, which will take place before we leave to Cancun Purchased my wedding jewelry I received a call from the Bridal Salon yesterday...the dress is in! I am excited but I am also nervous. Because I chose to put more of my efforts into work, I failed to be true to my weight loss plan. I haven't lost much weight and I know that I will be mad at myself when I go for my fitting. I am glad that I decided to order my dress in a size that would fit me now, versus the size I was hoping to be. I figure it's easier to take things in than let things out, when there is not enough material. Phew! I have been corresponding with my Miami coordinator, Ivis Hitchcock. She is a sweetheart, but keeps telling me that she is waiting to receive confirmation from the "onsite staff" regarding my location requests. 73 days is alot different than 90 days. My patience is starting to wear thin. She did tell me that my onsite coordinator would be Kaylena. I'm very happy about this, due the great reviews she has received on this site, although her emailing is known to be slow. Ivis told me I would be hearing from Kaylena about 2 weeks before the wedding. A little too close to the wedding for the control freak in me, but it is what it is. I also was a little shocked to learn that the reception was going to cost much more than I had originally anticipated. I have been hoping to book the Caribbean Terrace for the reception. I knew that this location was considered a semi private location and that it would cost an additional $12.00 per person set up fee. For whatever reason, I interpreted this as ... The Amber Package that I purchased includes dinner for up to 35 guests, therefore I must pay $12 x30 = $360. Boy, I could not have been more WRONG! The reality... the Caribbean Terrace is treated as a private area PLUS an additional $12.00. The Caribbean Terrace is "free + $12 pp" IF you have enough nights booked to qualify for a "private event". I do not. So Ivis explained to me that it would be $50 per person in additional to the 12 pp fee - $62.00 x 30 = $1,860. Yikes! So the logical/practical me says no way, too much, we are going to one of the restaurants that is included in the package....then the emotional/I want what I envisioned me screams but, but, I already bought table decor and tablecloths. So....I called the bank, checked the savings account, called the FH, and called Ivis back. Let's just say I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the Caribbean Terrace, although I'm certain that deep down inside the FH is hoping that it wont be available. The one thing that I have Ivis looking into, and pushing that it be honored is the $400 per table of 10 that was offered with the "Older packages". The new Colin Cowie Collections offer $50.00 per person for a table of 8. I believe the table sizes are the same, however they are now only sitting 8 people versus 10 per table. One more way for MP to make more money. Since I'm bringing my own table decor and I'm certain, although it wasn't mentioned, a $65.00 decor set up fee will be charged I hope, pray, and will push for the $400 price. The new Colin Cowie Collections do offer reception decor that the "older packages" do not. They are magnificent, however, I believe you must qualify for a "private event" to purchase them and than you still must pay the additional cost. I have attached the entire document I was provided, which includes both the ceremony decor prices and the reception decor prices. Please see attachment. Hope someone can find this helpful. In addition, for us "Gem Collection Brides" aka "the older packages" I have attached the selections that one can pick from for both the Sapphire Package and the Amber Package. You can see what bouquets, cakes, and boutonnieres are included and what is considered an upgrade. I originally wanted Amber but now I am trying to change it to Sapphire, as the cost is the same $1,952.00 If we do indeed get the Caribbean Terrace, we have decided to serve the French Buffet. We chose this one because it has a fish entree, a chicken entree, and a beef entree. We do not have any vegetarians attending so we didn't have to take that into consideration. I am by no means a "Foodie" (basically, as long as I don't have to cook, I think it's great) but I will include a review of the food when I do the final review. We do have 30 nights booked, so we did earn a free cocktail hour. We will be serving the Superior Appetizers. I know both of these menu options have been posted previously, but thought for someone that hasn't seen it, they could use the info. Well girls, this all for now. I hope that everyone is well. I know one thing for sure ... you have all been busy productive bees! Here's to the 2012 Brides ...Thanks for continuing to share thoughts and ideas! CATALOGE INC SAPPH 2010 Nuevo (2).ppt CATALOGUE INC AMBER 2010 nuevo-2.ppt CC Collection Wedding Packet Palace Resorts 12-14-11-3.pdf MENUS BUFFET (50) 2011.pdf HORS D'OEUVRES 2010.pdf
  6. Hi USCJLB - I am getting married the next day March 24, 2011 and still have not been able to confirm my locations. If I may ask, who is your Miami coordinator? Where are your locations? Do share. I'm starting to get excited and nervous! I don't know about you but I was so busy with the holidays, work, etc that I didn't realize that it's only 10 weeks away!!! Yikes!
  7. Ok Ladies, this is my first attempt at posting a picture, so please bear with me......this is THE dress I will be getting married in. It's Casablanca 1975, which I ordered last month. The FI really wanted me to wear something that showed curves. I'm pretty nervous, cause usually I'm trying to hide or minimize them, especially my booty. No hiding optional in this baby. I originally was thinking of something "flowy and chiffony" but as he and I looked at websites together, the FI always commented that he hoped I wouldn't try to hide under ruffles or a big gown. My MOH started to cry when I tried this one on and convinced me that as my 39th birthday quickly approaches, I need to finally learn to embrace my curves. I will post a picture of me in the actual dress in February when I get the alterations done. Hope you girls approve.
  8. Thanks for the info, Coco! I swear I am so in awe of you! Girl, you are on top of it all! I know you are incredibly successful in your current career, but if you are ever looking for a change you should consider being a wedding coordinator. Hadn't posted in a bit until today, but must tell you that I love your completed projects. Your garter is way too cute ... may have to borrow that idea. I can't believe how many April 21st brides there are. I wish I could fly back just to play photographer all day. All you girls are truly helping me get more and more excited! I thank God every day that I found this website. The ideas and support I get from all you is amazing. The FI thinks I'm crazy for spending so much time on this site. I've explained that this site has helped me from going "bridezilla" on him. His reply...thank all those girls for me! Lol! Hugs and continuous happy & successful planning to all.
  9. I was totally stressed out about this same issue. I don't expect many guests to attend our wedding, however, there is a family of six that has a timeshare in Cancun that will definitely be attending. I knew that them alone would make me go over the 20% allotment, and I would die of embarrassment at the mere thought of having to un-invite anyone. I was totally panicking, however, Iliana, the wedding concierge in Cancun, assured me that I can get up to a maximum of 10 day passes. I am getting married in 2012 and unfortunately the Palace Resort Website and my contract state that it would be $91.00 per person. Ouch! But I'd rather pay the money than go through the embarrassment of telling this family about the additional cost involved. My only concern now is that if many more people book offsite, I'm going to have no choice but to have to ask for assistance in paying for day passes. I don't want anyone to feel like I'm "charging" them to attend my wedding, but yikes!, I would like to also have some money for favors, decorations, etc. On a happy note, Iliana did state that I can apply the resort credit to purchasing the day passes, however I believe this is because I have purchased the Amber Collection. I'm not certain if they are willing to apply it to the "Complimentary Package."
  10. Beatyea: I too was thinking about bringing my own, however, I was told that they would charge a $65.00 set up fee if I were to do this. Did your wedding coordinator mention a fee to you at all?
  11. I too had the same concern a few pages back. Both my TA and Iliana, the Cancun wedding concierge, confirmed that it would be okay to waive the 3 day rule for me as well because I am doing the symbolic ceremony. I think the 3 day rule mostly applies because of the blood work and the legal papers that are involved with the civil ceremony. I did, however, ensure that I received a written e-mail so that I'm not told otherwise once I get to Cancun. I can't imagine anything worse than being told that our ceremony wont be performed because we got into town too late.
  12. Thank you so much for taking the time to do the review and for also being so helpful to to us future brides. I have indeed noticed that you continue to partake in this forum and appreciate that you continue to provide great information and insight. Congratulations on your marriage and beautiful wedding!
  13. I'm not 100% certain but I would guess that the Capilla Beach would be near the Immaculate Concepcion Chapel (Capilla meaning the Spanish word for Chapel). Just a guess though, but if you do find out for sure please let us know.
  14. Coconoir - You are one organized lady! The invites turned out beautiful, just like everything else you have generously shared with us on this site. Congratulations on yet another HUGE checkmark off the list. Congrats!
  15. Frustrating indeed! Are you having a "civil ceremony" or symbolic? My TA called me this morning to tell me that it should still be ok since the FI and I are getting married in CA before we leave for Mexico, hence the ceremony in Mexico will be symbolic. After KR Smith pointed out that it was in the contract I double checked mine. Originally we were having a civil ceremony and it is indeed in that contract. My most recent contract, after I requested the ceremony be changed, does not include that verbiage. In either case, I told the TA to hold off on booking the airline tickets until we get final confirmation in writing. I'll keep you all posted.
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