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  1. We were married in April. We opted not to have a rehersal because we really didn't have much af a wedding party. They took care of everything. They tld when and where to go, and when to start walking. The entire ceremony went wonderully even with a few ad libs. If you don't have anything particularly custom to your ceremony you should be fine with out it. Just talk to your wedding coordinator the day of so you know how everything is working out.
  2. Due to circumstances we had to cancel our bonfire. I was looking forward to that as well, but They have activities everyday at the resort taht are a ton of fun. My guests and i enjoyed that evening on the beach anyway, and later had drinks at the sports club. We also met every evening in the rendecous bar it was fantastic. One recommendation I have is that if you go to the Oceana they serve an after dinner "irish coffe" iI forgot the name but the waiter puts on a show right at the table making the drink. He lights the entire thing on fire. It is amazing. Another option if you do not have children to worry about is a tequila tasting in the Portifino. If you are a little more adventureous and your guests are too take the ride to Los Veranos to do the canopy tour it is wonderful. The guides are fabulous, and when you are done the have a bar a resturant, some animals to see and waterslides as well. The guacamole in the resturant is the best I have ever tasted! The price is totally affordable and really worth it!
  3. I can not tell you about the mexican options we had the ultimate package and were able to choose from the gold menu for cocktail and dinner and the food was fantastic. We had the grilled veges with cheese/cheese soup/ and a choice of fish vizcaina style or steak and chicken in black pepper and bone marrow sauce. All of my guests were very impressed. I would stress too much about the food their chefs are amazing, and will prepare almost anything you want but take a look at their already prepared menu options everything was so wonderful!
  4. Chritheel is very nice. I worked with her on my order, but Simon was my actual photographer and he did a great job. Everything I have seen from their work has been great so I woudn't worry too much. Just make sure when you set up your timeline you are very clear because if you want the great shots with sunset and everything then it will take time. I would work with them when setting up your timeline. They are on site all the time so it is never hard to find any of them.
  5. I expected to hear from an advocate for the resort and obviously it is your job to show support for your employer but there was a huge lack of organization and professionalism during my stay prior to my wedding. I did thank Eleane for her work. They did as i said a beautiful job on the ceremony and the reception, but the day before my wedding was a nightmare and yes I can take some of the responsiblitlity but I put most of the issues on the Dreams staff.
  6. We did sign a contract and it stated they had the $500 but then they said it was our responsibility to make sure the money had actually been removed. Technically I probably could pull a lawyer about the contract but I am just glad to be done with everything and only want to remeber everything good. The resort in the end ate about $150 the misplaced $500 but that was after a lot of tears and fighting. Also the contract was broken down into different pieces and ended up being misleading.
  7. No Problem and good luck. If you are able to show all payments and double and triple check all costs you should be good! Even with all of the issues the wedding was beautiful and we really did enjoy the resort outside of the wedding as well. If you are daring I would really recommend the Los Veranos canopy tour it was the best time I have had and the tour guides are ton of fun. Also the dolphin adventure in Nuevo Vallarta is worth the money. I don't know what you've booked but we were in the perferred club and it is well worth the money! It was amazing. Everything in the gift shops you can find on the board walk down town for like 1/2 the price!
  8. The photography on site at the resort did a beautiful job with my wedding. To everyone please check out my thread titled warning...I am a new user and posted seperate, but I just returned from my wedding at the Dreams PVR resort and had a few bad experiences. I don;t want anyone to have to deal with what I did.
  9. Hello to all the brides with upcoming weddings at Dreams Resort PVR. I just returned from a 10 day stay. We booked the Ultimate wedding package for 16 adults and 2 children. I had very few extras. Prior to our trip I requested that they send me a final total for everything. They gave me a price, and I budgeted for that amount. I paid bills before we left and had very little wiggle room. When we arrived I found out that the price given to me was about $500 less then what we actually owed. They had forgotten to add in a few extras. We spent the first day there trying to rearrange finances to allow for this extra cost. We were able to figure things out, and then the afternoon before my wedding I found out that they had mistakingly never took out the origianl $500 deposit from the year before, and wanted more money. This was a horrible experience for the day before my wedding. The coordinator decided a good time to tell me this is 6 days after we arrive and the day before my wedding in the lobby in front of my guests. Due to their unorganized wedding coordination and inability to keep wedding coordinators I had to cancel my bonfire that was supposed to happen that evening. Please before you leave make sure all financial aspects are taken care of and that you bring copies of all emails and receipts so that you do not experience what I did. Thanks to my parents dealing with the situation the wedding day went well. As unorganized and unprofessional as Dreams was with my wedding the ceremony and reception turned out beautifully. The food was terrific and my guests had fun. I will tell anyone on the fence about the DJ that if you have a small group like I did it isn't worth it. We just rented the sound system and used music from our IPOD. Also be very clear on your timelines. My husband and I missed our entire cocktail hour and Mariachi band because we were taking pictures the entire time. The resort is beautiful and we had a blast except for the $ issues before the wedding. My only other advice is to have your guests call ahead and confirm their room. Three of the couples is my group were given rooms with 2 double beds and not the King size they had requested. I had to fight for them to get the rooms they had requested. Also if you have children in your group you are not allowed in the Portofino restuarant. I had my two daughters with me and they did not tell me this. We were supposed to have dinner with our guests the night before the wedding there. Another activity I had to cancel due to the resorts poor comunication. Would I go back...I doubt it. It was beautiful but way too many headaches.
  10. Hi we are booked for our wedding with Dreams April 23. We opted out of the group rate because we could not at the time tell them exactly how many we would need. I was told in order to qualify for a group rate you had to gauruntee the number of rooms and that you would be paying the difference for those not booked. We ended up just booking as guests confirmed so that they could choose what rrom they wanted.
  11. Getting married at DPV in April. I feel like I should be planning more right now. I am working through Destination Weddings and with Rebecca on-site. So far Destination has been fantastic, and Rebecca is very helpful as well. All of my guests are able to work directly with Destination Weddings for their travel plans. It sounds like most of them are opting for the first tower. We are staying in the Perferred club. We have booked the ultimate package and our photography is included. From other reveiws I have seen their photographer does a wonderful job.
  12. Getting married at Dreams PV in April any advice or recommendations? We have chosen the Gazebo and Las Palmas terrace as our location.
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