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  1. This thread is great I loved reading every page of it! I have a question for past brides about lounge furniture I am debating adding this to our beach reception and it hasn't come up on either the "would" or wouldn't" list so far..... I was curious if this is something worth it or if it went unused?
  2. Congrats to the brides that were just married.... and thank you for posting the pics... they all look amazing!!!! ChicagoBride2011 - I love the long table on the beach, was this something they gave you as an option or just something you knew you wanted? Was there any criteria that had to be met in order for you to have it that way (i.e a minimum/maximum number of guests)? Thanks for all your input!
  3. Ok I just found this on tripadvisor.... this makes me feel better about it: “ Royal Cancun - Response from Real Resorts re Music †Apr 04, 2011, 7:36 PM From Real Resorts Facebook page: Dearest Fans, many of you have recently posted questions about music at the pools of THE ROYAL in Cancun and THE ROYAL Playa del Carmen. We did not answer quickly because we were re-designing our music programs and we wanted to give you a proper response. As THE ROYAL's are working to get the AAA Five Diamonds, an important certification aimed to provide even more excellence to all our guests, we had to adjust Resorts' entertainment in order to offer a more relaxing, romantic and luxury atmosphere. For this reason, for example, we will not have microphoned speeches at the pools anymore. HOWEVER there will still be music and activities at our pools: lounge and quiet music around the main pool and gardens, and party music at the pool areas located close to activities staff booth, at both THE ROYAL in Cancun and THE ROYAL Playa del Carmen. You will still be able to enjoy pop, rock, oldies and house music, provided by BOSE speakers at the above mentioned spots. Nothing will change, we are just adding relaxing areas by the pool, creating the perfect balance AAA is asking us to get the Five Diamonds. THANKS for your patience and understanding, your preferred Resorts won't be different at all. Come and enjoy them. Soon they will be better than ever. Regards Real Resorts Reply
  4. I agree that is awful and it does create the ambiance!!! Does anyone know if they still have an "active" pool? I don't quite understand why this would be implemented since per their own website they have a quiet pool and an active pool....
  5. Geoffnsara - my wedding is not until June 2012, I have a while to go , but I wasn't sure how quickly things get booked!
  6. This helps alot... thank you! I now have one more question, do you know how close these areas are? I am curious if there could possibly be 3 beach receptions going on at the same time, and if the activities of other weddings could interfere? Thanks!
  7. Hi all, I was curious if anyone knows how many sites the royal has available for the beach reception? I noticed that my WC mentioned something about the beach by the gazebo but I saw that there are so many reviews about the beach by Pelicanos. I was wondering if anyone had any info on this such as if one area is nicer than the other? Thanks!
  8. Lisa... thank you I would really appreciate seeing some pics from the resort photographer, I am sure they are great, it just seems so many have used other photographers! Slin2011 - I booked my wedding for 06/30/2012 with the gazebo ceremony and the beach reception, it wasn't a problem at all, so it does seem odd... who is your WC?
  9. Thanks Lisa, I would really appreciated seeing some pics from the resort photographer, it just seems that so many have used others so I was unsure if I needed to reserve an outside vendor. slin2011 - I booked my ceremony at the gazebo and the beach for my reception, and it wasn't a problem at all mine is set for 06/30/2012.
  10. Hi all... I have a question, did anybody just use the resort photographer? If so were you happy with the pictures? I am wondering if I should also look into booking a photographer as well, and I also saw mentioned on here that there is an outside vendor fee? My WC Angie mentioned that they can make several arrangements for vendors such as the DJ, but she never mentioned anything about an outside vendor fee. Thanks!
  11. Jharris.... Thanks. For the information I would likemy guests to have both options...I will try and have them block both hotels. Marissa
  12. Jharris and Heidi82..........thanks fror all the great info I have already been in contact with them and they have been super helpful so far I have been working with Missy and she is really responsive. That is a great idea to have the TA login into the base camp acct so they can communicate directly with the WC. Heidi82.....when you blocked the rooms did you just block the royal? Or did your block also include the gran Porto? I am curious because we have some guest bringing children and would like them to have the same advantages available Thanks for all of your help!
  13. Hi SweetLe I just took a look at the Beach Bum Vacations website, and it seems sooooo helpful... thanks for putting the information on here. I was concerned because we have people coming from all over and I wasn't sure if a local travel agent would suffice. Beach Bum Vacations seems to make it more manageable I just sent a request in for more information. Thanks again...Marissa
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