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  1. Fabulous review! Now I need to get off my butt and post mine... I wish I would've had more photos of the decorations/flowers/etc. as I have hardly any and didn't really think of that in advance!
  2. Hi Lea, You have no idea how odd their dimensions are ... I flew Thomas Cook and just thought I'd get a carry-on bag that would meet the dimensions, but HAHA, it doesn't exist (hence my first 'panic post' to this forum). I ended up ordering my box from this website: http://www.emptybox.co.uk/products_travelCook.asp They actually have a 'Thomas Cook suitable' wedding travel box... I only ordered mine a week before I left, so I didn't care what colour it came in, but it ended up having a nice pearl-coloured pattern on it. If you booked your wedding through Thomas Cook, you don't have to worry about this, because they allow you to carry wedding attire on the plane, but if, like me, you didn't... I highly recommend this box... and not just because it was the only one I could find Laurel
  3. Phew... am so glad. I thought I'd scared everybody off for a bit! I'm sorry I haven't posted my review yet, but I'm having a really hard time choosing which pics to include! I'm going to try to post it this weekend, though. If there's anything at all I might be able to help you with, please let me know. I really don't mind. Not long to go for you yet! Cheers, Laurel PS I have a couple of quick questions for you... I just figured out that I could change my image as a NOOB, but how did you add that tagline on the bottom? I thought you had to have tons of posts to be able to do that?
  4. Nicy, good job posting the list, but wow... how depressing for me as my time is done and over with... I really would like a post-wedding forum for UK brides... I'd feel less 'stalkerish'... All, I STILL haven't gotten around to posting my review... I'm terrible about deciding on things (big surprise, eh?)... I want to include a good number of pictures, but there are so many! Loads have been posted on Facebook by our guests, plus I have the ones from the resort photographer... ah well... better to have more than enough than hardly any! As an aside, one bit of advice I'd like to offer you guys is to check out and make sure you like your alternate (read: rain) location... It's nice to think that the weather will be perfect, but it doesn't always turn out that way. We were there from Monday to Monday and the weather was glorious for the most part. As a matter of fact, it only rained once. There was a thunderstorm from 3pm to 5pm on Thursday and our wedding was at 4 on Thursday... so they moved us from the beach to the chapel (which I had considered for the primary location anyways). It ended up working out really well... everyone loved it (chapel was really cute/quaint) and as a bonus, we got lots of photos by the (deserted) pool and on the (deserted) beach, cuz the rain stopped at 5! Sorry for droning on, but am so pleased everybody's plans are coming together... It's nice to see your (collective) progress! Not long to go now for some of you!!!! Cheers, Laurel PS Welcome newbies! I'm sure you will find the girls on this site incredibly helpful... couldn't have done it without them!!!
  5. I wore a 'stark white' dress for my wedding... mostly because when I tried on the dress in the shop, I had the choice of ivory or white... and since my wedding was going to be on the beach, I stood right next to the window in natural light and held a white dress up in front of me (as the dress i wanted, they only had in ivory in the shop). Anyways, in natural light, the white looked WAY better (on me anyways, as I'm quite pale)... I got nothing but compliments on it, so I say... go with white!!!
  6. Hi All, We got back last Tuesday. Sorry for the delayed post, but am still settling into married life Needless to say, the wedding was AWESOME... everything I could've dreamt of and more! If any of you have questions, feel free to ask, as I'd like to stay active on here and haven't even begun planning our AHR yet! My hubby wanted to wait 'til after the wedding for that... I'll post my review at some point and let you guys know. Michelle - Sorry to hear that you haven't been well, but it sounds like you're getting better now? Lyndsey - Wow! That is SO freaky... have you had that same anaesthetic before without a reaction? Maybe they could try something else... Amurka - I just had a look at your resort, Dreams La Romana, and it looks absolutely amazing!!! And if your wedding support (coordinators, etc.) are anything like mine were, you are in very good hands! On another note, the 'Thomas Cook' suitable box I ordered worked beautifully!!! When it was delivered, I had serious doubts as to whether my dress would fit (it's quite big... with a train and all)... but apparently the dress shop had no problem packing it. On the way back, I packed my dress in my case and hand-carried the box filled with decorations, cards, etc. Thanks everybody for all your help! Cheers, Laurel
  7. wendvipo, well, weather is a funny thing. We were there from 7-14 March. For the most part, the weather was GLORIOUS!! As a matter of fact, it only rained once. There was a thunderstorm from 3-5pm on Thursday, 10 March... my wedding was at 4pm on 10 March However, it did work out for the best... our backup was the chapel, which it just too cute for words... Everyone said they thought it was better there than on the beach. As a bonus, since the rain stopped at 5, we got some awesome photos on the (deserted) beach and next to the (deserted) dolphin pool! So it made for some great stories... and a really good time. Our reception was moved to the Himitsu (Asian Fusion) Restaurant with our cocktail hour at the adjacent Barracuda bar!!! We were lucky in that every night, one of the restaurants is closed, so Natalia offered Himitsu up to us... and it was perfect! I must say I preferred the reception location... partially because it can get quite windy in the evening... especially at the end of the Relax Pool... As far as your reception location, if Aurora has confirmed the Seaside Grill, then you have nothing to worry about. Also, this resort strongly discourages Spring Breakers, so the only increase would be in families because their kids are on vacation. Let me know if you have any more questions... I know how hectic it gets right at the last minute! Cheers, Laurel
  8. I'm sorry to hear you've had such a bad experience so far, Chloe. I just returned from my wedding at Dreams Tulum and it was wonderful... down to the last detail! The wedding coordinator was awesome. She wasn't the person I had communicated with via e-mail. Maybe it'll all just come together when you get there and meet with your coordinator. I really, really hope it turns out well for you =) Best Wishes, Laurel
  9. Hi All, I'm back! We just flew in on Tuesday, so am still settling in/overcoming jetlag/etc. I should be able to post a review in the next couple of weeks, but am here to answer any questions at all that any of you have The one thing I will say is that it was AMAZING! ...my wedding coordinator, Natalia, was a DREAM to work with... you are all in good hands, ladies!!! Cheers, Laurel
  10. Ladies, I really love this thread and wish I had found it so much sooner... I'm sorry I haven't posted in a few days, but just can't keep up with you guys... It moves too fast! So... I really, really want to comment on everybody's lovely posts and such... but no time I've been running around making sure all of the last bits are in place (only got my wedding shoes yesterday and rings arrived today!) We'll be packing all day tomorrow and then getting in a taxi at 5am on Monday and we'll be off!!!! ...on our way to sunny, sunny Mexico I'm VERY excited, but quietly panicking inside I promise when I get back to post a review and also see how the rest of you are progressing and offer any advice I can... Love you all! Hasta luego, Laurel
  11. Amykat and vlynnw, I arranged to have my cocktail hour on the lobby terrace. I got the idea from VioletVixen's wedding review: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/60860/violetvixen-s-dreams-tulum-review-june-19-2010-photos-included She said, "Cocktail Hour 4:30 pm, Lobby Terrace This was a lovely location for our cocktail hour; I totally recommend it. There’s a roof overhead which made it a great, shaded respite after the ceremony on the beach. It’s quiet and away from the main activity areas of the resort. The wedding coordinator clears the area and does not permit other hotel guests to use the terrace during this time. We had private servers who brought us a round of champagne, and then were available for any other drink orders. Guests can also pop right inside to get a drink at the lobby bar if they prefer, or just to cool off in the a/c." Aurora didn't bat an eye when I requested it. I'll be able to report back in a couple of weeks on how it is. Leaving in 6 days... us + 10!!! Can't wait
  12. I was trying to figure out the wedding dress transport thing myself (mostly because Thomas Cook airlines only allows hand luggage that is 46cmx28cmx23cm and a max of 5kg...) and I think I found a solution, since I just have to bring it as a carry-on. Today, I ordered a wedding dress travel box from www.dressinabox.co.uk I found the website by googling 'wedding dress travel boxes'... You should be able to find a similar website in the US. I ordered my paper lanterns (12 LED round paper battery lanterns) from paperlanternstore.com They have a really good selection. I haven't seen them yet, because I had them shipped to my parents to bring, but fingers crossed, they'll be awesome! Good luck Amykat
  13. Thanks so much, Michelle! I decided to google wedding travel boxes when I saw your post and found this site: http://www.dressinabox.co.uk/index.htm The best part is that they actually have a 'Thomas Cook' suitable box! Before I ordered, I phoned them to see if I could get it in time. They said they'd send it by courier and should arrive on Wednesday!I feel so much better... I'll let you all know how well the box works when we get back. Laurel PS I'm worried about the weight too...
  14. Hi All, I found this thread fairly recently and have just been sort of skimming it. I'm getting married at Dreams Tulum on 10 March 2011. We fly next Monday. I'm not terribly stressed about it, apart from one thing, for which I really, really need some advice!!! Ten of us are flying as a group on Thomas Cook. I booked the wedding directly with the resort months before I booked the travel and accommodation. I assumed I'd be able to take my wedding dress as a carry-on. I checked their website, which says, wedding dresses must be packed as hold luggage (unless, of course, you've booked your wedding through them). I thought I'd be able to get around this, as the bridal shop I got my dress from said they could pack my dress into hand luggage, so I could carry it on anyway. Well, here's the fun bit... I looked up Thomas Cook's cabin bag allowance, which is 43cm x 28cm x 23cm (which doesn't mean anything to me, because I think in inches)... so I started looking online for a bag that would fit this... It doesn't exist!!! I can't find a bag like this anywhere!!!! My FI thinks I should just get a box with exactly those dimensions, because they couldn't turn it down. I'm worried that they would find a reason and then my dress would be in a box in hold luggage, which would be even worse. I'm thinking that I should just get a bag that's closest to the dimensions I can find and hope that they'll let it through. Maybe I'm worrying over nothing, but if everything else were to go wrong (rain, etc.), the dress is the one thing I would want I only have a week... PLEASE, PLEASE HELP!!!! Any advice at all would be appreciated
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