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  1. Hey ladies! Glad to hear everyones plans are going well, especially those of us who have weddings fast approaching :-) Thanks MEve for posting info on all the info on the various resorts (especially AMB, which is where we are staying with our guests. I agree with you about the looks of the gazebo, so I'm glad we chose tohave our wedding site elsewhere) So I'm still trying to pin down my exact number of guest, although we asked for everyone to confirm and put down their deposit on March 15!! I am a little angry about that because we practically have to chase people down, so we can give our final numbers to ACW and so we can plan for the reception. But I guess it's jut part of the process of planning a destination wedding to deal with guests who aren't as anal about my wedding planning as I am, Lol! So far we have about 22 guests confirmed out of the 30 we invited, and I'm fine with that. And I picked up some cute wooden fans at Pier One (they were on sale for a dollar each!) for out of town bags! I haven't begun dress shopping yet so that will be my next project. Happy planning ladies!
  2. I feel your pain MEve. I initially was going to book with Sandals, but I changed to the Almond Morgan bay cause it wa too much of a hassle to deal with guests who wanted single room or didn't want to share a bed
  3. Thanks MEve! Nope you read it correctly, Nov 12, 2011. BBSL, I've never heard about that restaurant but I'm gonna look into I now. I'm also considering having the reception at the Almond Morgan Bay. They suggested either a beach BBQ or at one of thier restaurants. I'm waiting until everyone officially gets thier deposit in, so I know how many people I'm planning for. People are taking thier sweet time getting thier RSVPs in, but hopefully I'll know for sure by the end of March!
  4. @ Lilyrose-the chart is a great idea! I'm on my iPhone right now reviewing it, so would you or one of the other brides mind editing my info for me if you see this before I get to a computer, lol. My fiancée and I are getting married on 11/12/11 and we are now booked officially at the Almond Morgan Bay! I live in the Philadelphia, PA area. -@BBSL, thank you so much for such a detailed post! It was especially good for me as me and my future hubby are using the same resort for us and our 15 guests! I'm gonna read you're review to my fiancée word for word, lol. I may have missed this, but what restaurant did you use for the reception? I may be PMing you for more insider info later!
  5. Guest number is always tough with DW, I've heard and now I'm experiencing it too.I was intially inviting 30 people, but that number went down to 25 even before the invitations have come out . My fiancee really didn't want to invite anyone, lol. He says he wants me all to himself at the wedding cause we always have more fun when we vacay by ourselves. I had to really "encourage" him to invite more than his parents and his brother, lol. At this point, I don't care if my numbers whittle down alot, because I want to do alot of the fun stuff the other brides have mentioned (plus the wedding will be cheaper) they can do with small groups. But the invitations are going out this week. I'm not sure how I'll actuallyl feel if only a few RSVPs come back...but until then I could care less!
  6. Wow since I have been on last, we St. Lucia Brides have been accomplishing alot . I'm so happy to hear everyone's plans are coming along so nicely. Monica, you have me a little worried though, because we're traveling in November '11 and we didnt't get the travel insurance! I may try to contact my TA and see if I still can get it or if not, maybe I can through another company. I saw another bride noted that the cost of St. Lucia has made many guests change thier minds. I am sending out my invitations this week, but I've alreaday heard some grumbling about the cost. But my fiancee is happy to see our numbers getting smaller, cause hs said he wants me all to himself after the wedding, lol. I told people to make whatever choice they have to make financially cause I won't take it personally (but it is draining to hear guests continue to grumble anyway....but on to a happier note). I saw a bride asking about Out of town/wedding favor bags for the guests. I want to do the same. Many brides have already gave great suggestions, but put out of town bags or wedding favors in the search box, and a bunch of threads will come up with tons of ideas. I'm sending out my invites this week and I hope to have a final count by 3/15! I'm anxious to see how many people will actually come....
  7. Thanks JessM! Any and all reviews are greatly appreciated. I found a BDW user who had her wedding at The Almond Morgan Bay and posted fab pictures too, and wrote up a full review of her experience (For anyone interested in this resort, If I can figure out how to post the thread here, I will. If not search Almond Morgan Bay on BDW's serach engine and it should come up. I believe the Bride's name is Shivani!) . It was very helpful...and now me and my fiancee are booked! The guests have basic info on how to reserve via email, and I'm hoping to get the invitations out by mid to late February. I hope everyone's planning is going well! BTW, MEve, I keep saying that I'm going to check out some of the Bridal shows in my area, but now I'm having second thoughts after reading about your experience, lol. Maybe I'll still go to one out of curiosity
  8. Hey St. Lucia ladies. So I've been busy planning and trying to figure out a way to make it as minimally stressful as possible, lol. So, I realized that trying to juggle my guests between both accomadations (Sandals Grande and the Bay Gardens Hotel Resort) is becoming more complicated than I thought. I began to wish I could just use one accomadation for organization purposes. Most guests want the all inclusive, but we don't have all couples/people who want to share beds. Some of my guests may want to bring thier kids as well. So my TA suggested that we look at another All Inclusive resort that could better fit the varied needs of my guests, such as Almond Morgan Bay. I want to make a decision rather quickly, so I'm doing alot of research on the resort (although I'm being careful not to put too much weight on reviews-Thanks LilyRose!). But it seems like it may be a good fit (and it's certainly cheaper than Sandals). Me and fiancee were looking towards Sandals because it was recommended by someone ( who went there on another island), so we weren't set on it anyway. But who knows, lol, I may change my mind again BBSL-please give us a all the details of your wedding in St. Lucia! I know many of us would love to hear more first hand accounts of being married on the Islan.
  9. MEve, I just met with a TA who told me that the Bay Gardens got 2 out of 5 stars, although that conflicts with the other reviews I have seen online, so I'm not sure how it will all work out. I'll be sure to post reviews after my wedding, cause at this point, I still plan on referring my guests there because it's close to the Sandals resort, where we plan to use for our accomodations and as the pick up point for the wedding.
  10. I think St. Lucia Boarding passes are a really cute idea for invites! I just saw another BDW member's boarding pass invites and they were awesome. I would defintely need a template or something though, cause I'm not creative enough to come up with something like that myself!
  11. I'm so excited to have found this site! I saw that there was a very busy St. Lucia Chat thread that has been pretty slow, so if anyone could direct me to the threads that may be helpful to me that are thriving right now, let me know My soon to be Hubby and I are getting married on 11/12/11, and we are using Awesome Caribbean Weddings. We are planning to stay at the Sandals Grande during our stay and are encouraging our guests to stay at either Sandals or Bay Gardens Resort. I haven't done much else other than what's above. I haven't decided on the reception site, activities to do while on the island, my dress or even my invitations. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  12. Hello- Looked like this thread slowed down quite a bit, but I'm I'm a newbie St. Lucia Bride. I am getting married on 11/12/11! My Wedding Coordinator is Awesome Carribean Weddings (using their Pigeon Island/Cliff View location). We are planning to stay at Sandals, and recommending guests uses Sandals or Bay Garden Resort for accomadations. I haven't decided on a reception spot, things to do for fun, a travel agent or much of anything else for that matter. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Another St. Lucia Bride here! We are not getting married at Sandals, but we plan to stay there when we get married on 11/12/11.
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