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  1. we had our meal at the le fleur restaurant form 6 to 8 pm.... and ad a party at the beach from 8 to 11.
  2. we did the renewal of vows package at 800$ and it was perfect!!! the iron my dress for 12$, i pay 4$ for the cake i add a open bar at the beach party! we got married the 11.11.11 here in canada, and the ceremony of renewal of vows is exactly the same as the real wedding.... your guest will not see the difference! we really suggest the platinium... the lobby from the beach is 10 min.... no more!!! and i got a double stroller:) for the beach party we took the resort dj for 825$ for 4hours and we pay for the open bar another 800$ and the party was amazing!
  3. oh and vancity bride! for your outside vendour you have to say that is your friend and shes do it for free! they will let you pay a day pass 60$.... make a arrangement with your make up artist... we had to do this with our photographer!!!!! since they all have this in the resort they dont want to deal with ouside dealer.... say that they are your friend and its ok"!
  4. hi girls!!!!! just got back from my wedding at the grsand sunset princess!!!! a lots of good things.....but some bad things happen too!!!! feel free to ask me questions...... i think a lots of things change to the wedding office.... emma is a verry nice person....i dont think its her....order should be from higher in the hotel..... first the wedding coordination: was good! we meet emma for two hours when we arrive....you go throught everything.... we choose the sand ceremony and we change the menu at the restaurant that day! she was nice...... ( you pay your entire bill that day) for the ceremony we took the rivierra gazabo at 3 pm! it was amazing!!!!! by the way we didnt like the sunset gazabo one..... we are french speaker and got a french celebrant for 50$ and we are really happy about him! pictures!!!! we hired picture in cancun (who was refered by kasia!) and that was just totally amazing!!!!!!! no word! add me on facebook and go see the pictures! we took them for 4 hours.... getting ready bride and groom, the ceremony, beach sesssion....we got over 2000 pictures for 1000$....and it wort it!!! now i regret to didt take it for the all night!!! we had 3 photographers and each of them have a way to work, one of them make really nice effect artistic pictures, one was romantic and the other one capt all of the emotions! dont hesitate!!!! do not take the deal from the hotel, their album have thousant of hants , and the picture have no quality at all!!!!! visit the web site of photo in cancun!!! after the ceremony we got pictures of all of our guest ( that was our present for them) and when they are finish they all went to the plaza bar neir the lobby (its free) and when we are done with our couple pictures we meet them at 5:30 pm for a little drink.... at 6 pm we had diner at the le fleur..... there it start to be messy.... we choose that restaurant supposely it was the best one on the resort..... the food was not that good ( but food on this resort is not that good) (my opinion)we got chocolate porto filet mignon, over cook beef with melted chocolate.... i dont know how you guys celebrate a wedding diner but here in quebec we have have little bells on table and guest shake them and hask for kisses????? we ware 42 personnes at our wedding, not too lound but 42 persons at a wedding.... emma came to me in the middle of our diner and ask me to tell my group to be quiet! apparnatly one of the guest (because in a la carte restaurant its not private party) leflt without paying is bill it end up that we didnt get the dessert and my cake, we had to pay the client bills and we had to leflt the restaurant! its srew up our wedding diner..... emma didnt want to deal with my maid of honor ( to let me my day!!!) she only want to talk to the groom or bride! believe me it was really bad!!!! if i had to do it again i will paid for the private party ( wich i think the price its so ridiculous for a all inclusives!!!) for the one do the chill out it looks amazing and the food is really good! now i think it wort the price! we left the restaurant all frustrated to go to our beach party! we all forgot the bad moment when we got there! it was perfect!!!! lanthern, white talbe, chair ...... we got the dj from 8 to 11. i gave him my ipod whit my selection of song and i mixt it! it was really good!!! dont pay for the dance floor, its so much fun to dance in the sand..... we got 8 to 10 open bar ..... we pay for two hours..... dont be late, we got at the beach at 8:30 (because all the diner fight) and the bar close at 10.....we went to the disco after! over all it was a nice wedding and the guest really appreciate it!!! we took the renewal of vows package 800$...(its the same ceremony). dont pay for a big package it doesnt wort it.... i hear pesons who had problem with their legel wedding there....we made got married in quebec at the justice for 250$.... i think its expensive there.... you should take the platinium section! ask for your guest too..right on the beach, concierge 24 hours room service ect..... for the one who was asking,. we didnt have any special treatmant there. its all what im thinking right now.......send me questions! genevieve st-laurent
  5. girls!!!! im leaving tomorrow morning!!!!! so excited! i will give you some note as soon as i get back!
  6. is someone can help me to suggest the cocktail? our wedding is in 2 weeks!! we will have our ceremony at 3 pm our diner is a 6pm we will takea lots of pictures between but i think we need a coktail spot for our guest... the thing is we already took the open bar for the afterparty and since we are 40 people its getting expensive..... we dont need a private place.... just a placewhere we can hang out near a bar on the resort..... any suggestions?
  7. here is what i use to get in touch with emma! Cordinadora De bodas (984) 877 3500 Ext. 4362 bodas.riviera@princess-hotels.com
  8. hi! we are doing our reception at the le fleur too! wich meal did you took? fish or lamb? any pictures of your wedding you can send to me.... my wedding its in 2 two weeks and i feel i want to change every decision i made already
  9. hi!!! can you send me some pictures that he took..... i feel that the photos is the most important thing.... its so hard to choose! did you do the video too? jenevievestlaurent@hotmail.com
  10. wowowowo this is a amazing picture! i will get married there on november 17..... i didnt know how to work to get a photographer..... so i took the hotel one...... for 30 pictures 500$..... how does it work for yours? and how much it cost? thanks!
  11. please let me know at your return and that goes...... we are getting married there november 22 2011, and im in the middle of everything, so confused with the dj thing!!!! where did you have your diner? i think the menu are really hard to get everyone and since i never taste it its really hard for me to reserve for my party of 36!
  12. hey! I love your review! and this is so nice to take the time to do it.....its always hard to send so many people somewhere your not sure how it will be! i will really appreciate if you could send me pictures..... we will get married there january15 2012 and im little stress..... thanks! Gen
  13. This is a review of:

    Photos in Cancun Photography

    best of the best!

    Pros: my 2000 pictures are just amazing!
    Cons: nothing negative!!!! only that i should keep them for the after party!
    please dont hesitate to do business with them!!!!   our first email was really clear and verry organize, we feel like they understand what we want and that before we meet them!!!   i was not ready when they got to the hotel but they know what they are doing, i didnt have to take care of them! (wich is good on your wedding day!!!)   i was lucky and got 3 photographers!!! 3 differents personality, 3 different kind of pictures!!!  one is artistic, other romantic and the other was
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