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  1. Hey! Not only are we both in SK but we're both in the city that rhymes with fun! How far long are you in the wedding plans? Where are you going? YAY! If I can figure out how, I'll PM you right away haha
  2. I'm reading some great posts from the Riu Palace and Riu Vallarta brides/grooms out there... but is anyone getting married at the Riu Jalisco? Just put down payments down! March 2012
  3. Hello! March 6, 2012 - not sure of the resort yet, leaning towards the RIU Jalisco. Any advice!?
  4. haha Isn't that the truth! Well good luck making your decision - and happy planning!!!!
  5. Hello Juels! What a coincidence! My fiance is a Moose Jaw guy too! No I haven't booked anything yet - just finally found a TA worth working with. We are hoping to keep costs low - but it's sounding like fuel surcharges are going to make things extra expensive .. When are you getting married at the Ocean Coral? We are planning March 2012
  6. Hi Jennifer.. Do you think you could email me that information as well? It would be very much appreciated! s.nikolejsin@hotmail.com Thanks!!! -Sara
  7. Juels, I see you're in Edmonton - I'm planning from Regina What travel agency are you using to book your trip? When are you planning the wedding for? It's all so exciting and the Ocean Coral looks PERFECT! Good luck planning!!
  8. Sandi, I just added you to Facebook! Thanks in advance for passing on that package information Sara
  9. Cancel my previous message - it looks like airtransat doesn't fly out of Saskatchewan
  10. WOW! It's incredible what a perk having excellent service is!! If you wouldn't mind - I'd definitely be interested in contacting your AirTransat TA Thanks!! Sara
  11. Hi Sandi! I'm new to this website and am hoping to plan my wedding for the OC&T next March. If you still have your package/pricing info and would be willing to forward it to me it would be much appreciated! Is Fb the best way to exchange such information? I'm looking forward to following this thread!! Thanks, Sara
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